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  2. I picked Ballard and GM in general. Seattle is not successful with Wilson right now but they were when their defense was awesome. You could even say the coach is more important. Parcells and Gibbs could have been successful with me at QB. Recently The Eagles did it with some great GM work, great coaching and a backup QB.
  3. If the chiefs win the division then the highest seed the chargers can get is 5th. I dont trust the Ravens just yet. I need to see if Lamar Jackson can actually play QB. I need to see Wentz heathly before I consider the eagles. Their on the outside looking in for now.
  4. That’s the whole point of depth and at some point you can bet we will need it.
  5. Today
  6. Looks about right. Questions though. Why put the Steelers over Chargers and why the Browns over the Ravens? No Eagles at all? You must be thinking Wentz isn’t going to play well.
  7. 1.Colts 2.Chiefs 3.Patriots 4.Steelers 5.Chargers 6.Browns 1.Saints 2.Rams 3.Cowboys 4.Packers 5.Bears 6.Seahawks This colts team imo has the best chance in a long time to be the top team in the AFC. The chiefs and pats lost their top receiving option with no replacement currently. I have the colts going 13-3 with a colts saints super bowl.
  8. In the modern world of the NFL where the quarterback is, by definition, the most important player on the field, Andrew is clearly the most valuable player. But.... Who is responsible for every player on the team? All 53, plus the 10 player PS. And who is responsible for every front office executive, every scout, every coach, including the head coach? Everyone. It’s the General Manager. So with that as a definition, Chris Ballard is the most important person in the organization. Especially since he’s doing such a good job. Someday Luck will retire, and Chris Ballard will be charged with finding out next great quarterback. Hopefully CB does as good a job when that time comes as he’s done in his first two-plus years here.....
  9. Its a hobby it seems of Irsay's to collect famous instruments
  10. The GM doesn't play. We're a sub .500 team without Luck right now
  11. We were winning, but at what cost?? We weren’t going to get to the Super Bowl, and without Ballard coming in to build an O-line, Luck would be dead or worse, retired!! As much as I think Luck is a special QB, I think Ballard is just as special, and he has to do with both sides of the ball. Andrew can’t play LB, but Ballard could find us a stud LB ala Darius Leonard and another competent QB to help the offense
  12. Finally finished with my Undergrad Degree so may be around a bit more. Except the next few days as I head to Toronto in the morning, will give review of the stadium, will be there Monday Blue Jays vs Red Sox on LF line
  13. Thats an easy one. One has a U in it and one has an N.
  14. So......... recently my nephew picked up a game of CLUE. He, I, and my brother have been playing. Now, every time I see your name, i think "Mrs Peacock, with the candlestick, in the billiard room."
  15. We already are #8 in run defense last year, and that was with a relatively trash roster at the beginning of the year, compared to the end of the year to present. I'd be surprised if we are not a top 5 run D this year.
  16. Luck mentioned when they got back into the building he hadn’t started throwing yet and was just pacing himself. I am sure he will be throwing when OTA start.
  17. LOL Football 101. Just like R. Kelly is referring to the rapper, not Ryan Kelly, even in the context of this forum. And just like the term "minority owner" refers to someone owning less than a 50% share of a corporation, not referring to anyone's background or makeup.
  18. I certainly hope Luck is the one throwing to them. I found it curious that he reportedly wasn't throwing in phase 2 workouts. I'm sure he's good or Ballard would have mentioned it.
  19. Your forgetting one thing. Ebron loves it here. His wife to. Ballard will have no issue paying him market value for three years. After what he went through in Detroit why does anyone think he is going to chase money. He is a TE and Ballard will pay him top TE money. The only thing that could change this is a injury or him just totally going off the rails. I don’t know where this stuff comes from that Ballard won’t pAy top dollar comes from. He has always said he will reward his own stars. Does nobody listen to what the man says. Yes I would pay him ten million a year for three years. That will take him up to 30 or 31. He has stats better then kelce last year. Was arguably the best TE in the league.
  20. Did I say I wanted him to play worse? I reread my statement and it isn't there. I re-stated my entire point as clearly for you as I could. You're still arguing it though so what is it you want? If you look at what you bolded (which is what you wanted to debate) I said "we'll" meaning THE COLTS. Then, in parenthesis I put my opinion that I don't want to have to pay over value because some team is trying to hose us. Go back and look. So no, I don't want to pay someone if another team is just jacking us around forcing us to pay over true market value, and I don't think we'll pay a giant deal for a TE worth 23TD level money in the open market. By WE'LL, I am indicating the Colts, otherwise I would say "I" directly without the parenthesis. I do not believe Ballard would even give him Graham level money for 3 or 4 years which he would rightfully be looking for (and likely much more). I also think it's likely someone out there would pay him above that, I just don't think it would be Ballard. Do you? And beyond that (since we're still discussing this), if you were the GM would you pay him 10+ million a year for 3-4 years to resign him after 23 TDs in 2 years? If Funchess can bring in 10 mil for a year, it would likely be much more than 10mil to resign Ebron in that scenario. How much would you pay?
  21. Yesterday
  22. ...and Peyton follows the pick as that teams GM....
  23. I doubt he'll have to. If that kid looks up to his dad at all, he'll be practicing throwing footballs all over the yard pretending he's throwing a record-setting game-winning TD to win the SB.
  24. What's harder to acquire? An elite QB or an elite GM? I would think it's harder to acquire an elite QB because they get drafted high and usually re-sign with the team that drafted them. While an elite GM can be acquired by theoretically just out-bidding the other teams. So while my initial thought was Ballard > Luck because he determines the overall talent of the entire roster, I'm thinking it might actually be Luck > Ballard just because of how big of a difference it makes to have an elite QB and how hard it is to acquire one.
  25. Okay thanks man I've never heard that term before and I've watched a lot of football in my time.
  26. In baseball, Kershaw was considered the best despite his post game failures. If he were a QB and choked in the playoffs he would be crucified. Rodgers is fortunate he won a Super Bowl otherwise he wouldn’t be on anyone’s list.
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