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  2. GB's OL was ranked 7th last year by FO, 5th in 2017. I can't feel too sorry for him the last two years. He's a good QB no doubt, but his OL has had ups and downs like most.
  3. Could totally be agent-speak, but if McCoy is legit getting offers in the $11M range and has interest from up to 10 teams then the Colts are even less likely to get into a bidding war and land him. I think we we wanted him if he came at a decent value. At this point he’s gonna get market value or above.
  4. Rodgers has had bad OL play quite often. His pocket presence and ability to throw on the run is second to none.
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  6. Balance is more of an organic byproduct, IMO. I'm more concerned with efficiency and situational success than with a focus on run/pass balance. If the offense is efficient and scores a lot of points, and the defense gets stops, that "balance" will be obvious. But I also think there will be matchups that lend to more passing, and others that will call for more running.
  7. I agree that balance is the key to winning.... and last year, we had almost 67 plays per game. 40 passing, and nearly 27 running. Not the balance you want. If you go over to NFL.com you'll see that most QB's are throwing 30-40 pass attempts per game. I think right around 35 is the sweet spot. Below 30 is putting a lot of pressure on the running game to sustain an offense for 60 minutes. You might get that for a game here or there, but not for a whole season. Here are the Colts stats for last year: https://www.colts.com/team/stats/ And here are the stats for the league from NFL.com Note of caution: There are lots of categories, and lots of settings to change for your search. http://www.nfl.com/stats/player
  8. cbear

    Day one OTAs

    Anybody have any updates on days 2 and 3? Or is the media barred? Can't even find tweets on them from the usual Colts reporters.
  9. Irsay's isn't missing meals. As long as he can buy Beatles pianos, he can spend on the team.
  10. I picked 2nd total O, both passing and rushing will be top 5, and Luck will be #1. Year 2 of a gelled OL with a healthy AC, year 2 of FR's system, 2 big adds to WR, and a RB with power will make us very dangerous in total O. A healthy Mack, dynamic Hines, and a guy like Ware to pick up short yards and punish teams late (not to mention give Mack a rest) will be huge. And.... Luck won't know what to do with all his new toys. TY not being doubled is HUGE. Speed options at Slot (PC) and X (Cain if healthy) will keep Ds on their toes. Ebron, Doyle, and Funchess will kill it across the middle and in the RZ. Luck is a lucky guy this year. It's about time.
  11. A little fun with O predictions. I think we're done in FA on O (maybe not D), so figured I don't have to wait till late August. Please explain your choices if you have time. Closes Sep1
  12. The Joe Washington trade was exciting too. I think he lit it up his first game.
  13. The most NFL cap space and what Irsay's budget is may be numerically far apart. After signing Houston & Funchess, can Irsay afford another market value contract?
  14. I always love hearing great stories from the real old school fans. I got Jim Harbaugh's autograph on a pic when I went to the Colts/Chargers game back in 1996.
  15. That's cool. Terrence Wilkins live in the apartment above my mom. I was a sophomore in high school at the time. He always called me "little man". I was 6'4", 200 back then....towered over him, lol.
  16. Raps win again, congrats @NorthernBlue, just need 1 more. This reminds me of when Reggie went up 3-2 vs the Knicks in 2000 ECFinals. This is to the Bucks . Now Raps go out and win the East like the 2000 Pacers did.
  17. I look at it this way. McCoy is a great locker room guy. Great example. We'll have plenty, I mean plenty of $$ left over, again.... We're sitting well for 2020 cap space as well (forecasted to have the most again IIRC). This is a no risk, almost a guaranteed reward scenario. Even if he got injured 1st game and was out for the season, he'd be a great cheerleader in the locker room and on the sideline for our young guys. Spend the dang money lol.
  18. Van Fleet has hit 7 3's, very nice. Leonard is clutch. Raps still up 98-95.
  19. I get what you are saying but when you have a great franchise like our's, these type of discussions just come with the territory. Once Luck wins a SB which he will, then it will be can he become a top 5 QB ever by the media and fans.
  20. Refuse to let myself get in this argument anymore. As much I would like, but the Peyton years burned me out. Not going to let others upset me over individual players anymore. I don't care who likes Luck or doesn't. Doesn't matter how they rate him vs others. I am in all team mode and want superbowls and championships. Take care of that and everything else falls in to place!
  21. I thought it was a dream when we got him in a trade. I was in highschool and was like this type of stuff never has happens in Indianapolis.
  22. I was in college at a fraternity party when two brothers (from Indy ) told me about the trade.
  23. Ideally, you still want to only be passing 25-35 times a game. Balance is still key to winning.
  24. Reminds me of Radar / Radar detector battles a couple decades ago... NFL spends top dollar on sample takers and chem lab testing.I'll bet not many make it past with a positive very often.
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