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  2. As a young teenager and Cowboys fan i loved Don Merideth. And of course thought the Pack were the bad guys. Bart was awfully hard to beat, of course he usually threw less than 20 passes a game. Why? Because Lombardi Ran the Da** Ball! haha! Bart was the 1st to complete 60% of his paases for a season as i recall. And he was a real Gentleman. God Bless!
  3. Sorry... I’m confused. Ward did NOT start any games for the Colts last year. Zero starts in 6 games before getting hurt. Could you have him confused with someone else? My source is Ward’s profile page here on the website.
  4. One thing is if the Bucks lose him that will be a big loss for them. He does many things well including shooting the 3.
  5. chuckle Hunt can be an important part of our rotation again for sure. But he is not what McCoy is. FYI McCoy graded 28 and Your Hunt 55th at DT. And 21-6 in QB Hits. I don't have the numbers on pressures but those are likely a wide difference also. No doubt just how high our staff feels about our current roster will determine what our interest is. A fat 2 year offer with considerable guarantees wouldn't surprise me.
  6. I have more but that was my 3 that came to mind. It is tough to choose just 3, that is why I posed the question to make it tough.
  7. I always liked Pat Beach. The year the Colts came to Indy, I went to Lawrence North HS for one of the Colts meet and greets. Pat Beach put me on his shoulder so I could dunk a basketball. Great memory.
  8. I have never really considered LeBron a great defensive player, he just has played great in spurts on D over the years. Making big plays at times, etc.. I think right now Durant is the most un-guardable player because of his length, post up ability, and he can shoot 3's. He also is a much better FT shooter than LeBron is. Leonard is probably the best all-around player though. His offense and defensive game really has no weaknesses I can see. Curry is in this discussion because the guy shoots 30 footers like they are lay-ups. He is a deadly weapon to have and he wears down defenses by running around constantly.
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  10. I don't think Lopez fits the style the West plays with how they run the court. He fits the slower tempo teams out here in the East. Giannis is still getting better and growing, but I think these last 4 games with Kawhi guarding him, shows how much more he has to get better. He's got to get better off the dribble and start trusting his mid-range shot. I liked that he was aggressive at attacking the rim, but as soon as he got in the paint he looked lost. If he develops a consistent 10-15 foot shot he'll be deadly. Bucks will still be good but I don't see them winning 60 again next year. Toronto will be at best a .500 team next year if Kawhi walks. I hope he stays and helps keep the East a little stronger.
  11. Lebron hasn't legitimately played defense in 10 years and while I think Durant's offense is as good as it gets, Kawhi being that good on both sides is so enjoyable to watch. There is NO WAY Toronto makes it out of the first round, let alone makes it to the Finals, without Kawhi. I really hope he stays in Toronto for the next 4 or 5 years because I enjoy him being in the East.
  12. Lopez is a good player. Lakers made a huge mistake not bringing him back. He would've meshed well with LeBron. Bucks will still be tough to beat next year with Giannis. Big question is, will Leonard stay or leave the Raptors? That will destroy the Raps if he leaves.
  13. With Bledsoe and Middleton they don't have much head room financially to add anyone else. Mitrotic is likely gone and probably Lopez too.
  14. I agree. He may be the best player in the league, I think he has an argument for it. LeBron isn't 2016 LeBron anymore, Durant is great but the Warriors are winning without him. Curry is in that discussion too but none of them play D like Leonard does.
  15. Leonard is quietly a top-5 guy in the NBA in my opinion. His defense on Giannis was absolutely amazing. He averaged 31 and 8 in the playoffs on almost 51% from the field. To be honest, if I were starting a team, he'd be my #1 pick just due to how good he is offensively and defensively.
  16. I'm curious, if Jihad Ward hadn't been injured, if Autry would have turned out like he had last year. I still believe Ward is the better interior player, again as evidenced by him starting inside, and what he did before he got injured.
  17. That brings up an interesting topic, name the top 3 sporting events that you have attended in your lifetime. You can only name 3. 3. The 1991 Indy 500 race I went too. My favorite driver of all-time Rick Mears won his final Indy 500 on that day. I was only 19 years old that May. 2. Game 3 of the 2000 NBA Finals, Lakers at Pacers. Pacers won that day to get back into the series trailing only 2-1 at that point. The fans were rowdy as Shaq and Kobe went down! That was Reggie's day. I had a great seat as well as I went with a friend of mine. We probably drink at least 4 or 5 beers while at that game . 1. For me would be the Pats at Colts Sunday night game in 2009. I went with a group of friends and we had great seats. Before the game we drink a 6 pack each and were feeling good. Colts were 8-0 (undefeated) and came back from being down 34-14 to win 35-34. One of the best games I have ever seen and I was there. Peyton threw a TD pass to Reggie Wayne with just seconds left to seal the win. Peyton trumps Brady and BB to improve to 9-0. The ol 4th and 2 BB game. -I have never been to a Cubs playoff game. I do have a cousin that lives close to Wrigley so that may happen one day.
  18. I like Hunt too but to expect McCoy to take a deal slightly higher than Hunts and 4M below Suh makes no sense to me. He has the potential to be a difference maker just like Houston. Houston got a nice contract and McCoy should as well. Not to mention he would be another great mentor and add to the locker room. I hope Ballard signs him and if he gives him a nice contract than I'm okay with it. It's what he feels he should be paid.
  19. "Sweetness" certainly was an all time great for sure!
  20. Starting Tolzien will assure Jerry the top pick
  21. Sad to hear. RIP. He was the QB that won the 1st 2 SB's.
  22. The legendary Packer QB has died at 85
  23. I have only been to the Nascar race here once believe it or not, that was the 1st year it was here in 1994. I can say I went though. I was always more of an Indycar guy. I went to the Indy 500 every year during the 90's. Anymore just not into the crowds of people or the heat or into the drivers as much/the race itself.
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