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  2. Dungy Reich Marchibroda In that order. Reich has been blessing in disguise for this team since Benedict McDaniels back out.
  3. Every week JB has done what has been asked of him. Take care of the ball - check, hand it off to Mack Check, Houston stacking the box, "Throw the Damn Ball" - check. We hadn't even come close to seeing this Kids ceiling. I am very excited to see the next step!
  4. Literally the EXACT same spiel was said about Collins.... I imagine you were a strong advocate for him too? Some players just aren't good despite their talent.
  5. I would love having Derrick Brown and CeeDee Lamb as the Colts first 2 picks. I highly doubt Lamb will make it out of the 1st round though. And no way is Joe Burrow going in the 3rd round.
  6. I thought you meant the original thread. I just meant that I trust CB is smarter than the 1990 Colts. He certainly appears so. The original poster mentioned Hinton. The Colts traded Hinton when he was All Pro.
  7. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually prefer Brissett, at least right now, over Luck at QB. Brissett seems to be the better leader, is more passionate about the game and his teammates, and is playing smart football by not turning the ball over. Something Luck would do on occasion. Things would get interesting if Luck decided to come back next year, and we just came off a year where Brissett had very good stats and got us in the playoffs. I'd almost prefer considering getting a ransom for Luck at that point via trade.
  8. Jets will ask for no less than a 3rd round pick for him. Wait until he hits free agency.
  9. Didn't you guys say DK Metcalf would go 1st round last year and where did he end up? Same with AJ Brown. You guys overdraft WR's all the time thinking they're going to go in the 1st round. The only WRs I can see going in the first round are Jeudy and Shenault. The expression of Maniac in my photo says it all about your replies.
  10. Wow. Wish Vinetari hadn't had that crappy game against the Chargers. We really should be 5-1. We sucked in all phases in the Raider game so must own that one. I think 12-4 is realistic.
  11. Gross Matos is a second round talent. Derrick Brown is a mid to late first round pick. Terrell is also has a second round grade as well as Lamb. Why don't you do your research.
  12. While I do agree with you lets not forget Andrew Luck played with this injury on his throwing shoulder for a solid portion of a season.
  13. Plenty of other threads discussing this. Closing
  14. Mora was a lot like Meyer IMO, fiery and was ok as coach. Mora was actually 32-32 as Colts headcoach but thanks for posting those numbers
  15. Irsay is a fool. Supposed he came back played two seasons and retired again. With Brissett traded we'd be in trouble then. Also Brissett is younger so we should get more years out of him than we would from Luck.
  16. Brissett proved a lot of doubters wrong this week. I think he's the guy. He's not Andrew Luck, but he's pretty smart between the ears as well. He doesn't turn the ball over and he doesn't push the ball into tight spots when he doesn't need to.
  17. Carolina is beatable. Just limit Christian m. We have to out physical the saints. Funchess should return versus texans on the road. Jacksonville could be easier with no ramsey
  18. Yeah I noticed that, It did seem like Peyton was the coach in 2009 .
  19. He needs to show in a full season what he can do especially against superior teams later in the season. Getting a win in Pittsburgh isnt as hard in the past but if he can pull that off I will be even more impressed
  20. He was the QB from moment one in my world.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Doth the ursadae deficate amidst the arborland?
  23. That's why I combined Caldwell and peyton. Lol
  24. An excellent read, I have my copy proudly shelved in my bookcase
  25. Hope there's more than you there or the attendance will be one. Lol!
  26. But you just wait till a team shuts down the Colts running game and he has to throw the ball to move the chains! Well.......er........um, nevermind. I uh,....guess he did that......
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