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  2. Indeed. It’s never clicked for me before seeing that image. Especially with what Ballard has said about a tiered system in the past. Is it possible then that CB might have a WR1, for example, at that top tier (row), then have the WR2 a few rows down based on talent/value if he thinks there is a big drop off after that in a certain position?? It’s a great way to check yourself to make sure you aren’t reaching for a guy based on need.
  3. Just read your whole mock. Damn... this would be an amazing draft. Pretty much all of your selections are personal favorites of mine. BTW reportedly Sean Bunting has been rising up draft boards and word is he's likely to go sometime in R2. I would be OK with him in the second, let alone if he drops to the 4th. This would be a dream draft for me.
  4. I'm really impressed with Brown and Butler's body control and balance. Those are traits that, historically, have stood out to me. More from RBs than WRs, but I can't ignore that these two that otherwise have great traits, also have that going for them as well.
  5. What could happen that would cause this kind of paranoia? Do they think that some scouts are working for the opposition, or deliberately trying to tank player ratings? None of this makes sense...even for the Raiders
  6. Yep... he's pretty good and much better/agile mover than any of the big receivers in this class. IMO he hits almost all the parameters of what you want from an X receiver - size and athleticism/movement blend, contested catch ability, YAC ability... hell he even combines contested catches with YAC... he would fight for the ball in the air in a battle that makes 99% of receivers fall down after contact in the air even if they get the ball... and instead Butler keeps balance and is capable of taking yards after trucking defenders in the air. + he's not the most agile separator in the draft, but he's definitely better at it than the Harmons and Harrys and JJAWs of the class. If he was just a little bit more refined as a route runner I would have him as a top 10 player and this is in a class where I really like the defensive talent. I think any team in the mid-late R1 should be happy to take him...
  7. Keep in mind that DT's often hit their prime years in their late 20's/early 30's and can usually play at a solid level for another 3 or 4 years. I'm all for having young developing talent, but I'm also not opposed to bringing in talented players that may still have a lot left in the tank. I'm not sure if McCoy is one of those guys, but post-draft, he may be worth kicking the tires on if he gets released.
  8. AJ is still my favorite too, but Butler also has settled in as my #2. They both have the potential to step in as WR2 or WR3 and eventually take over WR1 as Hilton starts to taper off.
  9. Solid mock! I'm very high on Tillery and Savage. I also don't think he'll make it to our 3rd pick, so he may have to be taken at the top of the 2nd, which I wouldn't necessarily mind. Butler is a good WR prospect though and has a lot of likeable traits. I've seen a lot of people mention our depth a 3T as a reason not to make Tillery, but the guy is a top notch 3T and a difference maker.
  10. By the way @stitches I spent a lot of time watching your boy Butler last night, diving down a bit more than I have all off season and I am very impressed. Hes not topping A.J for me but as of now he is 100% my number 2. A much better player overall compared to D.K.
  11. I appreciate the video's insights on outliers. Nothing revolutionary, but it was nice to hear that concept expressed and exemplified by the team, with reference to Kenny Moore. They're basically saying they would like to have all these boxes checked with regard to physical traits, but when there's a box or two that isn't checked, they look to see if something else might offset that deficiency. So even though Moore is two inches shorter than the average corner, his length/wingspan and vertical leap can offset his lack of height. This gives me confidence that the personnel guys are being thoughtful and thorough as they evaluate players. And in the case of Moore, they got a good player that other teams might have overlooked because he's not tall enough to fit their criteria.
  12. wth? I must have said that at least a couple more times here but I'm so damn happy it's Ballard and Reich running the show with the Colts and not Gruden...
  13. As always you comments are well thought out. I'm not too sure about finding drafted players as immediate starters but with training camp and 4 pre season games we never know. Other than a DL or a pass rusher (at any position) unseating the present starters may have to wait over the coarse of the season. It would be sweet to have the depth where the talent level don't drop drastically like in the past.
