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  2. I think you are blinded by being a fan versus being a realist. If my point is "dumb" as you wrote then the huge majority if not all of the sports writers in America are wrong in their assessments.
  3. Starr & Unitas always a great game between the two.
  4. Count me in the group that would not be shocked if they slightly regress. I think it's entirely possible they will be a much better team but could finish with the same or less wins due to the brutal schedule. There's been so much hype around the team and I'm not quite sure it's totally deserved...yet. There are still a few holes on the roster. I think this team can be very good, compete for the division title and a top 4 team in the AFC if all goes right. I just don't know if they're the SB contenders that many on this board proclaim.
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  6. Love Mack and think he’ll have a good year, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hines in a bit more. Faster, catches the ball, a Reich player for sure.
  7. I’m going to go the opposite of the other posters and say I would be surprised with a 16-0 regular season, or even 15-1. However, it would be a very good surprise so I wouldn’t be upset if the team goes out there and gets that! Let’s go Blue!
  8. I think anything under 9 wins would be shocking.. the schedule is tough but this team is good and should be better than last year.
  9. Good point. CB's effort to mix vets with this young core could really come into play this year. It would be easy to get a big head after that great run last year. The loss to KC was humbling and hopefully the kids will stay with the basics and will focus on improving, not living off last year's record. I'm sure Reich and crew will be preaching it, but the vets could also play a big role in training camp. The competition will also help.
  10. The Colts didn't win the division last year but they were clearly the best team in it.
  11. Cleveland ain't gonna be no baby..It would not be fun to play in that stadium in the playoffs either...
  12. My point is that QB's like Dak, whom still are not at the levels of Luck, Mahomes, Brees etc., are getting paid like they are in the upper echelon of the league. This in turn inhibits a team's ability to build around them with so much capital being tied up in one player. This type of capital spend works for teams that have QB's that are good enough to make up for the limitations that their salaries cause. But to your point, mid-tier quarterbacks like Dak need a strong supporting cast around them to be successful but their overly inflated salaries make it difficult for teams to do so.
  13. I would be surprised if we didnt win our division this year. Time to take the crown back for the next 10 years. Put those division opponents back in there place
  14. Because very few teams have a top tier QB, and finding even decent QB's (good enough to win with) isn't easy. Many teams have really bad QB's (in comparison) and most of them were round 1 selections! Dak was taken in round 4 because the Cowboys were not able to trade up to get Paxton Lynch! How did thaat work out? And he cracks the upper half of QB's IMO. Here's an accuracy graph (all QB's throws, not including 'hits')- Dak can make all of the throws and is above the league average in doing so at most every distance. They just keep his jersey clean. Pro Football Reference Approximate Value chart- I think the Cowboys need a more efficient offense (like Reich with Luck, and Reid with Mahomes) to be really recognized as one of the better QB's. Dak was supposed to sit a year behind Romo, but Tony's injury propelled Dak into the job right away, and he has done well. (2 pro bowls, 2 playoff appearances in 3 years). With so many teams still in QB purgatory, Cowboys were lucky to go from Tony Romo to Dak Prescott. Not quite as fortunate (IMO) as the Colts going from Manning to Luck, but nobody should lose sight of the fact. Sometimes I think our fans are QB spoiled and feel anyone not named Luck, Mahomes, Brees, Brady, or Rodgers is trash...
  15. Who is pagenaud and who is Rossi? I assume the ol is the pit crew. Let’s hope Nelson isn’t the guy that gets hit by the tire.
  16. I'll be surprised if we win our first game. We haven't had much luck in first games since Luck has arrived.
  17. I didn't realize Cleveland picked up Steve Wilks as their D Coordinator. That's a good pick up for them.
  18. Could be, but I will keep my eyes open. Mainly due to the Indy reporter's like Chappell and Holder stating we had interest. Although the way they reported it to me didn't seem like strong interest. We shall see.
  19. Hines will be electric now that we have surrounding weapons. Mack, now with a legit guy like Ware to handle bully carries, will be healthier for the year IMO.
  20. The thing about Kawhi is. He gives you absolutely no indication of what he likes or wants. If he stayed in Toronto, I would not be surprised. If he left Toronto, I also would not be surprised. ..and he changes his ways Remember, he refused to play hurt for San Antonio last year when they badly needed him This year, he played the entire east finals on one leg. I would like to see him go to the Lakers just to get him out of the East
  21. True..and they have a problem....because this team, as successful as it was, was thrown together with guys like Hill and Lopez and Mirotic... ….Those are admirable veterans but they are limited players. The Bucks have to keep Middleton so, you're right, others have to move on..
  22. I see Johnson as more of a Z and Fountain as a slot. If I'm not mistaken, Johnson's big game last year right before he got hurt was as the Z. Though I could be wrong. Also, I see Fountain as Reich's Agholor in the slot, but a bit more athletic. Rogers puts on clinics in practice making DB's look like they're on skates, but that rarely (if ever) translated to game day. To me he is a JAG.....a reliable one, but a JAG nonetheless. The best player for the team will earn the spot. He and Pascal will have to outshine the size/speed guys that Ballard drafted since Campbell can return kicks.
  23. Lol... Well, since the Colts haven't won the division since 2014, it'd be a good place to start...
  24. That's a pretty Bold prediction, But you could be right.
  25. I agree. But I am hoping Mack can play a full season along with Ware will add some season longevity. My hope still rest on Hines more than Mack
  26. Way tougher schedule this yr. and while I can’t predict what I believe the record will be. Throwing out 10-6 or 11-5 is silly unless you say who they lose/win to I’m optimistic but mostly because of Luck./Reich Give me some one time to make a prediction on W/L
  27. Honestly I wasn't sold on Mack when we drafted him. When he got back, he kicked my doubts in the melons. He'll never be a bruiser short yardage guy, but he's a good RB who can be top 7ish. Adding Ware IMO will be huge. Short yardage, and late game punishment.
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