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  2. Last year 2 offensive Lineman in the first 3 picks. This Year...would not be surprised if 2 Defensive Lineman... in first three picks... S,CB, OT, WR...being the other.
  3. I didn't know you could vote for more than 1 player.
  4. All the he doctors have said it is virtually no risk. But teams are still probably concerned. He was allowed to participate at the combine so the risk is very minimal.
  5. He wouldn't have an immediate impact of course, but getting a top 10 player — I even recently heard someone on NFL Network say that in 5 years, he'll probably be considered the best player of this draft — with the 26th pick is good for long term success. We just have to wait for 1 year and he'll be playing. He might even be ready for the playoffs
  6. I like their work on the NFL level. But NOT a fan of their on the college level. Is that diplomatic enough?
  7. I'm sure you have spent dozens of hours scouting and meeting with all these guys.
  8. His athletic testing was horrible. His 3-cone time would have been bad for a 4-cone drill. Also showed up for his pro day out of shape which is unacceptable considering he wasn't allowed at the combine. Looking athis tape I see a pure bull rusher, a guy too stiff to bend the edge in the NFL. He shouldn't be considered a 1st round pick IMO. I'd take a flyer maybe in the 3rd round.
  9. Sweat is dropping due to the discovery (or disclosure) of a previously unreported heart condition. I haven't seen any detail on what condition they're talking about, and how it might affect his ability to play, but he is no longer planning to be in Nashville for the draft. If it's serious enough, he might drop off every team's boards.
  10. DK Metcalf reminds me of Dorial green beckham.
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  12. @JPFolks I was wrong about 100,000. I was going from memory after watching the schedule release on NFL Network. (honest mistake) It was 500,000 schedules produced (I assume by the computers, using certain parameters), 5,000 deemed "legit", 500 seriously considered, and 13 deemed "usable". Here's the video: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-schedule-release/0ap3000001026898/2019-NFL-schedule-by-the-numbers
  13. Not even close. We have a great qb. Only one qb plays. You can have up to 5 wrs play at the same time. WR is by far our bigger need between the two
  14. last I seen he wasnt even being talked about til late 2nd and 3rd round. no reason whatsoever to take him at 26
  15. This is a good explanation for why you need a big board with all likely to be drafted players + your own more limited board with your team's 150-170 draft targets. If you only operate from your limited board, you might be slow to recognize position-specific runs that have impacted the values and probabilities. There might be a point where five corners have come off within 20 picks, but only two of them were on your team's board. If you aren't paying attention to the flow of the draft, you might miss something. Ballard mentioned something similar to this after drafting Braden Smith. His comment was that they felt Smith was the last starting caliber OL still on the board, and the impression was that the way the draft was progressing influenced their opinion of Smith's value. Some have assumed that means they reached for Smith, but it could be that Smith was one of a group of players they were considering with that pick, and the fact that five of the previous 17 picks were OL convinced them that Smith wouldn't last. Maybe they had Turay ranked similarly to Smith, but after Davenport was drafted at #14, there were no other edge players taken. So that may have influenced their thinking about whether Turay would still be available later in the second round. And this is all just conjecture on my part. But it's about reading the flow of the draft and having a dynamic strategy as the draft unfolds.
  16. If they passed on Hurst 5 times last year due to his heart condition, why would they trade up to take Sweat with his heart condition in the first round this year? I'm guessing Sweat is probably off the Colts board entirely.
