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  2. I used to be able to stare at a pro bowl level, maybe there is still a chance I can get in the NFL if I work at it and dedicate my staring abilities lol
  3. That crossed my mind too. If they made each other better at Notre Dame, I'm all for bringing in Tillery and letting them continue to improve their game going up against each other. Iron sharpens iron and all that jazz.
  4. I just don’t see bringing Inman back If draft a known receiver. Ballard will probably want to see what the young guys can do. Fountain and Johnson will probably be gone at that point. That would leave Rogers and Pascal.
  5. It seems you misunderstand what I’m saying. These players were all drafted later in the draft. I’m arguing that talent can be found later in the draft, that we shouldn’t waste our first round pick on a WR. If you mean something else, please let me know, but I really don’t understand what you mean by it taking the wind out of my argument
  6. unless it was in jest as an icebreaker, pretty silly
  7. Assuming -We take an iDL as our first pick -We don't move up or back in the draft -Williams, Oliver, and Gary (tweener) are gone by 26 Who will the Colts end up with?
  8. Lol staring contest. Is Grigson back in the league doing high level interviews? Lol
  9. really hope the rumors about the skins wanting jones in the top 5 are true. I'd love to see 4 QBs picked in the top 15 push that talent down to the colts!!
  10. I don’t know but I think I’m owed some cookies hahahahaha
  11. Very well written. Thanks for the knowledge. I’m somewhat on the fence when it comes to a first round wr. All depends on what’s remaining at 26. I do think it would be wise to select one with our top three picks. This wr class is fairly deep imo so there should be some nice ones left at 59.
  12. Probabaly not for a team like the Colts who is openly talking about being a Top 5-10 Rushing team.
  13. https://www.kansascity.com/news/local/crime/article229637939.html
  14. Considering the contract we gave funchess probably not.
  15. you're right. i keep thinking Houston just expired, but he was released.
  16. Houston and Kendrick don't count toward the compensatory formula because they were waived. I think... https://overthecap.com/compensatory-draft-picks-cancellation-chart/
  17. i'd guess yes, but if they consider FAs signed, we likely have a lot of room to make up after signing Houston and Funchess (and Kendrick)
  18. Calling Fuller a miss is a bit harsh. He's been on fire when fit. You can't predict injuries when you draft a player.
  19. I wonder if this will be enough fOR KC to move hill. Very sad for the child.
  20. But dont you get a cookie if you're the first person to post a topic!?!?
  21. Agree on all accounts. Our last SB, Reggie and Marvin both had 1300+ yards, and were both taken in the second half of the 1st.
  22. No, it was WAY ahead. The absolute worst year for it was the year we selected Dorsett, that got announced some 15 to 20 minutes prior by someone who saw it posted on twitter by either Dorsett's mom or sister, I forget which.
  23. I'm with you on Dorsett. I don't want a WR this year in the first either, I'm just not opposed to one in general. And I'm with you on Grigson too. Second round is a good spot for WR. Inman, although I like him for depth, isn't an answer to our problem. Reich didn't design good vs Buffalo, Jax, KC, and a few others.
  24. 3-4 picks delay is understandable annoying I thought it was like 30-60 secs
  25. In FA? Maybe but only on what kind of teammate is he from former teammates. In the draft Hell no!!!! He shouldn't listen to players or fans. He has a pro scouting staff and a college scouting staff. Pretty sure they have it covered.
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