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  2. No you dumas, dafaq you sellout not like Tyreke Hill cannot read a tittle. (me imitating some posters in other threads, especially come FA time) J/K.
  3. Have you ever of a time when ever much the then such up with which put not more of such?
  4. I'm not against 18 games coupled with 2 less preseason games, because it would mean more meaningful football less preseason, while still not increasing the total amount of games played. What I am against is the 16 game cap per player. That would fundamentally change the game as we know it. It adds another layer of strategy that just complicates everything. Plus, no bigger roster since teams have to mandatorily not suit up more players than before.
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  6. I’ll go with the WR that has a QB that is actually going to throw the ball.
  7. A little back story I read about the 2014 case. He pleaded guilty because he ran out of money for a lawyer. Plus if he had been convicted his life was over. So I think there could be a chance he didn’t beat her in 2014.
  8. Brown is coming off that foot surgery. Paris easily.
  9. Any other team (or maybe BUF too) and I would say Brown...but I just don't know what to make of BAL's passing game. I loved the Campbell pick...but Brown is an asbsolute stud...hopefully he can get past hte Lisfranc issue.
  10. Goes to show how much of a crap shoot the draft really is......AND.......character means A LOT more than many GM's think!
  11. Campbell and it won’t even be close unless he plays half the year and Brown stays healthy.
  12. I truly believe Campbell has better potential and will hold up longer in the NFL due to his size over Brown.
  13. They brought Geathers back on a 1 year deal, I don’t foresee him being resigned after this year unless he has an IMPECCABLE season. It looks like they drafted Willis as his eventual replacement.
  14. who has the better year? my money would be on Paris due to him having Luck to throw passes to him. Although i do realized that Hollywood brown is just as fast i'm not really sold on Lamar Jackson yet and honestly i dont think he will give brown the same receiving yards he had with Murry.
  15. It is the reason Ellis Park called off racing for Saturday and Carmel called off a concert Saturday night
  16. sadly The heat this year is nothing to play around with its really hot out there
  17. Our GM finally realized we need depth. Chris went out and got it.
  18. This to me is a complete start over for his career. He didn’t have the supporting cast Manning had at the beginning. Also I have to say this about Luck. I have no clue why people are saying he doesn’t have a good touch on his throws. He has excellent touch. Remember the throw he made against the Texans to TY Hilton into triple coverage? He is finally in a offensive scheme the suits him best. He can finally throw them open in Reich offense.
  19. So out of this list: Willis retired before he had to Bowman had really nasty injuries that had nothing to do with age Mayo isn't in the same conversation Urlacher was an AP 4 years older than Wagner is now Lee has been injured a ton throughout his career Nobody else should be in the conversation in regards to Wagner at any point in their careers. On the other hand, Ray Lewis, Thomas Davis, Derrick Thomas, London Fletcher, and Urlacher were all pros 4 seasons from the age Wagner is now. Maybe I should have said 4 years of elite play?
  20. Agreed. Yeah he’s an underwhelming prospect overall. Which is surprising because he seemed to be the opposite trend of the players we drafted.
  21. The former 5th Round Pick died of heat stroke after working outside his Arkansas business
  22. I'll be reactivating the league here soon and send out emails. Ideas on what days might be good for you? I more it's still early, so its very loose dates.
  23. Thanks, I'll keep you in the loop. Thanks. If we get any openings I'll let you know.
  24. I believe I am biased against Brady simply be ause everyone touts him as the GOAT. Not saying ita right, but the overall love he gets just annoys me. In all hes a pretty good guy based on what I have seen. For me it's like justin bieber. Hated him because no one would shut up. Its probably not fair of me.
  25. You know what I think of Cousins. But I'll take Luck.
  26. Yesterday
  27. There is no evidence that I know of that playing 18 games is more dangerous to players than 16. There is no evidence of more in injuries when then NFL increased from 12-14 or 14-16 Drop 2 preseason games and play 18 regular season games. Increase the rosters by a half dozen players . More jobs More money for everybody and more football for fans. Just do it
  28. Good signing... ...a wing player who averaged double figures off the bench.... Decent defender....and a vet..age 30 on a team of young folks ..and its not like he doesn't know anybody on the team.
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