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  2. 2 years at 19 mil... 1 mil in LTBE incentives (500k / yr).. another 2 mil in ULTBE incentives (reach SB, achieve SB MVP, etc...)
  3. "The "patriot way" is just another way of saying shut the bleep up and do as we say " Because it works. "Just do your job" ...
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  5. Indy 500!  As a little kid I’d get up at 0 dark thirty to listen to the Indy 500.  Yes listen on my transitor radio with the black leather casing. No live TV but tape delay.  With a little luck got stationed at Ft. Knox and made it to the 500!  Good times!

  6. I'm not seeing what he's seeing in the Ravens though. Lamar ain't taking them to no championship. Better get wit da Shoe bro!
  7. He's not coming here. We will not go after him. Hopefully I'm wrong but I doubt it
  8. I never ever worry about cap space for teams at this point. They can restructure or make any moves they want to fit a guy under the cap. Especially in a multi year deal. So so really just about anyone can truly “afford” McCoy. The Ravens have issues but are a historically well coached and great defensive team. Makes sense for defenders to want to go there. I still want McCoy. But unless there’s rumors of a visit to Indy then I’m not getting any hopes up for all we know we reached out to his agent and kicked the tires. We though we’d offer $7-$9M. We heard $10+ and we said good luck and he started to take his visits. Im not saying that’s how it went down. But that could easily be the case and we could already be out. Or or we could be waiting to see what he gets offered and swoop in later to match or beat it. Who knows. I just always thought ought it was an unlikely marriage w the colts once so many teams got involved or expressed interest.
  9. On top of that the Patriots have a little over 9m in cap space and just resigned D.Shelton.
  10. I think if he truly wants a contender the colts and patriots are the only option. The browns haven’t proved anything yet. If it was me I would pick the colts over the patriots because we are younger. He may feel and the teams might feel it isn’t a necessity to visit the patriots or colts because both sides already know what they are getting.
  11. They thought they would be better off without him that among other things is why lions always have and always will suck.
  12. Still lots of baseball left. The Nats are not doing anything this year. They have a good closer that the Cubs can trade for.
  13. Ravens only have 14 mil so they would have to make some moves to afford him unless they wanna go into the season with just 4 mil or less
  14. There you go. On to Baltimore. I have to admit I thought he was going to sign with the Browns. Baltimore? I don't get his interest in Baltimore. I don't see them as a contender with basically a rookie at QB. Regardless if we are truly interested I would expect his agent to mention us as one of his other scheduled visits fairly soon. Let's hope so.
  15. Epstein really needs to do something about this bullpen, and I don’t think Strop returning is the answer. Unreal.
  16. Oh no doubt, one of the more embarrassing aspects of that Arizona game was how cool all the Cardinal fans were. They were being 100% cool & the beligerant jerk was the fellow Colts fan...
  17. Reds lead 6-5, Boo. HR by Suarez. Reds are the 98 Yankees when they play us. Not having Strop hurts bigtime.
  18. I think potentially is the key word. We didn't have to sign Houston. We could have just let our younger guys have at it and see if they could produce. But Ballard signed him. Like you said we can pass on McCoy and let our younger guys have at it. But the reports are we are interested. So if the reports are true signing him is not out of the question. If he leaves Cleveland anything can happen. Let's hope we are one of his visits.
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