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  2. He did threaten a female journalist for writing negative stories about him He is a excellent pass rusher, supposedly top 5 in the league.... the going wisdom is that you dont let them leave There is more to this story... IMHO
  3. You are the one that just used his ratings to comment on suggested draft placement. Regardless, I disagree with many of his rankings. So do a lot of other big board stacks.
  4. It might be a stupid question, but it's the Q he should have most expected. The media is horrible (both Sports and Politics) and just looking for something to drive clicks, but this is a question every WR gets when he goes to a new team, especially to a team with an assumed better QB. Serious journalism is dead. Today, most Qs are just geared to get players to react badly and say something stupid. DF should have just smiled and said "there's nothing to compare yet, next question"
  5. He is ranking players not predicting where they will be drafted.
  6. I have a feeling that Ferguson might come off the board on day one. Now I won't be shocked if he falls to the third round but you know how GMs value pass rushers. His bad workout numbers might drop him a bit and honestly he should have claimed an injury and skipped it all together. If Orlando Brown Jr had pulled that move last year I think he would have snuck into the bottom of the first round. Instead he put up historically bad combine numbers and slipped towards the end of the third round. Probably should have hired a better agent. Ferguson's tape can be impressive at times because he is constantly in the backfield, albeit not against top level competition. He reminds me of Derek Barnett with his relentless style of play and play strength. Ferguson isn't a true technician with his hands but his hand strength is evident. I like his upside and could see him developing into a double digit sack guy in the very near future.
  7. You didn’t listen to Ballard’s press conference did you? He he said he will never force a pick to satisfy a need. If there are two players who he has graded close then sure. But to say he’s taking two D players with the top two picks is not going to happen if they have higher graded players at any other position
  8. Hockenson maybe, but not Fant. We already have a player like him in Ebron. Chauncey Gardner Johnson is my dark horse pick. Although I hope Ballard gets a stud DT.
  9. In 2014 he beat up his girlfriend. He has had a couple other incidents with the law also. I don’t believe he has had any while being in the nfl.
  10. Like I said, I've got 2 of 3 D players in the first two days. I think you're over obsessed with WR hate. As far as Boykin is concerned, there's many WRs I like better. His draft stock has been all over the place, but most have him rising up the boards. I'm going to guess he goes 70s to low 80s. As far as Brandt goes, there's plenty of his ratings I don't care for. Abrams and Tillery at 39 and 40? I'm not that high on Abrams, but guarantee Tillery doesn't last to 40. He's got Isabella at 79, JJ A-Whiteside 111. His CB and S ratings are pretty awful as well. Feel free to compare his ratings with the real draft and we can continue the conversation.
  11. Just curious, what makes you thing he is a high risk guy
  12. Greedy is not physical and this team demands that of its corners. Rapp is to slow. I don't care about his intangibles. I am not drafting a safety who runs a 4.7.
  13. Boykin at 59????? Gil Brandt has him raked as the 100 best player in the draft. You're over obsessed with WR.
  14. Round 1 - 26 A: Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame B: Brian Burns, DE, Florida State C: Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson Round 2a - 34 A: Chris Lindstrom, OG, Boston College B: Byron Murphy, CB, Washington C: Johnathan Abram, SS, Mississippi State Round 2b - 59 A: Terry McLaurin, WR, Ohio State B: Charles Omenihu, DE, Texas C: Kaleb McGary, OT, Washington Round 3 - 89 A: Anthony Nelson, DE, Iowa B: Amani Hooker, SS, Iowa C: JJ Arcega Whiteside, WR, Stanford Round 4a - 129 A: Sean Bunting, CB, Central Michigan B: Max Scharping, OT, Northern Illinois Round 4b - 135 A: Blake Cashman, LB, Minnesota B: Alexander Mattison, RB, Boise State Round 5 - 164 A: Drew Sample, TE, Washington B: Benny Snell, RB, Kentucky Round 6 - 199 A: Isaiah Johnson, CB, Houston B: Ben Banogu, DE, TCU Round 7 - 240 A: Drue Tranquill, LB, Notre Dame B: Khalen Saunders, DT, Western Illinois
  15. didn't think it would happen (to the Colts), and very happy it didn't. i just hate he's going to KC.
  16. Something that no one seems to bring up is, ..... Why would Seattle, just not sign Clark to a long term deal and be done with it The 2020 Cap https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/seattle-seahawks/cap/2020/ shows 54 Million in available cap AFTER the QB signing Its said that the BEST pass rushers just never come available. (We have ALL heard that) I believe that they could have easily worked a contract and still have money left over to sign players My belief....... Seattle was able to get out from under a HIGH risk player..... They KNOW more than KC I for one AM GLAD..... we didnt sign this guy.... we dodged a bullet
  17. Like the last time we won a SB! Reggie and Marvin both had 1300+. Couldn't really double either or the other one would eat you up.
  18. If Noah Fant drops to 26th, I wouldn’t be shocked if Ballard took him with 1st Rd pick.
  19. I'd be plenty happy with Tillery at 26 and we could see others fall there as well. There will still be plenty of WRs from 34-59. I'm with you on the need to upgrade WR. I just think that the drop off after 26 at iDL will be much steeper than the WR drop off.
  20. I watched this and thought he was being. This is the issues we are seeing in society, someone says something, others interpret it as something negative when it’s not. Take it for what it was, the young man being loose. He hasn’t even taken a pass from Andrew so how is he supposed to compare them yet. Stupid formed question by media.
  21. I can see something like that, we just can't have one LT on the team, and a very agile yet not true RT either. I can't see how we don't make an early pick here but we'll see.
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  23. On his budget, he's set, and that's a darn good thing. Now if he can just catch the balls.
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  25. I think Defense is what Ballard we go with. CB,DE,LB we are facing top tier QBS right out of the gate
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