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  2. I think we have worse needs than a guard
  3. Just once I wish a coach playing against the Pat's would put in all his third stringers on defense for the patriots first drive. And told them to do everything they could to the offensive players of the patriots, just start a brawl, something that says, I'm not scared of you! ... What can I say? It's a fantasy of mine Because every team that plays them looks so intimidated, punch em in the mouth and get some of that fire back for crying out loud.
  4. Maybe the week off gave Baker enough time get his head out of his butt... Hopefully he knows how to read cover 0 blitzes. And two great Wrs can actually neat press coverage..
  5. If there is one common denominator with BB coached teams it is this: THEY DON’T BEAT THEMSELVES! That is why I am excited for the Colts this year. They are showing that same kind of discipline. Second in the league in fewest penalties and on the plus side of turnover deferential. The Pats have a +14 differential which leads the league by far but you have to consider who they’ve played. This may be a year where no one gives the Colts a shot to make it to the SB, but Reich finds a way to beat those %^£+#!
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  7. umm we beat them the last time our two teams met in 16 remember TY to the house on a catch and go
  8. Also Wilson continues to be an issue. There’s no reason a CB should get beat in coverage by a 6’7” TE. It would be understandable if he got beat for a jump ball, but Fells straight up beat him off the line. Haven’t been impressed with this secondary overall. Really looks like Hooker carries them tbh. And yes, Glow sticks out like a sore thumb. He needs to be upgraded at some point. Teams are going to start targeting him if they haven’t already. Still feel the same way about the DT position. Box score doesn’t show it but there were a few chunk runs by Hyde and Johnson that they got way too easy. Turray wasn’t really a loss to this team. Sheard and Houston are a nice duo
  9. cain and Campbell succeeding may be key to beating the Patriots in the playoffs. That's why we need atleast one of them to step up. Belichick will probably take mack out the game early and force us to pass. Then he'll take away Hilton and pascal.
  10. How about that Zach Pascal guy stepping up!?
  11. I thought when Luck retired, Brissett was going to surprise a lot of people and play well. What I like about this situation is he is still getting better, he has not nearly reached his peak yet. Plus we eventually will get WR's P. Campbell and D. Funchess back in November.
  12. I saw on ESPN this morning that they thought the Colts may have a great chance to go to the Superbowl! Maybe top 5. Let's hope so!
  13. Right. With Jacoby at the helm, we can attack our opponents based purely off situation and how they are defending us. We can truly ride the hot hand for the first time in a long time. If the OL is dominating we can hand it off on 3rd and 3, where if we have Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck we are almost certainly putting it in their hands, even if it lowers our chances of success. If the other team is loading up and making it tough to run, we can attack with play action. This makes us especially tough to defend situationally, and I think this has a lot to do with our high level of success in these situations. This is exactly what makes Brady so tough to deal with. He is more unpredictable than other top QBs. And I think we are tapping into that recipe.
  14. Somebody many weeks ago said JB reminded them of a young Tom Brady and I thought that was a bit crazy, but I'm sort of buying in to that with certain things as we move along here. I'm talking more of the early stages of Tom Brady the way he used to execute the game plan to a tee and just manage things very well without costing the team the game. Staying away from all the turnovers and doing much to keep the team in the game and letting his team mates rally. I can see some of that stuff with JB. He's capable of being more than a game manager I must clarify though.
  15. There's a video out there on youtube of Pat Mcafee saying if there was one thing about Luck he wasn't outspoken enough to grab everybody by the coat tails off the field or in the locker room to do the type of thing JB did with the players only meeting. Wasn't really his style according to Mccafee.
  16. He will never replace Luck for me, but he's slowly growing on me. The guy has talent. You can't deny him that.
  17. Colts.com has Nelson wearing the blue pants with blue out being the theme for Sunday. Possible blue pants vs the broncos?
  18. I'm guessing you didn't watch the game live? lol.
  19. I gotta agree. Those trades smell of desperation...and unwashed jocks.
  20. I've been optimistic about JB since we lost our starter (Rest his soul) . But every Sunday (because hes unproven) I get nervous about JB and lose faith. So far, hes done a very good job. Doing just enough to keep us in games. Playing vs Houston and seeing how well he did (late game the whole team went prevent so not too worried there), gave me a lot more confidence. But it's hard to trust a guy who has to earn it in front of literally everyone in the league. I'll tell you what I do like however. Because Brissett doesn't have this mega obvious talent as a QB, they arent throwing the ball constantly. It's like because you have a franchise QB, you feel this need to throw the ball, even in situations you shouldn't. You rarely establish a ground game, and when you do, it is only in compliment to the pass. The Colts keep winning in different ways. They are multifaceted. So they CAN and DO play to their opponents weaknesses, and and have the ability to play almost any kind of offense (from what we have seen so far).. with a top 5-7 QB, you just pass more. Vs KC, we would have passed more with any of the top 5 QBs in the NFL. But we didnt. Because we didnt have a top 5 QB to blur our vision from their weakness and our strength.. I think Frank experiencing this is great for our future. If JB becomes a top 10 QB (in most stats), this could mean heaps in the sense of valuing this team as a whole. Instead of everything being built around the QB, the team is built around the lines and go out. Something I was thinking about earlier with Brady. It is my opinion that he is a system QB. He is the best system QB of all time. But hes in the perfect system for his strengths to flourish. Sometimes it's just better to have the right system QB. Maybe JB is the perfect system QB for our system. Just a thought guys. We need to remember our addiction to winning as fans indeed blurs our own vision from seeing the true reality of things.
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