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  2. It was more along the lines they couldn’t keep him on their roster due to the stacked group already in place: Gillmore, Butler, Rowe, Jones and Bademosi. The best Moore could’ve done back then was special teams.
  3. To me, the "good hands" piece is key Reggie Wayne developed an amazing route running ability. If Pittman can develop that part of his game, to go with the rest of his attributes, we may have something I look forward seeing what the kid can do
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  5. I see the Dusseldorf got wiped out by Union Berlin last weekend. Looks like the KIA Tigers are going into the 9th right now with a lead Hanwah Eagles. 6-1. Looks like Everton beat Man U yesterday. It's probably a good thing the UK, South Korea and Germany don't have an election this year. Virus' seem to know these things. If there's not a NFL season, it'll be a massive mistake born of bad information and fear (and politics).
  6. I imagine Rivers played a part in it. But we’ve also been looking for the next Reggie Wayne since he left. I think Pittman could, and I emphasize could, be that guy in the future.
  7. I'm guessing there won't be a season as well. Regarding preseason games: I'm in the minority, but I like them. For me it is like watching a well organized practice. I like seeing how unknown players do.
  8. I’ve been seeing that Pittman is an underrated route runner.
  9. Positives: Good “jumpball” ability Good blocker Good hands Good football IQ Negatives: Lacks elite speed Lacks explosiveness Needs to improve route running I remember Polian emphasizing what they (back then) looked for in a WR (and I don’t think it’s changed) Soft hands Football IQ Ability to make adjustments when play breaks down I wonder how much the Rivers signing had to do with the Pittman selection?
  10. The money is there to be made from TV once the regular season starts. That's the primary reason I believe it will
  11. Perhaps he should have.
  12. I bet the preseason is completely canceled and roster cuts are delayed until weeks 2-4 of the regular season Also the eventual active roster number will probably be increased due to the inevitable percentage of players always missing due to quarantine
  13. Agree to the bolded. Peyton would hold players accountable in real time on the field. Luck may have done so, but I never saw it happen to the degree Peyton did. I think players didn't want to let Luck down because he was a good guy. I think players were afraid to let Peyton down because they:d get destroyed, lol.
  14. He took a beating and never once complained and kept putting the team on his back and winning a ton of games we should've lost. It's a shame Luck carrying the franchise while getting murdered every week was also the reason guys like Grigson and Pagano got to stick around as long as they did. Such a shame the way his career turned out.
  15. Sorry. I didnt mean it that way. Just kinda playin in my usual sarcastic way. I enjoy your posts here. Also, i know better than to mess with William Wallace. FREEDOM !!!!!!
  16. Bradshaw and Aikman may be the 2 luckiest QB's ever. Their teams were so loaded that they could beat pro-bowl teams on any given Sunday.
  17. Yeah Luck was a machine from 2012-2014 that is for sure. Dude could take a beating and just laugh it off.
  18. Yeah I just have Brady there because it is tough to leave him off when he has won the most SB's. Belichick still may have won 2 or 3 without him with just a good QB, but I doubt 6. Marino is in my top 10 overall, talent wise Marino is probably in my top 3 so I get your post. I know as Colts fans many hate Elway but Elway is right there too for Mt Rushmore.
  19. Put Rivers on the 2012-2016 Colts rosters and I guarantee you he wouldn't make it to 2020 without missing a game.
  20. He was also FAR better than Bradshaw, who is also in the HOF. It is sad how Jones never got the legacy recognition he was deserving of. My Rushmore is Unitas, Montana, Marino, & Manning. Brady is the winningest, but to me, from a day to day talent standpoint, he was more the benefactor of great all around teams, than a do it yourself immense talent. He’s in my top 6, though, to be fair.
  21. Luck was coming into the season coming off a scary shoulder injury that could've easily ended his career. He came in and had to learn a completely different offense under a new head coach. He was surrounded by a ton of new faces (Many of them were rookies, two in which started on the offensive line, and another being Mark Glowinski) while Anthony Castonzo missed the first 5-6 games of the season. Luck was throwing to guys like Chester Rogers and Ryan Grant. He had to adjust to new faces like Ebron and Mack as well. The defense was young and inexperienced which didn't help. Andrew Luck never had consistency and anywhere near the talent Rivers had during a majority of his career. This 2020 Colts roster is the most talented roster they had since the 2006-2009 Colts. If Andrew Luck didn't retire and had the chance to play on this roster while Rivers stayed with the Chargers through this season, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Stats are so misleading. Look how many times guys dropped wide open passes on Luck that year. No one has done more with less than Andrew Luck and it's a shame people look past it because of the disastrous rosters he's been dealt with.
  22. Unitas is part of my Mt Rushmore, you can only have 4 - mine are Brady, Peyton, Montana, and Unitas. Regarding Jones he was actually a better QB than someone like Joe Namath IMO and Namath is in the Hall. Jones was much more talented. Namath got in because of SB 3 and he was flashy.
  23. Debatable, perhaps, but he was a league MVP and an all-time warrior. I still say Jones is the best QB not in the HOF, and if not for injuries, he surely would be in. Unitas, his status, with reference to the era, is undeniable. Arguably one of the best QBs ever that set new standards not overcome until the modern era.
  24. When you use all these fancy words it tends to confuse some
  25. Yeah that is why I put Indy because obviously Unitas was better. I am assuming you think Bert Jones was too, that is debatable but Bert was very good. Sad he got injured as well.
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