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  2. After participating in two mock drafts on these boards, hearing tons of opinions on the players, and reviewing and re-reviewing prospects, I find myself back where I started, with the mock I posted a month ago. 1/26 - A.J. Brown, WR, Mississippi 2/34 - Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson 2/59 - Joe Jackson, DE, Miami 3/89 - David Edwards, T, Wisconsin 4/129 - Amani Hooker, S, Iowa 4/135 - Sean Bunting, CB, Central Michigan
  3. Not that good? How do you come to that stance? And Dalvin Cook dropped because of red flags if I remember right.
  4. The closer we get the more I think I won't be super excited about whoever we take at #26. Then again I guess that's about right for drafting in the late 1st.
  5. What would you hate more, Jacobs or another guard in Lindstrom? I like both guys but both would make me cringe at 26.
  6. Its perfect for him. The history of the NFL in 30 half hour episodes.. It starts July 15 on ESPN..Im not sure if its free ESPN or their pay channel But he's visiting people and places that stood out in NFL history. This is such a natural idea in the 100th year of the league and Peyton, with his history, is the natural choice to host it... Sounds like a great idea.
  7. Summons and Lawrence would be my ultimate scenario. Heck I wouldn't even mind Tillery & Lawrence depending on where his heart is. Simmons would be best case scenario cause we don't desperately need him this year. We have some UT's that could get it done beside Lawrence. Then next year....look out
  8. Next two games are on National TV. ABC.....'the mothership' Prime time...8:30 Friday night...1 p.m. Sunday I guess the Celtics are really popular
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  10. I dont care who we draft as long as they are a beast. Rather have a rb that gets 1500 yards and 15 tds than a edge rusher who gets three sacks. Wouldn't mind drafting riley ridley
  11. Another prospect I’ve heard of switching is Charles Omenihu. He worked out as a DE at the combine but put up subpar numbers for a true edge rusher. I’ve heard he may be better inside full time which he has experience with. I’ve heard some analysts say Iman Marshall might be a candidate to move to safety. Personally I like him at corner in a cover-2 (hint hint). Also there are some that think Rashan Gary May be better inside long term. Juan Thornhill put up elite combine numbers. He’s played corner for a full season before, and some like him there because of his ball skills (13 career INTS). Because he’s undersized, Savage could be a full time nickel corner or a Matthieu type hybrid.
  12. TNF needs to be done away with.
  13. I don't think 2 drafts are enough of a sample to establish a significant trend. Just not enough of a sample to have any confidence in it. I really hope you are right, though. I definitely would prefer that we don't spend a 1st or 2nd rounder on a RB... Here's to us not drafting a RB high
  14. Here's the document for this season(not mine, this one is done by twitter user @FanOfNuance, who is one of the best Colts follows): He had similar for last year, but I cannot find it now. BTW... from what I gather most teams meet with most prospects at the various events pre-draft, etc. It seems like the real important ones are the top 30 visits and the 60(?) allowed meetings at the combine simply because they are limited and and they show some level of more serious interest. edit: found last year's file: https://www.stampedeblue.com/2018/3/30/17179348/official-colts-2018-draft-prospect-interest-tracker
  15. Much of a stretch? Well... here is how much you stretched... Ajayi can’t stay healthy enough to be a consistent starter. That’s why Philly let him go and traded for Jordan Howard. And Ware was the backup in KC until the starter got kicked off the team and suspended. Jacobs and Sanders could be drafted with BPA ... too good to pass up. But a GM that has spent a 4, 4, and a 5 on the RB position is telling everyone that’s not a position he thinks needs to be filled with premium picks. So while I think it’s possible we could draft one of those kids, I don’t thonk it’s likely. Premium picks going to premium positions. I don’t think RB is one.
  16. Thats what he’s looking at. You can’t find one regular season ticket being sold for less than face value, unless it’s a few minutes before game time and someone is dumping them. I just went on five different resellers looking for the Falcons game tickets. I was more interested in location but all were above face value.
  17. Is there anyway we could get a comprehensive list of all the meetings/visits? I think in years past the 1st page of the thread would have a list like that broken up into categories. Like people we brought in for top-30 visits, people we met with at the combine, personal workouts, etc... Maybe the MODs could help with that.
  18. Haha. That sounds like him. Tebow had the same opportunity . By the way, his mentor was Tebow’s mentor too. Imagine that.
  19. It's not even an RCA Dome thing. It's been difficult to sell my unused tickets for a decent price since Manning left. Most of the ticket brokers dumped their season tickets and have not come back. There was at one point 10,000 or so people on the season ticket wait list when I first got on it back in like 2010 or so. There is virtually no wait list now.
  20. They are sniffing around Jay Ajayi who when healthy is a starter. Spencer Ware has been a starter too. We have had official visits with both of the top RBs in this draft - Josh Jacobs and Miles Sanders. You would have to draft them day 1 or day 2 if you want them. The point is they are very obviously looking at HIGH END improvements to the rotation. I have no idea if Jacobs/Sanders would start for us or not. Seattle drafted a RB in the 1st last year and he was a backup who barely saw the field. Depth charts are not decided on draft day, they are decided during training camp and games. Maybe they just want better rotation and don't care who wins the starting job... Maybe they see one of those as a transcendental type of talent and think he will be an improvement over Mack? Who knows... The point is they have repeatedly emphasized the biggest area of improvement on offense is the run game and they have been hosting some of the top free agent RBs and top draft prospect RBs for visits. This is how I arrived at this conclusion. Is it really that much of a stretch?
  21. Tickets will never have rca dome prices again unfortunately for those who sell them. As an out of state fan it's been way cheaper during the Luck era for me so I'm not complaining.
  22. Total clickbait. i wouldnt call any of those scenarios a nightmare. And i hate how the guy follows every point with "thats not to say.....". Talk about hedging your bets. Way to go out on a limb buddy. I'm thinking Ballard could get as many calls on our first 2nd rounder as our 1st. If giys slip thru to the 2nd round, our phone will be ringing at the #2 pick.
  23. I bought two tickets for 330. Seemed like a good deal to me.
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