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  2. When you take into consideration what Faulk did along with Bruce and Holt those may have been the best three headed combo in history. The one receiver that was as good as Rice was Tim Brown. He just didn't play his career with QBs Montana and Young. He was just as talented.
  3. Duper and Clayton were a pretty good duo that get overlooked.
  4. I didn’t say you did. I said they were. Marvin is fifth in career catches and Wayne is 10th. Bruce is 13th and Holt doesn’t make the top 13. Holt is 16th in career yards and 36th in TDs. So Harrison tops Bruce in catches and TDs while Bruce has the edge in yards. I think TDs and catches are much more important than yards. Wayne tops Holt in everything and tops Bruce in catches. As a duo give me Harrison and Wayne. Moss and Carter is another good duo although it was short lived and the Steelers had Stallworth and Swann. Those are the best sets I can come up with. The Steelers have been good at producing stud WRs as a franchise but I am not sure I would take them over Harrison and Berry who are probably two of the top 10 WRs to ever play the game and Wayne who is also probably going to end up a Hall of Famer.
  5. Where did I say they were? Harrison and Wayne were 9th and 10th in career yards while Bruce was 5th. Harrison was 5th in TDs while Wayne was 24th. Bruce was 12th. So it's debatable.
  6. Wayne and Harrison were just as good.
  7. The St. Louis Rams had a couple of great WRs with Holt 1999-2008 and Bruce 1994-2007. Kind of hard to beat those two at the same time. Add Faulk 1999-2005 as he was maybe the best RB receiver in history.
  8. I love what Ballard has done with the roster, but honestly could care less about rankings. Give me Ws... Sorry man, couldn't help myself!
  9. I don't agree. Now the cream at the top is great, but there is a huge drop off to the next level. I think most teams have as good or better WR history. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/clt/career-receiving.htm
  10. Bill was very good. He did suffer from some bad passing offenses.
  11. While I agree Fountain has to work for it, I'd say he's probably in the driver seat assuming he's 100% healthy. Patmon - raw guy who doesn't play to his size, and needs to add to, and improve his route tree. I doubt we keep 3 X WRs, and I don't see him jumping Pittman and Pascal for the top 2 spots. IMO, they'd have to move Pascal to run mostly out of the slot (which is possible) for him to take the #2 X spot. IMO, he ends up on the practice squad for a year unless we have an injury in the X area. Johnson - the digs on him have always been his hands and his toughness. Unless he's become a lot more physical, his position flexibility is likely limited to Z. He's not going to be an X given the comp there, and unless he's tough enough to run across the middle as slot and catch, his chances are low IMO. I do like Dulin, and he looked great when given a chance to return. He's a tough kid and could literally line up everywhere (although I prefer more size at X). I'd absolutely love to have him and Hines as our two primary return guys. Pascal could fill in as backup. I'd keep Campbell safely away from STs. As far as Fountain is concerned, the biggest dig on him was his route tree. From everything I read, he worked his rear end off and improved dramatically in that area last off season. IMO, he plays bigger than he is, and could also line up just about everywhere like Dulin.
  12. yeah i might have gone over board with the super bowl talk. still it took peyton a while to win a playoff game but i think he deserved respect before that anyway
  13. since its a topic here i'll guess one more super bowl with PM, but not predicting 2-3 more dynasty they are going to lose some good players after this contract and have to draft really well to keep it up. hes also not the most durable qb and he does take some risks
  14. In previous years I liked his chances, however, with the abilities that those above him have: T.Y. (returner) Campbell (returner) Pascal (returner & gunner) Pittman (gunner) ----------------------------------------- Dulin (returner & gunner) Patmon (gunner) Johnson (returner) Fountain Fountain has his work cut out. Personally I think Dulin offers the same size/speed/athleticism as Fountain and has actually played real NFL snaps.
  15. Only if they take "tips" from the Patriots.
  16. Yesterday
  17. How can you make a list prioritizing our receivers that Rivers needs to get acquainted to & not name Campbell? The best thing that can happen this season is that Campbell & Pittman both emerge as 2 of our top targets. Allowing TY to fill more of a possession type role like Reggie was able to do when TY came on the scene.
  18. https://www.totalprosports.com/2020/07/07/deandre-hopkins-threw-major-shade-at-the-texans-while-congratulating-patrick-mahomes-tweet/ I hope Hopkins tears it up in Arizona this year! They are my NFC pick for the SB too.
  19. Don't forget Raymond Chester, Roger Carr, Willie Richardson, Roy Jefferson and of course Raymond Berry . Colts had great clutch receivers in Jimmy Orr and Ray Perkins.
  20. I like Wilkins, I think he stays, IMO given more playing time he would even produce more. He IMO runs with good vision, power to break tackles, speed to get to the edge, and something intangible & hard to find sometimes, a little wiggle & the ability to get small threw holes when they are small. He is good at all of these things but not great. I think he stays, because he is good, and MUCH CHEAPER than Mack, should the Colts go in another direction next year with the drafting of Taylor.
  21. The really interesting part of this is that when he's done, he'll truly be able to buy a part ownership in a team, if he wishes to do so. And if he (or his financial agents) are able to successfully invest and grow that pile, he may be able to buy a team outright one day.
  22. Of course. Most Saints fans I’ve met are uh...not super bright.
  23. I don't think so, other teams will improve, catch on to their talent level, read their mo's, etc.... It's always tough to repeat in the NFL.
  24. #11 Characters...Little Joe, Ben,  Hoss, Adam

  25. I agree you cant have one player eating up all your cap space and be able to keep a good enough team that can compete year after year this deal almost certainly destroys any possibility of a long term chiefs dynasty.
  26. Dynasty is officially over with this massive deal.
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