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  2. Really? So every head coach in the league has a QB who either gets wins or don't. The QB does not do anything without a team around him. If it has to be explained to you about team depth and the talent level drop off then I suggest taking a course in football 101. All you want to do at this point is argue. No thanks, there is nothing more to say that hasn't already been said too many times.
  3. i was talking about this one, but yeah my memory was a little off. not technically a drop or pick six, but it was a bad fumble/catch and lead to a TD right after
  4. Don’t think we need Reagor. How many 5’11” speedster type of receivers do we need?
  5. I’m a fan of Gallimore but he’s more of a 1-tech. If you have us taking a 3-tech in FA like Hargrave then that’s fine. But if not I’d take Jordan Elliot or Ross Blacklock over Gallimore.
  6. Sure was, how could I have forgotten?? 'Andrew Luck didn’t have much luck when his short pass deflected off the hands of Colts running back Marlon Mack and safety Jamal Adams before making a soft landing in the hands of cornerback Morris Claiborne. The Jets had a 17-yard pick-6 . . . 12 seconds into Sunday’s game. “It gave us a boost,” Claiborne said of his first NFL interception return for a touchdown and the fastest score by the defense in franchise history.' https://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/jets-colts-1.21960309
  7. If Brown or Kinlaw are there at #13, you take them.
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  9. This will be a mock before the combine to give us a solid draft to put us in playoff contention. There will be no trades in this mock. Round 1.) Jordan Love QB- We get our franchise QB and give him a chance to start right away. Hopefully he is our franchise QB for the next 15 years. Round 2a.) Brandon Aiyuk WR- Absolutely love this kid. He's the WR version of Kenny Moore, if that makes any sense. Seems like a Ballard pick. Round 2b.) Neville Gallimore DT- Excellent DT that can start right away and fill a huge need. Will immediately upgrade the D-Line on day 1. Round 3.) Damon Arnette CB- May or may not be there, but has potential to be a shutdown corner in the NFL IMO. Round 4.) Harrison Bryant TE- My personal favorite TE in the draft. Great replacement for Ebron as a fantastic receiver. Round 5.) Kenny Cooper C- Excellent backup to Ryan Kelly that can be competent if needed to start during the year. Round 6a.) Drew Richmond OT- More depth at O-Lineman as our depth is weak behind the starting 5. Should make the team. Round 6b.) Joshua Kelley RB- He'd be a good player to possibly form an RB duo with Mack. Had a solid Senior Bowl Round 7.) Gabriel Davis WR- I can see a few WR's falling in this deep class. We double-down and take Davis with our last pick. Let me know what you think in the comments below!
  10. Well if not this year then when. We need qb as soon as possible if we want to compete against Mahomes in January
  11. Yeah, other than Herbert I don't like any of the other QBs enough to take them at 13, so I'm starting to feel I'll be in the camp that would like to see someone like Bridgewater, Rivers, or Carr in a Colts uniform next season. Then we can draft a QB in the second round or later or continue to develop Kelly if we think he can be the guy one day. It's not really my "ideal" offseason persay, but I think it's my top choice right now. I don't want Love at 13 and Herbert will probably be gone. I just think we have enough holes that we can still get better this season and not have our franchise QB in place. I'm not talking about waiting for one to magically show up, I just don't think he's going to be sitting there available at 13 this year. I'd love to be wrong, though. I have no idea what Ballard and Co. are thinking, but as a fan, going for a QB in FA and adding some talent to the roster would keep me content with the team for another season.
  12. I'm down with Kinlaw as the first pick. Love in round 2 wouldn't be bad but IDK if he makes it that far simply because too many teams need QB's and will be reaching. Reagor would help immediately. I don't know enough about some of the FA's to comment on them. Would rather have Ngakoue or Armstead than Clowney, but he would definitely help. Like the resignings except I don't think we need Geathers anymore, either that or restructure his deal and tell him he's coming off the bench.
  13. Love probably won't be there at 34. I'M hoping constanzo comes back so we can focus on dl, we, and qb if we decide to go that direction
  14. If Kelly was the guy it would be a good thing as we could draft defense and wrs
  15. It's amazing how second-half appearances in the preseason has made Chad Kelly a starting quarterback in the NFL. If Kelly was so good he would have played against Miami last year. Can people stop crying for him to play
  16. he was playing hurt this season so idk. I think Brady still has another run left in him.
  17. Cap Space according to spotrac: 86M Resign: Anthony Castonzo - 2 years/ 30M Clayton Geathers 1 year / 3M Joe Haeg - 3 years/ 6M La'Raven Clark - 1year/ 2M Cap Space: 64M Free Agents: Jadaveon Clowney - 4 years/ 80M DJ Reader 4 years/ 50M Kendrick Bourne - 1year/ 3M Jacob Hollister - 2 years/ 8M Cap Space: 24.5M On The Clock Mock Draft: This is how the Board fell R1P13 - Javon Kinlaw R2P2 - Jordon Love R2P12 - Isaiah Wilson R3P11 - Jalen Reagor R4P16 - Antonio Gandy-Golden R5P14 - AJ Green R6P14 - Kendall Coleman R6P32 - Dalton Keene R7P13 - A Kicker Colts 2 Deep QB - Brissett, Love RB - Mack, Hines WR1 - Hilton, Bourne WR2 - Reagor, Gandy-Golden TE1 - Doyle, Ali-Cox TE2 - Holister, Keene LT - Castonzo, Wilson LG - Nelson, Eldenkamp C - Kelly, Patterson RG - Glowinski, Haeg RT - Smith, Clark DE - Clowney, Turay DT - Kinlaw, Autry DT - Reader, Hunt DE - Houston, Banagu/Muhammed LB - Leonard, Speed LB - Walker , Okereke LB - Adams, Franklin CB - Desir, Wilson CB - Moore, Green S - Hooker, Odum S - Willis, Geathers CB - Ya-Sin, Tell K - 7th Round Pick with massive watermelons P - Sanchez
  18. I saw an article of 10 teams that would be a good fit and they listed the Texans. What could they possibly trade? Their 3rd rounder and a trip to the Houston Rodeo?
  19. Why? Philip Rivers, who cant scramble, and no arm is going to take this team further than JB or Teddy Bridgewater? What makes you think that?
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