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  2. 1. Cardinals - Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma (boooo) 2. 49ers - Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio St 3. Redskins (trade from Jets) - Quinnen Williams, DL, Alabama 4. Raiders - Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky 5. Buccaneers - Devin White, ILB, LSU 6. Giants - Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio St 7. Jaguars - Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida 8. Lions - Byron Murphy, CB, Washington 9. Bills - Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama 10. Broncos - D.K. Metcalf, WR, Mississippi Early story of the draft: the incredible falling Ed Oliver!
  3. Is he #Team2Pac or #TeamBiggie? He might be playing on the West Coast. This is important.
  4. I'd blame it as much on cr@ppy coaches too. Aside from Dungy, our coaching history in Indy sucked. Mora had like one good year. Not just talking about the Manning days. Even Dungy's playoff record sucked, but he had 12 or more wins in 6 of 7 seasons.
  5. Total non issue in my eyes. NFL players spout off their opinions all the time. Bosa has his right to do the same. None of his posts seem all that bad? You're drafting a football player, he's not a politician. If the 49ers aren't going to draft him at #2 then he will for sure go #3.
  6. No way to tell really. We'll see if he makes it through TC and the preseason. If his problem has been not having pro-style background and training, then that dust up over the oline coach should play to Clark's benefit. I think the guy we fired was viewed as more of a motivator than a teacher, and maybe Clark has always needed a bit more teaching than what he's received and will get it going forward.
  7. After the top two in White and Bush there is a steep cliff. Germaine Pratt is a good second day guy, but overall the LB class this year has been called extremely poor.
  8. So.... remember 3-4 weeks back, there was that rumor of Nick Bosa having very controversial posts on his social media accounts? We looked at it, and didn't see any NFL reaction and most of us dismissed. I think I called it a Big Fat Nothing Burger. Well... hold on... I'm driving around and turn on NFL radio and that's what they're talking about. Bosa has now deleted his Social Media accounts and said he's done with it because it's just not worth it. I come home and search the internet. And there are stories. It appears Nick is going to SF.... that would be liberal San Francisco.... his viewpoints would NOT be popular. So, he's deleted them and closed up shop. https://www.sfgate.com/49ers/article/Nick-Bosa-49ers-Trump-tweets-Kaepernick-Beyonce-13757882.php Looks like he had views on Trump, Kaepernick, and Beyonce among things....
  9. If it’s his agent, it won’t matter because every team who was looking at him has had experts look very close at all his tests and likely retested him again. The experts will know the issues regardless of what a floated report says, only the fans will be forced to think everything is good because of it.
  10. Dodgers up 1-0 in the Top of the 8th. No offense today from us. Someone has to step up and be a hero today. Pirates lost again so they fall to 12-11. If we lose, still tied with them.
  11. LB is the least of my worries this draft nut wouldn't mind Coney in late rounds.
  12. Ellis was was aight....the other two meh. You can rattle off skill players left and right with one fricken SB to show for it. Cause we were the greatest show on turf during the season. And down right horrible in playoffs, especially outdoors
  13. I would be happy to....if I did know. However, I would PM you, rather than post it and ruin it for those who don't want to know as soon as possible.
  14. Cards-Kyler Murray 49ers-Nick Bosa TRADE! Redskins-Dwayne Haskins Raiders-Quinnen Williams Bucs-Devin White Giants-Josh Allen Jags-D.K Metcalf Lions-Rashan Gary TRADE! Bengals-Drew Lock Broncos-Devin Bush
  15. in the last 40 years... moala in the 2nd in 2009, Tripplett in the 2nd in 2002, Ellis Johson in the 1st in 1995
  16. 1. Cardinals: Kyler Murray 2. 49ers: Joey Bosa 3. Jets: Quinnen Williams 4. Raiders: Josh Allen 5. Redskins: Dwayne Haskins (trade with Bucs) 6. Giants: Devin White 7. Jaguars: T J Hockenson 8. Panthers: Jawaan Taylor 9. Bengals: Jonah Williams 10. Broncos: Drew Lock No Michigan Wolverine in Top 10. Ed Oliver out of Top 10.
  17. A sincere thanks for thinking of me, and making the offer. But I've been running around all day and about to get some sleep BEFORE the draft starts... Yup.... I'm taking a nap! Besides, I'm terrible at this stuff.... terrible... I think I can judge talent, and I think I can judge talent evaluators, but trying to guess which teams will draft which player is not in my skill set...
  18. I’m not so quick to write Clark off. Motivation, learning curve or just not quite talented enough to become a starting LT in this league are all possibilities but overcoming the Texas Tech scheme into an NFL scheme just might be a lot of overcoming. He has played some and at times he looked like the part and at other times looked very slow but reps and confidence are needed for success. If Mudd can build him up and likes him, he will succeed, here or somewhere next year. It would be nice if we could get a solid enough back up behind AC and Smith if needed for this season if not beyond. If Mudd doesn’t like him, he won’t be here to start the season.
  19. 1. Murray, Cards 2. Bosa, 49ers 3. Allen, Jets 4. Q. Williams, Raiders 5. Oliver, Bucs 6. J. Williams , Giants 7. J. Taylor , Jags 8. D.White , Lions 9. Haskins , Redskins (trade) 10. Bush , Broncos
  20. I agree with the others I think it’ll be Murray.
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