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  2. Totally disagree there. Accuracy is suspect, yes!!! But he has plenty of arm strength, IMO. His issues border around his accuracy, deep or middle. However, if he has a guy with the catch radius of Hopkins, he just needs to be what Stafford was for Megatron, use that catch radius and get it to his vicinity. He has plenty of arm strength to lead a speedster like Fuller, and has done so several times over the last 2 years. Fine aspects of QBing like reading blitzes and making decisions under pressure, he has some ways to go when compared to Luck.
  3. I'm in complete agreement with you. 1 - Football is a team game. Winning SB's is great, but it is not the only way to judge a QB. Watching the games is more important. Marino was one of the 5 best I've ever seen play. 2 - MVP's are very overrated. 3 - Luck has lived up to the hype. He's a top 5 QB in the league. That's pretty much what you hope for when you take a QB in the top 3. 1) -
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  5. This is a prisoner of the moment kind of argument, IMO. Luck got drafted with Russell Wilson, a third rounder who won a SB in his second year. Luck has never been to the SB. The Colts can't beat the Pats, they got to the AFCCG pretty quickly but then fell off, etc. If you look at the typical benchmarks and don't actually analyze the players and their careers, it's not hard to see where this narrative comes from. It's dead wrong, but it's not hard to follow.
  6. Addressing your points in bold, in numerical order: 1.) Luck has to win at least two SB's for me to crown him in the same league as Peyton: You are comparing the entirety of Manning's career vs. the half way mark for Luck. Also, football is the ultimate team game. Marino was outstanding and never won a Super Bowl, yet, I and many others consider him to be among the best ever. The last Super Bowl that Manning won, he was average (if that). It was the Bronco's defense that gift wrapped a going away present for Manning. 2.) He'll never win 5 MVP's. He'll never win 5 popularity contests. So what? He's already had several MVP worthy seasons as noted earlier in this thread. 3.) To me, Luck has under performed his hype so far. This argument bothers me the most, simply because I don't know what else he needs to do to live up to the hype. He was the #1 draft pick with a ton of hype coming out of Stanford, joining the Colts and following Manning. There was immense pressure on him to perform. So what does he do? He leads the 2012 Colts (a team completely devoid of talent -- going 2-14 the year before) to the playoffs. Along the way, he sets records for most yards thrown by a rookie QB in NFL history. Set the single-game rookie record with 433 yards passing. Set the record for most 300-yard games as a rookie (six 300-yard games). And he did all of this with a horrible O-line and NO run game, and a pedestrian defense. I would argue that you place any rookie QB in that same scenario and they would not perform nearly as well as Luck did. Luck has lived up to the hype. Unfortunately, Grigson, the 2012 Executive of the Year, peaked as a rookie GM and flamed out. He did not continue to build a winning culture and a winning foundation, and despite amazing seasons by Luck, his efforts were not enough to overcome the lack of talent on the team. Now that there is more talent on the Colts roster, we're seeing a healthier Luck that's settling nicely into this new offense. I have a feeling, when it's all said and done, Luck will be in the conversation
  7. He's started five more games than Mahomes.
  8. That's reasonable, and there have been tons of players with outstanding physical traits who couldn't put it together on the field. But Barton has rare size and movement ability, something you don't often find late in the draft, and if Mudd and Strausser know what they're doing, this is the kind of player that can really turn into something. Like, starting caliber LT, based on his traits. Then again, he might just be another H/W/S guy who never develops into an actual NFL player. I feel like Patterson's ceiling is probably decent spot starter / swing backup.
  9. Good stuff here. I agree most of all with your take on Banogu, but I might be even a little a lower on him. I'm always worried about pass rushers who need so much coaching up regardless of how coachable he seems, which is a redeeming quality for him. He's the guy I'll be keeping an eye on most for updates during TC. I think your spot on with your last take that this draft is a huge test for the coaches.
  10. Something else they have in common: I didn't understand the Leonard pick last year, and I'm not super excited about Banogu this year. Hopefully I'm wrong about him just like I was wrong about Leonard.
  11. Mahomes and Mayfield have played one season. They certainly are talented but one year doesn't define a career. I think teams will be more ready for them this year. We shall see though. Watson, on the other hand, has played a few years with NFL coaching and with talented players. He's another talented QB who seems to lose focus at times and reverts back to trying to do it all himself. At least that's how I see him. He likes to believe he really is Superman at times. A very self centered player who I am glad is not a Colt.
  12. Thanks for your analysis. I really enjoyed reading it. The Banogu and Willis picks intrigued me. They REALLY must have coveted those guys to go and draft them where they did. Here's hoping they were right and they turn into solid starters. I am truly excited to see how this class turns out. Lots of potential and upside for sure.
  13. I felt the same as Jason. This unspoken assumption that all fans were incensed, is false.
  14. Excellent write up as usual. The only part I really disagree with is, I would switch the grades for Patterson and Barton. But only because I give more weight to being technically sound vs ideal measurables, especially in the latter rounds.
