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  2. @2006Coltsbestever Forgot to mention that the RSN will be rebranding themselves over the summer
  3. The Dodgers tried something similar and it did not go well since no one carried them
  4. Thanks I didn't know. I do have U-Verse so I will just have to see how it plays out I guess. I can always follow their games on the Internet too. I have been able to watch all the Cubs games during their great run from 2015-2018 at least.
  5. If the Colts drafted Ferguson it wouldnt shock me if they played him more inside than outside. It would be how the Cowboys used this guy: I look at how strong he(ferguson)is as a bull rusher. I think he could get good push from the interior. But you could still rush from the outside at times.
  6. This is the point in the conversation where we might ask: How does the Colts front office "see" things in potential players that other teams miss? The explanation of "having superpowers" doesn't cut it.
  7. The Cubs are starting their own network and the affiliation with NBCChicago and ABC7 are being terminated It will(could) be unavailable on WNDY and WTVW and it is not clear whether it will be carried by DirecTV, Dish, or any major cable companies if they do for most of Indiana it would be only available RSN packages and Extra Innings
  8. It happens to the best of us (we all make mistakes) but anyone should know a rookie would not be 27 years old. The Triple Double comment had me .
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  10. @2006Coltsbestever @HOZER Enjoy the Cubs games while you can because more than likely they won’t be available next year
  11. You have to admit it's pretty amusing that he had to google Leonard immediately after he was drafted, but from a quick google search where he was looking at info for a player in a completely different sport, he felt educated enough to call other fans dumb for liking the pick he knew nothing about. "At least he has good length for an OLB at 6'9", but his shooting percentage isn't nearly good enough to be drafted that high... has he ever even had a triple-double?"
  12. I dont care about his sacks against lower level competition. What i see on film in terms of how he moves tells me how well hed do. The guy is stiff as a board. Hes Margus Hunt only that Hunt had more freak athletic traits. And with all of Hunts freak traits he had no success in the league as a pass rusher until they moved him inside. Personally i think the same will need to be done for Ferguson.
  13. Shasta is a very good poster. I think he got Leonard mixed up with someone else. I think he’s addressed this in the past.
  14. Lawrence would do more than clog the middle. It looks like he could push the pocket if blocked by just one man. If it takes a double team to keep the pocket clean, that is a commodity worth a premium pick, IMO. Not to mention, it might help keep Leonard clean, although that was more the function of an NT in our old D. The positive test is turning me off, combined with the notion he might have issues keeping weight off. I'm hoping that isn't a sign of a questionable work ethic. I don't care for Ferguson in the early rounds.
  15. Based on what? Whats making you think he wants a corner high. Earlier it was you saying it would be Wilkins. Now youre saying its a corner. Im not of that belief because hes retained every single member of his secondary. He even went so far as to retain Chris Milton. And youve still got young guys like Nate Hairston and the kid from the Atlanta Falcons we picked up. I thought the secondary looked worse last year heading into the draft and he drafted no one. If he gets a CB this year i dont think it will be until later if at all. The only secondary member i expect to be taken early is a safety.
  16. Yup! Pretty much what I would’ve said word for word! Thanks for that!
  17. Nope. Not really an ideal 4-3 DE anyways, best in a 3-4. Was fat and out of shape at both the combine and his pro-day. Tested in the 0.9th percentile for edge rushers, not good. On top of that character concerns and reportedly has had horrible interviews with teams. Should be off the Colts board entirely IMO.
  18. If this guy falls to the third round would you take a chance on him. We could get a steal if we whipped him into shape. I think in round 3 he would be worth a gamble.
  19. Nothing would shock me this year but I hope we get a defensive guy that plugs in right away and makes plays and builds from there, even if we trade up. We must have more pressure from our line whether it’s the players or building on the scheme, we have to move the qb.
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