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  2. Josh Jacobs is the clearcut winner on this list for me. I'd be alright with every other player on the list.
  3. Great!!!!!! All we need is for a rattle snake to Slither out of that high grass and bite Darius is the butt! I LOVE the effort Darius, but hang with her while you wait for AAA to show up next time. Please
  4. Darius Leonard changed his name from Clark Kent a few years back.
  5. We were top 10ish in both O and D last year. I recognize the need to improve both. -our biggest problem on D was stopping the pass (because we couldn't get to the QB). -our biggest problem on O was we were anemic when teams doubled TY. We have no legit X and/or no legit vertical option other than TY -we have addressed DE with a proven guy like Houston, and should go iDL with the 26 -we have not addressed WR. we signed DF to a one year deal. he's not consistent, he's not a well rounded X, and he's not a vertical threat. I do think he'll be good in the slot, but that doesn't solve our deficiencies. he'll be great in the RZ, but we need a well rounded guy between the 20s. He's too similar to Ebron. IMO, he should have never switched from TE in college. He would have been a better, and more well rounded TE than WR. I'm all for improving both. If you look at the numbers, and look at comparative games (Indy vs KC, Pats vs KC, Indy vs other top passing Ds), it's pretty clear. -Our OL was top 10 by the end of the year. They'll improve in year 2 with chemistry and having their 2 rookies have a full off season. We don't need to swing for the fences. We're already projected to be top 5 in 2019. Take an OT mid or late if you have doubts about AC. -DL is improved with Houston, but will also improve all around just having Houston garner attention. Turay should be improved in his second year. If we get a decent iDL in the 1st, that up the game again exponentially. -DBs will benefit from the addition of Houston, Turay's improvement, and the addition of an iDL. S is more of an injury issue than a talent issue, and we signed another S (Kendrick) in FA. I'm fine with adding one though in the second. CB is fine with the scheme we play. -LB is fine, with DL at the core. Walker should improve. LB is a devalued position and we could easily get a decent guy in the 3rd or 4th. -We spent more in 2018 on TE than any other team. If Doyle is back, we don't need another. If he struggles this year, we make TE a priority in round 1 or 2 of next year while resigning Ebron.
  6. I remember hearing it reported by NFL network that Funchess wanted a 1 year deal presumably to set a higher mark for a bigger long-term contract payday. I remember them saying there were other teams offering longer contracts. Many reports also stated that Reich was pushing to bring him in that he has a plan for him: If you want to pad stats for a year, there arent too many teams offering better than playing opposite TY eho gets attention and Luck throwing the ball. Ballard only needs to mention how he helped resurect a similar career with Ebron. The similarities are numerous. I also think players are starting to notice Ballard is a man of his word who rewards his own.
  7. His plan for Funchess is to help the Colts win football games. One thing about Ballard though is that his blueprint is years ahead of what we are all looking at now.
  8. In the grade itself they don't take into account the level of competition(just like they don't do it in NFL no matter if your OT has faced Khalil Mack in the game or Tarell Basham). They just evaluate what's happening on the field. I think the place where they do put context on those grades is on their board. For example they have this small school gem Ronheen Bingham from Arkansas State. He blows up in their grading(I think he was the 2nd or 3d highest grade for EDGE rusher they gave this season). The place where they input the level of competition that grade was achieved against is on their big board and thus he's not ranked in the top 10, but rather in the 60s... so even though he was one of the highest graded players for them this season he's a 3d rounder on their board. I've heard them talk about Andy Isabella and that he always performed well against top opponents(200 yards and 2 TDs vs Georgia, 200 yards and TD vs SFU, 100 and TD vs Boston College, etc)... so I guess they take that into account too when they rank him this high.
  9. If he balls out there is no reason he won’t come back. I had to laugh at one of his tweets the other day. He said statistics dont matter that you need to get better everyday. Does that not sound a lot like Reich. He also said a ring is the only thing that matters. He is a very simple man.
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  11. Amen, Colts don’t stack up to other ELITES due to lack of playmakers and WR is BIGGEST deficiency! DK MET has bust but vision Kneal opp TY? KNeal is like a SS, total athlete and best player on field! Colts O becomes Elite w/ serious threat opp TY, Justin ask Marvin.
  12. I live an hour from Beaver stadium and i love the kid but i'm not so sure about him in the NFL. No disrespect to the kid but doesnt fit our plans as an offense and i've seen too many similar QBs not be able to make the transition. But, in saying that, what do I really onow about building an NFL roster? Not too much really.
  13. KNeal is a better projection and just look at how he performs at other sports as the kid is a future All Pro @ WR. Free TY
  14. similar conversations have been going on in multiple threads for weeks. currently going on in
  15. Guess who really did well their rookie season last year. The rookie WR that outgained Funchess on the Panthers by 200+ yards. .Who said anything about dismissing him. I love Cain. I'm just not going to put my eggs in a basket this year for a rookie who is also coming back from injury. actually I'm not an O guy. i just see WR as a need. i've said numerous times I want and iDL first, then a WR and S in the next 2 picks. I don't care the order. that's 2 of 3 D. we had a top 10ish D last year. We added a very good DE. We're likely to add a 1st round iDL. We're doing the right things. normalized, Mack would have been top 5 or 6 had he not missed the early game. our rookie APB had almost 750 all purpose yards. Wilkins averaged 5.6 yards a carry backing up Mack. That's pretty good already. All we need is a late round power back to replace Williams. i already compared both 18Pats and 17Eagles to the Colts receiving crew in other threads. Because I like you, I'll post quickly :-) in short form since I know it well. Forgive me if I'm off a bit here or there. Feel free to fact check. What you'll find is that it's crystal clear they had superior talent receiving. Edleman had 850 yards in only 12 games. Gordon, 700+ in only 11. Their WR3 Hogan had 500+. The Colts only had one WR over 500 yards compared to their 3 who had major injury down time. Now add in a TE/Gronk who had around 700 with his injuries, and a back who caught 750 yards (300+ more than Hines). That's 5 O skill players with over 500 yards. Again, crystal clear even with all the injuries they had. And guess what, NE held KC to 31 just like we did. The difference was though, they could score/throw on KC when we could not. Can you explain this? The Eagles are similar. Feel free to look at their stats. They had 2 WRs over 500 vs our 1, and a TE (Ertz) that had more yards than Ebron. And that was with a back up QB in the playoffs. They outscored the Pats.... Put 41 on the board I believe.