  15. I think the player to likely have the most Leonard'esque type year where they come out of nowhere is Banogu. It seems like the kid is coming in and working his tale off. He didnt take a summer break either because after the combine he started developing pass rush moves. I think this coaching staff and scouts are already pleasantly surprised by him. Especially if we drafted him for one specific role and then he ends up being able to contribute at a much more valuable position.
  16. Short of going to football reference team page and clicking on each season record, I'll bet that information is difficult to find if google was your primary source. But your point is taken. I agree, they are the gatekeepers for a reason. We've been "rebuilding" for the better part of a decade at this point. It's annoying and I think most fans (across the globe) just want this nightmare to end. We'll get our shot again this year, but at least we're on the upswing and realizing improvement. At the end of the day, if we're competitive with top tier teams, I can live with the fact we lost. Not that nonsense last year against KC. I just want to barf thinking about it.
  17. There's a lack of substance in that link. They could have just made this up tabloid style. Until such time as there is something more to this, I'm locking as a rumor
  18. I agree that the first game is the most important game. But (getting back to Brant’s statement) 3-3 = meh. I tried to find NE’s record over the years for their openers and/or their first five games but couldn’t. But I’ll bet they were 1-0 a lot and had fast starts more than slow ones. The results: They got a bye in their 9th straight season last year (13 since 2001). We need to stay ahead of those #%€^* and 3-3 ain’t gonna cut it.
  19. for money, attention, fame... we live in a tmz world where people do this to celebs and athletes all the time you cant be this naive
  20. Ten days until training camp...
  21. Well why would she post that if wasn’t true. Do you think the article just made up those IG posts and it wasn’t her. Pretty sure that is her IG handle. It used to be public and is now private.
  22. A little late, but I wanted to get this on the record before camp starts. These are my thoughts on the Colts draft. Just a disclaimer, any disagreement with any picks is just me expressing my opinion, not suggesting that the Colts are wrong or that I know any better than they do. Trade: acquired 2/46 and a 2020 second rounder in exchange for 1/26, A- Ballard and Co. telegraphed this for weeks, and explained it well. It’s easy to see that they had similar grades on a bunch of guys who they expected to fall anywhere between 20-40, and were willing to move back if they could get value. Getting a future second and still coming away with one of their desired guys is value. I can nitpick and say that they could have gotten another pick in the deal, but when you analyze this on any of the charts and adjust the future second, it comes out as a push, which is acceptable, especially since they already had #34 from the Jets. 2/3 -- Rock Ya-Sin, CB, Temple, A- This is a solid pick anyway you slice it. Great prospect on paper, good athlete, nice size profile, fits the length requirements Ballard looks for (77” wingspan). But on film, he’s physical, quick, aggressive, high intensity, fiercely competitive, and shows up in run support. His technique needs refinement in man and zone, but he still effectively blankets receivers in all areas. The physical traits and abilities are there, and he looks quicker than his workout numbers suggest. What I really like is that this pick appears to signify a tangible shift in defensive philosophy toward a scheme that will employ more diverse coverage schemes. There were other players I liked more, but as the draft unfolded their plan mostly made up for it. 2/17 -- Ben Banogu, Edge, TCU, C Definitely a H/W/S prospect, his length and burst show up on film, what also shows up is a complete lack of refinement, virtually no technique as a pass rusher, and he’s not great in space. He should be able to handle edge responsibilities on early downs, from a two- or three-point stance. At first Ballard said he might be a Sam prospect (think Jamie Collins), but more recently, the coaches have suggested that he’ll be an end to start with. Apparently his college coaches did nothing to help him develop as a rusher -- which isn’t surprising, TCU doesn’t even use playbooks, I believe they didn’t teach technique -- so he still has a lot of upside, and being exposed to guys like Houston and hopefully Mathis will be great for him. I feel like there were better players available at multiple positions, and probably greater value to be gained even if Banogu was highly coveted. 2/59 -- Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State, A My favorite pick of the draft. I’ve been beating the drum for a YAC monster at receiver for a long time, and the Colts drafted one of the best YAC producers in this year’s draft. He’s quick and shifty, as a former RB he breaks weak tackles, a natural pass catcher (though he has some drops, they appear to be focus related, not a lack of ability), and he has elite deep speed. Not a lot of routes on tape, but his athletic profile, including his foot speed, balance and body positioning make for an understandable projection as a route running prospect. Major production in college, and he can return punts and kicks. On top of my excitement about the player, picking a receiver on Day 2 is a great value in this draft, and I like Campbell better than several receivers with higher profiles that went earlier than him. 3/26 -- Bobby Okereke, LB, Stanford, B+ Another athlete with speed and length, but not technically refined. Rangy and with decent awareness in the passing game, not incredible in man coverage but seems to have the physical ability to handle himself in certain situations. He’s not a downhill run defender, will more likely evade blockers than take them on, yet he plays with a physicality and likes to hit ball carriers, using his closing speed to arrive with bad intentions. He’ll be a great special teamer, and he’s an obvious fit for the defense, assuming he takes to coaching. Good value at this spot in the draft, and he’ll add immediate competition in the LB room. (Side note: Hopefully the Colts got it right with the character evaluation, given the recent news that he was accused of sexual assault a few years ago at Stanford.) 