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  2. He gives us a chance most of those interception's were not his fault.Now he has and offensive line would you rather have Coby or him leading that final drive to win the game. Ballard made the right short term move GO COLTS
  3. Well Kraft was already flying to China for......ummmm......yeah. JK, good for them, hope the equipment gets thoroughly quarantined and disinfected if necessary, along with the plane.
  4. That’s not a bad slate of players at all! I do think we’re probably done fiddling with the QB situation until next year.... so I like NT Davon Hamilton at the # 75 spot. But other than that I think you did a nice job.
  5. Reich wanted to run the ball more and we did. JB can make all the throws. It's all mental when it comes to him. Rivers is an upgrade. But JB isn't trash. Injuries again killed this teams momentum last year. Hoyer came in and was pure trash, couldn't wait for JB to come back. He didn't come back the same. Injury like AV was most likely lingering the rest of the year. If Colts decide to resign JB after this year I'm ok with it.
  6. My all-time draft board would look like this = Top 10: 1. Peyton Manning QB 2. Tom Brady QB 3. Joe Montana QB 4. Johnny Unitas QB 5. Lawrence Taylor OLB = great pass rusher. 6. Reggie White DE = great pass rusher. 7. Jerry Rice WR = greatest WR of all-time/playmaker. 8. Deion Sanders CB = greatest cover corner of all-time. 9. Jim Brown RB/FB = greatest runner of all-time. 10. Larry Allen OT/OG = can play both OT/OG, He was so dominant. We all know how great Nelson is, Allen was even better because he was a great OT too. -It is top heavy with QB's but that is how GM's just draft and it is the most important position on the field. Pass Rushers are so valuable as well. Having a CB like Deion would shut down one side of the field. Of course Jim Brown would be in every one's top 10 draft. Larry Allen would control your O.line, like Nelson does.
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  8. Let me know when you're available today, we can try to make a run on the remaining ~25 Draft picks.
  9. With the 81st overall draft pick, Las Vegas Raiders select Troy Pride Jr, CB, Notre Dame. Raiders have been set to be a formidable defensive line, but they need help elsewhere in the defense to compete in their division. Troy Pride Jr will fit different mixture of coverages that Paul Guenther likes to run, and would help in man and zone coverage early in the season.
  10. The Jaguars select Alex Highsmith, EDGE, Charlotte @John Hammonds is on the clock, if I'm not mistaken.
  11. That is a good pick. I am glad the Bears finally got a dominant team in 1985 so he could get a ring. I would probably still rank Jim Brown #1 as far as greatest runners but Walter makes my Mt Rushmore of RB's/FB's. I would have: Jim Brown Walter Payton Emmitt Smith Barry Sanders as my Mt Rusmore in that category. Eric Dickerson would just miss the cut.
  12. I totally disagree. 1 WR 2 CB 3 Edge 4 TE If the Colts are all in this year I highly doubt they draft a QB this draft. With this O-line a RB is the least needed position. I think another offensive lineman is more needed that a RB too.
  13. If Buckner is doubled or tripled teamed it means the pressure and sacks will come from somewhere else on a pretty regular bases.
  14. If Turay, Okereke, Ya-Sin, and Willis all realize their potential and stay healthy, the defense is in great shape. That’s a lot of maybes and the depth needs to be addressed more. It is shaping up very nicely, offense needs more work.
  15. The gate receipts are more about paying for the building, taxes, utilities and drawing people in for the local businesses.
  16. Walter Payton. He achieved what he did with the least amount of help.
  17. I think the starting defense is already signed up. I think any more players brought in will be depth/developmental players at DE, CB and S. The veterans Autry, Houston and Rhodes contracts are up at the end of this season so ideally it would be great if a player could emerge in their positons as starting calibre (Turay, Banogu, Lewis, Tell, Wilson, etc). Ballard will give those guys a chance or if nobody emerges draft someone to fill those positions.
  18. Another EDGE Then, WR Then QB Then RB The rest, you pick em..
  19. I think Buckner will get doubled a lot which will help open things up.
  20. At first it was supposed to be just intended for QB's but a few others had brought up the GOAT may not be a QB. So if you or anyone else would like to list someone other than a QB feel free too. You can just select the OTHER option and say who you feel is the best ever player.
  21. If he gets triple teamed, then he will have earned every penny the Colts are paying him...and the LB's will be all up in someone's face.
  22. Remember... Ballard wants 10 DL on the 53 man roster, and 8 DL on the game day active roster. So, if not Sheard coming back, someone has to fill the spot? Ballard wants his DL so fresh all game long to keep constant pressure on opposing QBs.
  23. As long as he gets a clean medical absolutely. Barring his injury, he's a 1st round corner IMO.
  24. I don't think a sheard replacement is as big a need as before. I thin, they'll probably play Autry at DE when they play 4-3, and then move him inside on passing downs. They'll also have Lewis backing him up, as I think he'll get more of a look at DE this year.
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