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  2. Lol I will not have this delicacy ever after KC game I trust them more
  3. KC fans were disrespecting us too. Some Colts fans in here said JB was trash basically and wanted couch crasher Chad Kelly as their QB . It is what it is. I am glad we have the GM, Coach, and QB we have. So far so good.
  4. Coaching, we have the best Coach in the division and it really isn't close.
  5. There is a new Sheriff in the South and his name is Jacoby Brissett
  6. Something about the colts brings out other teams undisciplined play.
  7. Mahomes may actually benefit long term being forced to become a more complete pocket passer. And honestly I wouldn't count on him wearing a big knew brace. If it was just a dislocated knee cap, and he heals well, it'll likely be just a sleeve per what I read. Ravens lost a close one on the road to a complete KC. We beat a very depleted KC in a close one. The logic fails.
  8. Yeah as of now we're a lite version of the patriots. Once we get some more talent through the draft and our young studs hit their prime, we'll be unstoppable.
  9. Ryan Tannehill has thrown for over 300 yards today. With that titans defense he might get that team going again.
  10. I was going more on we just beat Houston and KC. Ravens lost to KC. The chiefs are all Mahomes. If he does come back he isn’t going to be as effective with that big knee brace on. They have a couple hard games coming up.
  11. I agree to an extent, but JB also needs to decrease his time-to-throw (he's bottom 5) and make it easier on the OL in general. I think that will improve as he builds confidence and chemistry.
  12. This was a great win, and we did it without some key guys... The only thing I will say is we really benefitted from their undisciplined play. Same goes for the Chiefs. We won’t always get bailed out by flags, not that it was the only reason we won. It did help though.
  13. I think you have to give credit to the Texans dline. They are very good. LOL TY talking smack.
  14. Baltimore, 4-2, being tied on the road with a 5-1 Seattle doesn't scream Baltimore is worse than the Colts. Record wise, we're tied for 4th right now. We also still have to go to Houston, so it's a little early to crown ourselves AFCS favorites. Oakland is only one game behind us, and owns the tie breaker after beating us in Indy, so that's a bit of a threat too. If you're talking about record alone, KC is still better. If you're talking about current ability, we're better as long as Mahomes is out. When Mahomes comes back and all his WRs are healthy, that's another question entirely.
  15. This team feels like we could have a guy show up depending on scheme. Zach took advantage of his reps today and looked good doing it.
  16. Rogers had a beautiful catch today. If pascal keeps this up it’s only going to help TY and make us that much better when DF comes back. He has been big since the Atlanta game.
  17. Great win. Texans fans were straight up disrespecting us (still are, saying refs gave us the game somehow). If JB continues to grow and the defense sticks with their ability to get serious pressure rushing four, we have a real shot at going deep in the playoffs. I said before the season after Luck retired that we’d go 9-7. Double digit wins are a very real possibility at this point which is all the more impressive and speaks volumes about Reich. Really looking at that Chargers game wishing we had that one back now.
  18. I actually don’t think our pass pro is all that great, mainly on the right side. Glow’s had kind of a rough season and Smith struggles at times.
  19. With the Mahomes injury I think there is a argument that can be made now the colts are the second best team in the AFC.
  20. Huge statement today. Texans came in as one of the best in third down. They were 4-12. Also one of the best red zone teams. Defense played so well.
  21. I am so happy with this team. They are built to win so many different ways. They can win balanced, with the run, or the pass. The D can stop the run and play the pass. Of course they're not perfect but this young team has me fired up.
  22. So the ravens are tied with Seattle right now. I think with the injury to Mahomes the colts are the second best team in the AFC. How can you say any different when we beat Houston and KC.
  23. He's currently sitting 4th in total yards, and 2nd in TDs (for the week). Rogers threw for 429 and 5 TDs. http://www.espn.com/nfl/weekly/leaders
  24. Thanks but you don't have to be smart. Some people let the low yardage numbers cloud their thinking. He's going to have more games where he is closer to 200 yards, or below, when the Colts are dominating on the ground. That won't mean Brissett has "regressed". It will only mean the offense is taking what the defense gives them. Luck threw for less than 200 yards 18 times. In those 18 games the Colts were 12-6. Luck threw for over 300 yards 35 times. In those games the Colts were 18-17. Less than 200 doesn't automatically mean poor performance and losing. And over 300 doesn't automatically mean good performance and winning.
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