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  2. Does anybody remember this?
  3. And he doesn't sound mentally deranged when he speaks like Luck does.
  4. Ya, Glow is the weak link of the OL right now... but is still an improvement to what we had when Ballard/Reich took over this team. He didn't have a good game against HOU but they also have one of the best defensive fronts in the NFL. Nelson is a once in a generation talent, I don't see any guards coming out this year close to him. While I trust Ballard, I highly doubt we'll take a G with our first rounder given the fact that we can use help at several other positions and there will probably be better positional value there for us in the first at other positions.
  5. I'll just leave this here. Reich did a fantastic job drawing up plays against the Texans. I guess some credit should go to Sirianni too.
  6. ....Any Given Sunday... I think the point of the Salary Cap in the NFL was to make this a league of parity. For the most part, that's what it is (we have a few teams which seem far and away better than others -- the Patriots, e.g., ... and then a couple really bad teams -- the Dolphins this year, e.g.). For the most part, teams are just a couple injuries/suspensions/ejections shy of losing very good players who change the entire dynamic of their team and if any team comes out with their best effort vs. a team w/ a lackluster effort, there are a lot of things that can happen on Sunday. I don't disagree with you that we can still lose to the Broncos. I also don't disagree that the Colts didn't show up to play their best brand of football vs. Oakland. That said, OAK is a better team than most people think and my original post was in response to you suggesting after the loss to the Raiders, the only way you'd look by a team is if they have 0 wins (IMO, you were suggesting OAK was a very bad team). Regardless, I don't think it's smart to look past a 0 win team, either. It happens very rarely, and almost every team that has 0 wins has players on them playing for their personal pride (not just this year, but every year). Heck, in 1997 we were 0-10 and played the Green Bay Packers who were 8-2 and beat them. The Packers wound up 13-3 and lost in the SB to Elway's Broncos... we were 3-13, there wasn't an honest 'expert' anywhere who would've thought the 0-10 Colts would beat GB like that, but they did it. So yea, I agree w/ you about starting to buy into Reich's motto of '1-0' -- that's what it takes to win consistently in this league and not let up against lesser opponents.
  7. Definitely not a fan of Soto because of this crap, glad Mikolas fires back at the end, lol.
  8. This is one of my favorite threads of all-time
  9. Lol where the posters that were saying the Jets would do something tonight?
  10. Good teams are selling out. Teams like the Bengals Bucs and Redskins are not close.
  11. Darnold is playing like Ryan Leaf tonight, good God he looks awful.
  12. Just going to throw this out there. Next off season there is a good chance were going to have over 100mil to play with. I'm not saying blow it all by any means. I know were going to have a lot of our own to extend. However, I wouldn't be upset if we signed a top free agent or two. I know it's early but I'm going to throw out some names for giggles... Chris Jones Amari Cooper AJ Green Yannick Ngakoue Leonard Williams Jadeveon Clowney Arik Armstead
  13. Atlanta has got to cut a lot of players in order to resign/extend him. They have negative money to play with next year.
  14. I am watching the Pats at Jets, imagine if JB had a game like Darnold is having tonight. This place would be implode . Darnold looks awful.
  15. Well.... in addition to all the other problems that have been pointed out, there is one more.... You have the Colts with THREE second round picks. Métos, Terrell, Lamb. The Colts only have two second round picks. The one from Washington and our own. I don’t believe we have a third. As for everything else, the comments reflect the current status. Burrow is currently one of the hottest prospects in college football. Both Lamb and Matos could go in the first round as well. If you’re going to be thin-skinned about these comments, then you shouldn’t ask other posters to evaluate your picks. You got what you asked for.
  16. If we get good trade value, I'm not against it. The question is, is the drop-off in trade value between the 2 players worth the drop-off in talent between the 2 players?
  17. That would depend on how long he sits out and if the team manages to somehow win a Lombardi without him in the meantime. If the Colts franchise can cut ties with Peyton it could surely do the same with a Luck if it was in their best interest. Ballard is just the kind of GM who could make that move and not incur the wrath of the fan base.
  18. Today
  19. You didn't listen to Irsay very close. There is a reason they didn't try to recoup the money he was paid. I don't think He comes back, but if he does he will be the qb
  20. Different eras and different types of players. You cant really compare. Back then Olinemen and Dlinemen weighed like 240 lbs.. DBs probably ran like 4.7s... Basically the she sheer anount of athletic freaks and competitiveness is far higher now than back then.
  21. Take your time. It's not like he's going anywhere. We'll have years to get to know him
  22. I agree, but my point still stands that we can lose to lesser teams, especially the way we played. Our defense was totally lost the entire game. Yes the Raiders aren't as bad as they're made out to be, but my point is that with an effort like that, we are not totally incapable of losing to the Broncos.
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