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  2. Only saw a couple of his games. ASU and Utah I think, and maybe Stanford. I recall him looking great vs ASU and very bad vs Utah. Haven't read all that much about him, but the one profile I did read yesterday questioned his juice, and said he threw a bunch of balls into the dirt. IDK. He's not one of the guys I'd pick for a "project". Several others have more upside.
  3. As long as Kraft and Belichick are there they will always look for a way to cheat. Always.
  4. AJ Dillon had a very nice 40 (4.53) for being on 250lbs and 6ft. Talk about cannon ball coming at you.
  5. Wouldn't be shocked, but would be surprised. Bigger immediate needs.
  6. Yes, all hypothetical. But what is not hypothetical is getting nothing for someone who turned out to be a part time starter and at minimum a #2 CB on the depth chart.
  7. Ballard is not going OT at 13 with AC coming back. That seems like a waste of a pick.
  8. Nah man, I'll take the Pickles any day over a lot of those on the list.
  9. that still bothers me, i know a lot of people didnt want him and dont like to pay rbs, and the rushing game was pretty good without him i still think he could have made the difference between being good and great as far as rushing goes, could have spent that money on him instead of funchess
  10. Any opportunity to stick it to JB, -eh? Well played!
  11. With OL and DL being big on Ballard's board, could he surprise us all by taking a beast of a OT in Becton at LT? I bet Ballard would be salivating to possibly get a mauling LT for the future post Anthony Castonzo. I'm thinking he won't go QB due to Love rising, and I don't see Ballard trading up for any QB outside of possibly Tu'a or obviously Burrow. And I don't think he's sold on Herbert as of yet. So that tells me our 1st rounder will be either DT, OT, or WR.
  12. Today
  13. It's nothing but a chorus the whole time... not a single verse. wth.
  14. Would the train rather stand there at the end of his forty or get hit by another train?
  15. RD1:P#6 (Trade w/ Atlanta) Derrick Brown DT3 RD2:P#34 Josh Jones OT RD2:P#44 Marlon Davidson EDGE RD3:P#75 (Traded to Atlanta w/Q. Wilson CB) RD4:P#112 Jordan Elliot DT3 RD4:(Comp) Donavan People’s-Jones WR RD5:P#160 Quintez Cepheus WR RD6:P#193 Jeremy Chinn S RD7:P#227 Carlos Davis DT3 Source: https://www.drafttek.com/m/2020-NFL-Mock-Draft-Round1.asp FA: Constanzo OT FA: Berry S FA: Hooper TE FA: Rivers QB
  16. Funny, because that's the same excuse they used last time.
  17. every single thing you and Jared are saying is hypothetical... you are both assuming there was another option...maybe there wasn't. none of us know
  18. Maybe Armstead from SF would be a better target.
  19. Agreed. Definitely overrated. Not as overrated as A Jar of Pickles, though. Too much height and durability concerns for me. Good style though, zesty.
  20. From what I read He had offers But he wanted to take the year off to get healthy
  21. Yesterday
  22. Not really interested in the New Jake. Overrated and likely too expensive given his production. I know, I know... He doesn't throw a lot of INTs, but being a "safe" guy isn't the only thing we should be looking for.
  23. Maybe in the 3 million range IF the deal would happen? Seems like we couldnt lose even if he didnt perform. I mean we paid geathers 4 million I believe to be below average and bring veteran leadership.
  24. To my count pundits believe the Colts might be linked or interested in starting: Philip Rivers Tom Brady Teddy Bridgewater Derek Carr Jordan Love Jacob Eason Jalen Hurts Samuel Langhorn Chism II Cole McDonald Wayne Brady Nick Foles Chad Kelly A Pretty Rock Tim Tebow Anthony Gordon Sean Astin Jake From State Farm The New Jake from State Farm Jake Fromm Patrick Star Dolph Lundgren A Jar of Pickles Andrew Luck
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