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  2. So true. Bortles was the third overall pick in 2014. And not only that, they extended him for 3 years $54M in 2018 before releasing him after the following season. They compounded the mistake they made drafting him so high, even after it became obvious that Bortles was over-drafted. But (a) draft busts can happen to any team, and (b) past performance isn’t always indicative of future results.
  3. Ego player- "I wanna play for Patriots and win me some Super Bowls!" Gets to Patriots, finds out the culture isn't fun, is work, and they have and enforce real discipline. Player shuts mouth and conforms .... or gets sent home and/or suspended
  4. Bleacher Report on which team has the advantage. Should be a close game and the team that makes the fewest mistakes, will ultimately have the advantage. I do think coaching = advantage Colts but we will see. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/gallery/indianapolis-colts-houston-texans-position-breakdown-week-7/
  5. QB, RT, C, LT, DT, WLB, DE I think...
  6. Well, Big Q of course. QB runs/sneaks every play. Who's going to stop him?
  7. Thank God the Colts weren’t going to give up consecutive 1st rounders for this guy! Talented player, but when things go bad, he’s the type to cause dissension. It’s like going after a woman that looks good but will leave you, when times get tough. “Sometimes, the best deals you make are the ones you don’t make”. Bravo CB!
  8. The Rams paid way too much for this jabroni. Now it’s up to the Jags to make good on those picks. Here’s hoping they keep with tradition.
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  10. Thanks ! That’s a good caw !
  11. Knowing Marcus, everything will be grass fed, non-GMO, and organic
  12. MJ-D was a beastly RB, I would have loved him to be a Colt.
  13. Interesting that he's going to be a FA next year, I wonder what his market will be like.
  14. Hey folks! Come on down to DON'S USED CARS this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!!!
  15. Wow. He had a lot of hype and potential coming into the league but it didn’t pan out. I’m sure Titans fans are feeling deja vu (Vince Young)
  16. Sorry my friend....I guess I could've title it the official dove eating thread but I get myself into enough trouble around here. Anyway..... a tribute to crows everywhere who, like yourself, get the short end of the stick with this old cliche'.....
  17. That's Quite a list you have there. Who's your Qb?
  18. As for replay, I have two options: Option #1 1. On any down, review change of possession and score/no score. That's it. 2. On 1st and 2nd down, no reviews (other than the two above). 3. On 3rd down review it all. 4. On 4th down that is not a punt, review it all. Option #2 Only reviewable play involves change of possession or potential change of possession. Score or no score.
  19. As the “ Old Crow”’ I’m obviously a victim here of a bias against friendly crows. I seem to be roadkill in this eating crow thread.
  20. I think we can all agree that the refs are human. Well, at least most of them. Which means: They will make mistakes. They may not be unbiased in regard to teams and/or players. They may have vices that interfere with their judgement. They may have physical deficiencies that affect their ability to make a call correctly. They have a life outside of football that may affect them while on the job. Unfortunately, the best sport has the worst officials. First thing I do now after every play is look at the bottom right of the screen to see if the box turns yellow. It's awful.
  21. Can you imagine if I had picked KC ? I would have been picked clean by a crow, like a Maryland Blue Crab on the side of the road !
  22. Brissett will now throw for 180 yards instead of 150!
  23. All-Pro. which he has already earned. And on the rise to top LB within 2-3 years. I see special traits ala Lawrence Taylor (instincts) and a playmaker. He just needs to stay healthy and he will be mentioned amongst defensive POY with Aaron Donald, and co every season. Didn't he lead the league in tackles as a rookie, even after missing games? The guy wreaks havoc and can cover with the best of them. The rooks you mentioned have played decent enough as fill in players.
  24. If the eye test doesn't lie...what was your assessment of Leonard before he got hurt?
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