  16. No bites so what about Kneal Harry opposite TY and whoever you want to throw in the slot and at TE? Dude plays multiple sports and is a one of a kind Generational ATHLETE. Simply put if K’neal is avail at 26, it’s our BEST value and easily BPA. Marvin right, Reggie left...
  17. I say we forget about Frank Clark entirely.... I simply do not trust his character.... and instead keep an eye on Brian Burns on Draft Day. If Burns makes it down to the Redskins.... offer them #26, #59 and #135 (4th rd comp) and see if they'll bite. It's an equitable deal..... http://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value-Chart.asp?RequestTeam=ind
  18. I apologize didn’t realize this since ALL reports were very confused at the $$ given? If your reports are true wonder why never reported once news of deal came about? Time will tell but got to admit the excitement level on Funchess signing just went up 1 notch.
  19. It’s sad really. He can do all these good deeds but they will always get over shadowed by the media for people like hill for beating kids or brown being a drama queen on the internet.
  20. I asked myself if Funchess had a market before CB & Staff came calling. I came to the conclusion he certainly did. Ballard signed him on the first day of FA. This from a GM who likes to wait for value after the draft has settled . Ballard stated they offered him a two and three yr. contract, his choice, but he wanted the one year deal so that is why they went with the 1yr. contract. It looks like he had a market and Ballard moved quickly to give him the contract he wanted. Day 1.
  21. Today’s NFL is about stopping the pass and less about stopping the run. So with the 26th pick, what is OUR best value pick in today’s NFL per this Colts Team? DL - No thanks, 1st rd is a 3 down diff maker not a run stuffer. Safety - No thanks, a SS in today’s game is a 3-5 rd pick mainly due to their lack of athleticism in pass coverage and a change in today’s game (Throwing league). CB - No thanks, the Colts play a zone scheme and no reason for 1st rd talent here. Julian Love could be an All Pro in this system in the 2nd rd. Edge - No Value this late in 1st rd. RB - Were not a rb away from hoisting the Lombardi, pass on any Alabama rb. (See history) LB/OL/QB - Later rds better value. This leaves one position that CB and Staff has failed to realize, WR! How many 3-outs does it take? Minus TY, Colts have a bunch of Misfits at the position and a bunch of fan hopefuls. Marvin/Reggie and TY/insert name here? Funchess is a Ebron clone, Cane is coming back from ACL (Takes 2 yrs), and nobody’s! The BEST value for this Colts team at 26 is a game changer WR to go along with TY. These for sure Game Changer WR’s don’t normally fall to 26 so take full advantage. Go watch the Chiefs game and ask yourself if we had another playmaker outside TY on the other side?
  22. This ^^^^ If Ballard is going to make a high-impact move with our #26 pick to acquire an EDGE guy.... then let it be for Brian Burns in the 10-15 range if he's there and we can work something out. But between his DV history, Seattle's 1st round demand and the contract he will want..... I'd avoid Frank Clark like the plague.
  23. It scares me seeing all those DT's ranked so high. I am really hoping for that position at either 26 or 34. That was the missing piece during the Manning years. I don't want to go through that again.
  24. I'm sure you're right.... that they use the same grading system. But I wonder if they should be? Let me see if I can elaborate.... On the NFL level... it's the best vs. the best. Grown man vs. grown man. Every game carries equal weight. I believe the scores a player gets vs Arizona are just as important as the grades they get vs. New England. That's my understanding. On the college level, I believe it's the same. The grades a Stanford player gets in a game vs. Notre Dame counts just the same as a game vs an opponent that might go 1-11. All the same. But should it be? On the college level, teams have a handful of top level games.... but they also play a number of cup cakes. And the competition level is highly inferior. So a good player on the college level can pad grades, get great grades vs a highly inferior opponent. I suspect that happens a lot. Does PFF make any allowances for the difference in the quality of opponents? If Player A plays in the SEC and Player B plays in a very weak conference (you choose) and they have the same grade at the end of the year --- should they? Do they adjust for the difficulty of schedule? I often wonder. When I see players from smaller schools have high grades, I confess to wondering if that's an appropriate grade? A lot of what I've written is just Thinking Out Loud... Perhaps someone will chime in with new information? But they've got so many question marks for me on this list, and do every year they'v made a college list, that I'm left to scratch my head.... p.s. -- I think you alluded to an important point. Grading a college player on PRODUCTION vs PROJECTION. What you HAVE done vs. what you MIGHT do. That's a very difficult aspect and I suspect is often the difference between a good choice and a bust....
  25. Ask yourself if Funchess had a market before CB & Staff came calling? Labeled a bust due to an incompetent QB and/or system, value is in the toilet! Said player is set to be eaten alive and has no leg to stand on.
  26. If the Colts see Dillard as their future LT then I wouldn't mind this pick at all. Either way, we lack quality depth at the tackle spot. If Costanzo or Smith goes down, I don't feel very optimistic about the backups that we currently have.
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