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  2. Reich wanted Funchess and got him. Reich wanted Chad because of Jim Kelly his friend and he got him.
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  4. Kurt: Here’s my list. Producer: Thanks, Kurt. Uhh, take Luck off and put Ben. Then we’ll have David ask where is Luck on the list. Kurt: But that’s not being honest. Producer: ok. Here’s something honest. I’m replacing you with Pat Mcafee. Kurt: Big Ben it is.
  5. If it is TOP 5 based on last season then I am surprised why Luck is not there because he was better than at least Ben. Now if it is based last few season then not sure what is Mahomes doing in the list.
  6. the list is subjective, or is it?...you can't argue with rings and no-look passes at NFL level. PM beat Colts 31-13. with great coaching and ballard, Luck will be top 5 on KW's list soon enough, if it was meant to be.
  7. I don't think he is top 5 right now. Close. Top 8 for sure. IMO I think his arm and/or shoulder got tired towards the end of last year. He really started guiding the ball imo instead of throwing it with a free and loose motion. His wind up and arm delivery started getting shorter and his balls lacked crispness. He was guiding the ball. Not throwing it like a Rogers or any of the other top qbs. I really noticed it the last 3 games or so. Hopefully an off season of rest and a regular workout regiment solves that for this coming year.
  8. I understand that by first appearance, it seems..... odd. And my concern level is elivated that we haven't read news that Kelly has gone and completed rehab. I would've guessed that would be mandatory for Ballard. And maybe he has, but if so, you would think the team press release could say so, or the kid would do an interview and say so. It's important that that message would get out. It's an important step to take. But so far, nothing on that front. But, I'm a second chance guy, and I'm a Ballard/Reich guy, so I trust them. I think the investment is so small that I don't see much of a downside. Except the reaction if it doesn't work out. As Ballard said in a recent interview, the league is about the noise that surrounds the team. But our noise level is among the lowest in the league, so I figure we can afford a litle buzz if things don't work out. Because if they DO work out, then the noise will be positive. And that's always a good thing....
  9. I would love to get McCoy. I just think that our fans need to prepare as if it is not gonna happen. Not because we do not want him or he is not a fit or anything like that. Mainly because he is going to have a lot of suitors. At the end of the day, the Colts will have to win a bidding war for him if they want him. There will likely be even more. Typically we do not go that bidding war route. We will make an offer and if it's good enough and he takes it then cool. But my guess is he will shop offers around. He did not want to take a pay cut from his $13M figured before he got cut. So I feel like $10-$13M is probably the sweet spot. I'd offer it for one year, but someone might be willing to go multiple years or more for one year. So we have to hope that our offer is better than others or at least as good. We have the cap room to do it. Question is will we? I am happy w how we stand without him. I'd be even happier with him. I am just not confident that we get it done. I hope I am wrong.
  10. So far counting this season = last 5 seasons (2015-2019), the Cubs have won more games than all teams + won a WS in 2016 in that timeframe. I guess the haters can go suck . The goal now is to win another WS to prove we can do it twice. I am enjoying this season very much as the Cubs look really focused so far after starting 2-7. Long way to go but this is reminding of 2016 a bit.
  11. If total yards, QBR, and Passer Rater are the 3 biggest metrics for QB success, only Mahomes is top 5 in all three categories. Big Ben, Luck, and Brees made 2 out of three. Brady and Rodgers did not make top 5 in any of the three categories. Rodgers didn't even make top 10 in two categories. Not saying Brady isn't a great QB, but put Ben, Rodgers, Luck, Brees, Rivers, Mahomes, or Brees on the Pats with Belichick, and the Pats do just as good. Total Yards 1. Big Ben 2. Mahomes 3. Ryan 4. Goff 5. Luck 6. Rodgers 7. Brady 8. Rivers 9. Manning 10. Cousins (Brees 13th) QBR 1. Mahomes 2. Brees 3. Trubisky 4. Big Ben 5. Luck 6. Brady 7. Rivers 8. Winston 9. Ryan 10. Goff (Rodgers 16th) Passer Rating 1. Brees 2. Mahomes 3. Wilson 4. Ryan 5. Rivers 6. Watson 7. Wentz 8. Goff 9. Fitzpatrick 10. Cousins (Luck 11th, Brady 12th, Rodgers 13th, Big Ben 15th)
  12. How is Brady #1? He wasn’t even a top 10 qb last year.
  13. Understood. You asked a question & got an answer. While you are correct that it's all probably a complete non-issue, you should also at least be able to understand how some could view the signing as being somewhat off message...