  14. Just noticed that in addition to missing on DEXTER Lawrence with (DeMarcus) I also botched our own guy. I referenced Quintin Nelson with............ Quincy!? DOH! That’s what I get for starting that post at midnight and finishing after 2a. I hate typos like that! My bad. Ps —. Thanks so much for all the comments one way or the other. I also botched the reference on hands for Font. What was I thinking?!? (Sigh....)
  15. I am attaching highlights but I highly recommend actually watching these guys' film. Also keep in mind the later guys are hard to predict so I base off NFL round projections. 1st round Jerry Tillery NT Notre Dame. Guy can play and has all the measurables, PFF has him ranked incredibly high and has the second highest pass rushing grade. Our best scout on him would be his former teammate who he went up against all the time in practice, big Q. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_pZJkY2iqg 1st pick in the 2nd round Hakeem Butler WR Iowa State. I wasn't so high on him at first but I don't think there is anyway if he is there at 34 can we pass him up. The guy has long strides and plays agressivley at the point of attack and throws guys off of him. A lot of times the big guys don't play physically but he does and at 6'5 and a sub 4.5 guy thats willing to play inside or outside and will block, he could be huge for us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B3kHuysYtg 2nd pick 2nd round. Darnell Savage S Maryland. Kid is a flat out play maker, has a nose for the football and is physical. I'm nearly salivating at the thought of him paired with hooker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NMVg-F-41A&t=38s 3rd round Joe Jackson Edge Miami. Has all physical tools and has had good production the college. A good rotational piece and i believe he can be coached up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XnwEMm_ZSs 1st pick of the 4th round Sean Bunting CB Central Michigan. A lengthy corner back that this coaching staff really covets. NFL has him going in the third round but with so many corners several are bound to fall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5T1COfTaqw 2nd pick of the 4th round Benny Snell JR RB Kentucky. I will likely have him slotted in at this pick every draft. I love this kid and believe he is the RB the colts are after a hard nose runner that is a touchdown machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40Hmdc99I4E 5th round Isaiah Prince T Ohio State A more of a developmental Tackle with great length and size. Has shown he is a willing learner and continually got better every season. Cant ever find a highlight of a tackle but here a video of them breaking down his progression. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvzLTw0-_zU 6th round Jalen Hurd WR Baylor I like this kid a lot but he is still a developmental player. I would like to have him on the practice squad for a year and then let him come out when funchess is gone. Has the size and speed and the ability to catch the ball and take shots like a running back since he is a former running back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79WToPycmbE 7th round Gardner Minshew QB Washington State. I think the chances of us keeping Jacoby next year are very slim so lets get another QB in now so he can learn how to be a good back up. The guy is a leader and had his team rally around him and is quick to get the ball out and is relatively accurate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyrceMaVT48
  16. You may be right The question is..... what position, do they go in place of DL? If there isnt a DL person available or even worth the 26th spot..... I want them to trade back. The other positions WR, SS, CB, OL, should ALL be available in round 2.... There should be a decent amount of players that could contribute in 2019 If we get an additional 2nd AND a 3rd......... we could clean up
  17. Today
  18. The name reminded me of Eric Metcalf. What a great player he was. He was also the 1988 US Track and Field Champion in the long jump and a two-time NCAA Champion in the same event at University of Texas.
  19. I’ll take his teammate Brown instead. IMO he is more of a polished WR all around than Metcalf is and the injury on DK is scary.
  20. It will be fun to go back and look at this thread if any of them do get chosen, LOL.
  21. Metcalf 100%. I believe he'll be a huge bust. No agility at all from him.
  22. Cool thread. Personally, I don't have any players I hope they don't take. Maybe I trust Ballard too much.
  23. Just thought I'd make a fun poll since some have strong opinions about certain players that they do not want the Colts to take at No.26 I made it a multiple choice poll so that you can vote for multiple ones.
  24. yeah that's not a good look there....KC looks to be possibly hemorrhaging most of their elite players from last year...either cap/trade or the players own fault.
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