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  2. He will never replace Luck for me, but he's slowly growing on me. The guy has talent. You can't deny him that.
  3. Colts.com has Nelson wearing the blue pants with blue out being the theme for Sunday. Possible blue pants vs the broncos?
  4. I'm guessing you didn't watch the game live? lol.
  5. I gotta agree. Those trades smell of desperation...and unwashed jocks.
  6. I've been optimistic about JB since we lost our starter (Rest his soul) . But every Sunday (because hes unproven) I get nervous about JB and lose faith. So far, hes done a very good job. Doing just enough to keep us in games. Playing vs Houston and seeing how well he did (late game the whole team went prevent so not too worried there), gave me a lot more confidence. But it's hard to trust a guy who has to earn it in front of literally everyone in the league. I'll tell you what I do like however. Because Brissett doesn't have this mega obvious talent as a QB, they arent throwing the ball constantly. It's like because you have a franchise QB, you feel this need to throw the ball, even in situations you shouldn't. You rarely establish a ground game, and when you do, it is only in compliment to the pass. The Colts keep winning in different ways. They are multifaceted. So they CAN and DO play to their opponents weaknesses, and and have the ability to play almost any kind of offense (from what we have seen so far).. with a top 5-7 QB, you just pass more. Vs KC, we would have passed more with any of the top 5 QBs in the NFL. But we didnt. Because we didnt have a top 5 QB to blur our vision from their weakness and our strength.. I think Frank experiencing this is great for our future. If JB becomes a top 10 QB (in most stats), this could mean heaps in the sense of valuing this team as a whole. Instead of everything being built around the QB, the team is built around the lines and go out. Something I was thinking about earlier with Brady. It is my opinion that he is a system QB. He is the best system QB of all time. But hes in the perfect system for his strengths to flourish. Sometimes it's just better to have the right system QB. Maybe JB is the perfect system QB for our system. Just a thought guys. We need to remember our addiction to winning as fans indeed blurs our own vision from seeing the true reality of things.
  7. Just saying the Jets aren't out of there minds suggesting it.
  8. Seriously? That's the first I heard of that. If that's true, that is very impressive for a backup QB to display that kind of leadership. Never under estimate the importance of proper leadership. Sometimes I wondered if Andrew was assertive enough and this little nugget is an example of that. Jacoby on the other hand must be very assertive to have the guts to call a meeting like that. That meeting turned our season around and that's quite an impact from a backup QB that barely took any snaps last year. That's extremely impressive to me. This team is in a great, great place if he can fill the void left by Andrew and his retirement. Its looking good so far.
  9. Today
  10. The Colts are to the Texans what the Pats used to be to the Manning Colts. Texan fans hate the Colts with a passion. I never wear any of my Colts shirts when they play here in Houston.
  11. O'Brien is in his last year if the Texans don't make the playoffs.
  12. The ways the Jets play how can anyone tell who is injured and who I not? 33-0. New York fans were throwing beer and food on three Astros fans at the end of game 5. You would think NY fans would be accustomed to stinking.
  13. No team has been good versus the Pats for a long, long, long time. Don't blame the Pats for their unmatched success. Envy is a killer.
  14. Or as we say in Scotland.....'couldnae hit a coo on the * with a stick'... Translations available.
  15. They are just on another level and have been for decades, but I truly believe Ballard is using a very very similar formula with different defensive philosophies.
  16. Well time depart from this fabulous thread , TY Hilton approves this message.
  17. Nah, it's all a mind game, misdirection, + superior H.C. Have you noticed every off season they have something happen that makes the headlines? Mcdaniels next Colts coach, Gronk retires, Kraft caught in "me love long time parlor", Pats sign A.B. Pats release A.B. This is just in the last couple of years. Get everyone to focus on the b-lls--t and remove the pressure from the team. They only have to do their job on gameday. Without Belichick and his system, Brady is a good, not great QB. Not a fan of B.B. but he is the reason the Pat's have been so successful.
  18. Every team has several 'weak links'. The good teams just limit their negative inpact on the overall performance. And why are we all rattling on about Cain or Fountain or Campbell? They have produced nothing of any substance in meaningful games. I would not be surprised if none of those 3 ever became regulars. Oh gosh, I am grumpy this morning.......
  19. This poll is like asking who is hotter Jessica Alba or Rosie O’Donnell
  20. 4 potential tough games outta 16 games. Totally ridiculous.
  21. Who is their defensive coordinator? Who ever it is will be head coach somewhere next year.
  22. I figured the results would be an overwhelming YES but this surprised me a bit. You could get 100 people in a room and 5 of them would say the sky is polka dots and not blue. Its not normal that 100% agree on anything. But I'm glad to see that others agree with me.
  23. They have the Ravens on the road, might be a tough game. They play the Texans in Houston so that might be a decent game. Outside of that, they have Dallas but that's a home game, they'll probably slap them silly. Kansas City is a home game but the defense is so horrible they won't be too much of a threat.
  24. Amazing how they get pretty much every awful team in the NFL on their schedule. Do they play anyone good this year? The best QB they've faced so far is Josh Allen...pitiful.
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