  14. Belichick quit the Jets after one day to go to the Patrirots. Man, this autocorrect has a mind of its own.
  15. Okay, so thanks to all who responded, but what offset language is really at issue? Is it the same thing the Chargers DE held out for, or is it a variety of things? It seems like a high 1st rounder has power to hold out over "offset" language, but do these guys have any real power? If not, what is the deal? If they DO have power, would the Colts simply say no and the guy sits out over it? Does anyone actually KNOW the reason? When Bosa held out, they announced the details of why, has anyone heard any point of contention with either of these guys? Or is it just a "guess" that it is "offset language?"
  16. Cubs win 8-4, fly the flag Hozer. 29-18 on the season and still 2 games ahead over the 29-22 Brewers in the NL Central.
  17. I can't believe people are actually making a big deal out of this. Kelly is a camp body/lottery ticket that cost us almost nothing. If Ballard and Reich want to try to reclaim someone on the backend of the 90 man roster who cares. If he figures it out and manages to make the roster/PS we win. He steps slightly out of line or performs poorly he gets cut...and it cost us a bag of peanuts. How this signing somehow got related to Kap is even more mind blowing; those two players/situations are only comparable in the Twilight Zone.
  18. I think Ben was better up until last year and he has the better career with 2 SB wins no doubt but as of now I think Luck is better going into 2019. I do not see the Steelers making the playoffs again, if they do then credit to Ben.
  19. Oh I would take Luck over Ben any day. I still think as of now Ben is better but that could change as soon as this season.
  20. It makes a lot of sense to bring him in. Injuries happen all the time amongst lineman and having solid players who fit the profile and deserve to play for the shoe being stockpiled always helps.
  21. The only 4 QB's I would trust more than Luck regarding the 2019 season are Brady, Brees, Mahomes, and Rodgers. Luck is an easy #5 to me at this point. He can carry a team more than Wilson can and Ben isn't as great as he once was.
  22. First. I had NO IDEA what you're talking about. English and communication are not your strength. Second. I was IN FAVOR of drafting Jeffrey Simmons. In fact, I was likely the leading voice here in favor of drafting him if we could. So again, you're talking out of your rear end. Again. My consistancy from Simmons to Kelly is perfectly straight. Third. Kelly is NOT banned from the NFL. He is not in jail. He's available to any team that wants to sign him. Ballard and Reich are considering him. And if he makes it, it'll be for the Practice Squad. This ISN'T a big deal even though you're trying to make it into one. This is a small issue. Because it's the off-season and there isn't much to talk about, people are spending way more time on it than is necessary. A mole hill is being turned into a mountain. There's nothing to see here, whether Kelly makes it or not. We can all move along.
  23. The reasons to make him an exception are several. One, it costs the Colts almost nothing. A minimum salary. Doubtful a bonus. Not a draft pick. Not a roster spot, we typically have four QB's in camp. Two, the upside is, he straightens out his life, makes the PS and does well there... Brissett signs elsewhere and Kelly becomes Luck's back-up in 2020. A win for both the Colts and Kelly. We get a back-up for next to nothing. Three, why spend your credibility on a big name at a key position? If Luck got hurt, why spend it on Jay Cutler, who is lousy in the locker room. Why spend it on trading for Jameis Winston, or Ben Roethlisberger? Talented, but maybe not who you want to lead your team? Kelly is a small investment and a small position. There's no harm if it doesn't work out. The team isn't hurt. Not so with a bigger name at a much more important position.
  24. And I totally agree with that from a productivity view point. I have had to pick up my share of slack in nursing left by nurses with years more of experience than myself. All the while they are making much more money. So in that manner I would be more valuable/important to the unit/floor I was working, but the experience they brought when hired in made them a more valuable/worth more to the company and so started at a higher salary than I did.... And I agree it is a apples to oranges comparison. But if even an average orange costs $15-20 million while the best apple on the market can be had for $12million. Then the market dictates that apples are more valuable than oranges. Even if an apple a day keeps the doctor away and in that way would be more valuable to your health lol.
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