4/7 -- Khari Willis, DB, Michigan State, C+ Good tackler, breaks down well in space, sometimes comes in too hot and overruns the play, could be better at shedding blocks, not afraid to show up in run support and lay a hit; decent awareness in the middle of the field, plays the ball instinctively and aggressively, has tenacity and active hands when the ball is arriving, only a moderately effective cover man but doesn’t back down; decent range but somewhat limited on the back end, much better closer to the line of scrimmage; team captain, from a big family, known as a hard worker, ultra competitive. It’s easy to see him as a rotational DB early on, but I don’t think he has a very high ceiling. 5/6 -- Marvell Tell, DB, USC, C+ Long, athletic, decent ability to play the ball in man coverage, good range and agility to close in different coverages, not a great tackler, lacks the awareness and refinement to stay in position as a single high safety, stuck between positions but an obvious prospect at corner, which is where the Colts are moving him. He looks like he’s at least a decent dime prospect, maybe has the potential to be a starter as he learns the position and refines his technique. This pick will look great in a couple years if the staff can maximize his potential at corner. 5/26 -- EJ Speed, LB, Tarleton State, INC Who? It’s impossible to know whether another team would have taken him, requiring a fifth rounder on a small school unknown. But watching his highlight video, he lives up to his name -- he’s fast. He also has decent size and good length, so he’s another developmental guy with the traits the staff loves. I’m withholding a grade on this pick. 6/27 -- Gerri Green, Edge, Mississippi State, C- An unimpressive athlete with the size profile of a tweener edge, but he plays with a tenacity that allows him to contribute, he has good strength and power, when he’s balanced he can defeat blockers with his upper body, good awareness including in space; they talked about him having some ability to play Sam but he looks like a sub DE, at best. They were most likely drawn to his intangibles, as he was a captain on a defense with several standout players, but everyone seemed to look up to Green. Not super thrilled about his prospects in the NFL, but he can definitely be a special teams maven right away. 7/26 -- Jackson Barton, T, Utah, B+ In late rounds, I think a great strategy is to go after players with desirable physical traits who might need technical refinement. Barton has prototypical LT size and length (he’s basically a cutout of Castonzo), and he moves pretty well on film, has good lateral range and change of direction, and looks natural climbing to the second level. His technical issues are many: bends at the waist, his feet get crossed up at times, he lacks the initial anchor to handle NFL bull rushers, definitely lacks the re-anchor to handle a speed-to-power rush. And while he has long arms, he doesn’t know how to use them, his hands and fit are out of sync, and as a result he tends to catch rushers rather than block them. This also shows up when blocking in space, as he tends to crash into defenders rather than block them effectively. He’s raw and needs a lot of refinement to play on Sundays, but the physical tools are there. 7/32 -- Javon Patterson, C, Ole Miss, B- Looks like a solid prospect with upside as he gets stronger, he plays with reasonably good technique and he’s aggressive at the snap, good range and good feet, he can get better with his hands and his stance. He’s not going to challenge anyone for a starting spot, but he’s a guy to keep an eye on as a C/G combo, which is something of value on game day. He'll miss this year with an ACL, but he can still work on his upper body, and hopefully he doesn't lose his lateral ability when he comes back. What I think they did well: All told, I think the Colts added a lot of competition across the board. The DB room is now crowded, with multiple versatile players, they added some potential depth at OL, more speed at LB, a decent edge prospect, and an electrifying YAC receiver. I'm excited to see these guys in action soon. What I think they missed on: No true pass rush prospect. I'm underwhelmed by Banogu and I'm not sure that what they saw before the draft is what they saw after they got him in the building, but he is an intriguing physical prospect who hasn't received a lot of coaching yet. They passed on better prospects (for various reasons, some are easily understandable -- Sweat might not have passed their medical, Tillery had a medical red flag, Simmons had medical and character concerns, etc.), then took a project player in the second. Between Banogu, Tell, Speed and Green, the coaches are going to be asked to develop some very raw talent right away.
  23. you can post pretty much anything on instagram that does not mean this is legit at all he wont be cut short of doing something heinous, the cap hit is too high
  24. You do realize Brissett started that entire thing. This article has screen shots of her IG telling him off. Maybe they are fake screen shots I don’t know. He does a lot with kids so I am having a hard time believing this is true. It’s either made up or she has a grudge.
  25. To tell the truth I wasn't really excited about the signing of him. I would have rather given the playing time to someone else on the roster. Especially after the beef he had with Brissett I wouldn't mind if we cut him and that without taking any of this into consideration. I just don't have a great feeling about him nor any excitement like I usually have on players.
  26. I’ve got six: (didn’t list what spots but feel free). Luck Nelson Leonard TY Ebron Houston With Moore and Desir as possibilities. I know some would say they’re long shots but I thought they were exceptionally solid. I just hope next year’s list is longer. GO COLTS!!
  27. Hes underperformed to this point Pagano was his Head Coach for too long. and the Chiefs are good but they dont have a defense and Mahomes was surrounded by all pro playmakers, he wont throw 50tds again.
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