  17. Ok, I'll play too 1st Round Pick 26 a - AJ Brown, WR Mississippi b - Christian Wilkins, DL3T, Clemson c - Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame 2nd Round Pick 34 a - Dexter Lawrence, DL1T, Clemson b - DeAndre Baker, CB, Georgia c - Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame 2nd Round Pick 59 a - Joe Jackson, DE, Miami b - Vosean Joseph, OLB, Florida c - Darnell Savage, S, Maryland 3rd Round Pick 89 a - David Edwards, T, Wisconin b - Sean Bunting, CB, Central Michigan c - Amani Hooker, S, Iowa 4th Round Pick 129 a - Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina b - Max Scharping, OL, Northern Illinois 4th Round Pick 135 a - Jaquan Johnson, S, Miami b - Terry McLaurin, WR, Ohio St 5th Round Pick 164 a - Bryce Love, RB, Stanford b - Isaiah Prince, G, Ohio St 6th Round Pick 199 a - Mark Fields, CB, Clemson b - Marvell Tell III, S, USC 7th Round Pick 240 a - Sutton Smith, OLB, Northern Illinois b - Derwin Gray, T, Maryland
  18. If we got both Gary and Simmons omg. There seems to be a lot of players they think are dropping. I also saw sweat could be dropping because of the heart issue. Some of that might be because other teams want them to drop so they can get them.
  19. Here's my attempt at a mock draft for the Colts using their board on fanspeak's draft simulator: 1: R1P26 DL JEFFERY SIMMONS MISSISSIPPI STATE 2: R2P2 EDGE RASHAN GARY MICHIGAN 3: R2P27 S CHAUNCEY GARDNER-JOHNSON FLORIDA 4: R3P25 WR MILES BOYKIN NOTRE DAME 5: R4P27 Te JACE STERNBERGER TEXAS A&M 6: R4P33 RB DARRELL HENDERSON MEMPHIS 7: R5P26 LB BOBBY OKEREKE STANFORD 8: R6P26 CB KRIS BOYD TEXAS 9: R7P26 WR PENNY HART GEORGIA STATE This is not a mock draft. It's how they view the prospects.
  20. I love Lawrence man! I see future All-Pro written all over him..We got to be willing to take some chances where we a picking this year.. There are gonna be some steals to be had..My top 4 would be 1A-WR-Dk Metcalf- 1B. WR- Hollywood Brown--3.DT-Dexter Lawrence. 4-CB-Greedy Williams ...We get 2 of these guys with 1st two picks we are in business.
  21. That looks crazy. But I think a big board can be different then where someone is drafted.
  22. While this two dimensional system may be (or have been) useful for a coarse, pre-draft rating of "the board", come draft day the values and probabilities will change dramatically by the prior picks. That's called combinatorics (in a Markov Chain). The problem then becomes multi-dimensional, and probably beyond any human brain to recalculate the optimum tactics.
  23. Seems like PFF have published their final board for the draft. You can find it here: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/draft-pffs-top-250-big-board-for-the-2019-nfl-draft Some notables: -Here's their top 10: - Byron Murphy higher than I've seen anyone have him anywhere else - no. 6 - Jerry Tillery higher than I've seen anyone else have him anywhere else - no. 7 - Jeffery Simmons and Greedy Williams make the top 10 too... - Dalton Risner above Cody Ford and Greg Little - JJ Arcega Whiteside at 23(higher than I've seen him anywhere else) - Christian Wilkins at 25... - Nasir Adderley and Darnell Savage are their first two safeties(top 30) - Chase Winovich no. 29... they really like him. High production, high grades, good athleticism... - Andy Isabella no. 30 - another one that is higher than I've seen him anywhere else - David Long - no. 33 ... they think he's the second best press-man specific corner in the draft (after Greedy) - Noah Fant - no. 43... this seems like lower than I've seen him elsewhere - Amani Hooker no. 44 - no.4 safety on their board... - Montez Sweat no. 46 - lowest I've seen him, I don't get this one. - Khalen Saunders no. 47... putting it here because we recently had a thread about him. good player iMO - Rashan Gary no. 48 - lowest I've seen him ranked - Chauncey Gardner Johnson - no 49... this seems kind of low - Max Scharping - no. 50... they like him as an OT prospect - Hjalte Froholdt - 55 - sleeper guard prospect - Blake Cashman -59 - LB3? - Ronheen Bingham 63... higher than i've seen him. - Mack Wilason no. 127 ?? Lowest I've seen him - Parris Campbell at 96... - Jachai Polite at 98 - Johnathan Abram 112 - Trayvon Mullen 160 !! - Lonnie Johnson 161 !! What are your impressions of their board?
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