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  2. Having a solid all around squad should not be stopping you from seeking a great QB. Ironically, giving huge contract to a QB that is not worth it, might actually make building a great all around roster long-term much harder. We are lucky right now that we are getting all-pro type of performances from players on rookie contracts, but this is not something you should rely on in the long-term, because soon enough those will need to be paid and if you give Brissett 30M+ this will make it hard to fill in the voids. Our situation cap-wise right now is NOT the norm. Good rosters sooner or later have to get paid and the money will dry out so you will have to choose where to be strong and where you are going to go into the bargain bin. This is the whole point of having to decide whether Jacoby is worth the money or not. We should have no problem paying huge money to a franchise QB. We should have huge problem paying big money to a player that's in the non-franchise QB category.
  3. That guy would have the most super bowls if the dolphins would have put a worth a crap defense on the field.
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  5. Having seen all of Jacoby's games with us and a few of Jimmy G's, its easy to spot the talent difference. I have never seen Jacoby play out of his game manager role. He always did just enough to not be a liability. Imo, he has never shown to be able to take over a game when the running game or defense lays an egg. Ever. Jimmy G, last year after he was traded (haven't watched him this year) played really well. Even if his stats didn't show it, he played like a guy who can make all the throws and win despite the team around him not playing its best at times. That's why they awarded him a fat contract. I honestly can't see Jacoby being more than a solid game manager.
  6. Emmitt is the best RB of all-time, he played with one arm at NY with HFA on the line and dominated, won the game by himself basically. He is the all-time leading rusher and has more TD's than any other RB. He won 3 SB's too. To me that = best ever.
  7. Didn’t Jimmy G win 6 straight games for the Niners when he was traded there?
  8. Emmitt scored TD with a separated shoulder and came back from a broken neck in a week. I think he might have been in on some of what the Steelers have admitted to doing lol!
  9. If Johnson is out, tate vs Arizona or chase edmunds at NYG?
  10. Yeah screw Tom Brady, Joe Montana, and Peyton, Chad is the man
  11. And QBs 40 or pushing it having surgeries this season and coming back to play either this season or next. Luck should have tampons thrown at him wherever he goes.
  12. Useless. Aside from his 15 sack season, he's been below average for the most part.
  13. Sorry....but you're overstating how bad Garoppolo's supporting cast is. George Kittle is an excellent all-around TE, and the 49ers have a very solid committee of RBs in Tevin Coleman, Matt Brieda and Raheem Mostert. They shredded through the Aaron Donald-led Rams defense last week and have the 2nd rated rushing attack in the NFL.....so their O-line can't be that bad either. And behind it all....Kyle Shanahan is an excellent play caller, as well. They're also #2 in total defense.... #1 in pass and #6 in rushing. I can see why one might give the nod to Garroppolo at this point but I don't agree that there is THAT large a degree of separation in talent and capability between he and Brissett....and Jimmy G is hardly the only reason the 49ers are 5-0. For me....Brissett is in the "wait and see" category....so the balance of this season will tell us a lot.
  14. I'm sure Quenton Nelson would be happy to see him.
  15. So lemme see if I get this straight.....the Jets are trying to force a player, at a position where upper body strength is at a premium and whose primary function is to pound open holes for Leveon Bell and to help keep Sam Darnold from getting maimed..... to play with a torn labrum? This is an illustration of the generational stupidity and instability of the NY Jets.
  16. I have a kind of weird/off topic thought, but I wonder if Reich doesn't really want to bring up a young (rookie) QB. I mean, he's not a young HC by any means, I think he's one of the 5 oldest coaches actually. I'm curious if he's kind of tying himself to Brissett. Nobody really talks about how much longer Reich will coach but hey, when he took the job he could very well have been in the mindset of coaching throughout Luck's tenure if that. I know, it's just a random/rambling thought, but I almost wonder if he's all in with Brissett now that Luck is done.
  17. And yet when he finally got an organization that puts the best talent around him he has ever had in his career he quits not wanting to go through a rehab on an injury that the front office admits was small potatoes compared to what he went through with the shoulder. I don’t really see the other generational talents listed doing that. Not Peyton, not Brady, etc. Luck had his best shot to live up to all that hype and bailed on it. I’m not giving him elite/generational status for that.
  18. I've been on this forum long enough to know the right answer is Chad Kelly.
  19. Let's c after New England. Bill has a way of bringing young qbs back to earth. If Patriots beat them like 40 to 3, it will b interesting what people will say bout Darnold
  20. I'm not familiar with details. However, while the team can fine for a player not following the team decisions, if he has doctor(s) that say he isn't in any condition to go out and play as the team demands... then the player has the advantage; IMHO. I'll look up and keep tabs on this one...
  21. Ryan leaf was drafted second . Jamarcus Russell was drafted first
  22. I’ve tried but never have been able to get through an entire episode, I agree it could be generational. I find them pretty annoying, but I just chalk it up as different strokes for different folks
  23. I'd use our 1st and one of our 2nds to get Herbert or Burrow, but I wouldn't mortgage future 1s. Tua is not my style. Love is throwing too many INTs, but in his defense, 3 of his INTs were against LSU. Hard to judge him given the scheme, conference, and situation he's playing in. I'd use one of our 2nds on him though. I do think he's got some skillz.
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