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  2. DK is hard to evaluate because of several things. He's a rare mix of speed and size. He had two of his three seasons cut very short because of injury. and.. He was a part of one of the best WR units in CFB (Brown, DKM, and Lodge). IMO, his development was stifled not only because of the injury, but also because of having Lodge and Brown on the same team. He was asked to an extent to be a one trick pony (the long ball guy) on a team with two other studs. Lodge at Z, and Brown as a slot bully. DK only played in half the games his last year, and IIRC lead both Brown and Lodge. Even in playing only half the games, he still had 5 TDs, while Brown had 6 total for the year, and Lodge 4. I think he'll polish his route running, which will make him more well rounded. All that can be taught. For a team that wants a pure vertical threat, not sure there is a better one in the draft. I'd be more concerned about his injury history than anything. Can't remember the situation with the foot and neck, but just having two season injuries in 3 years is enough for pause. Taking a WR for us this year is dumb? Or taking a WR in the 1st anytime is dumb? Personally I don't want a WR at 26, but it's because of I think "need" plus probably talent available means we take an iDL. I'm not in anyway pure-WR in the first averse however. To me, you draft high dollar guys early to take advantage of the 4 year rookie contract, and/or 5th year option. WR is a high dollar position. If the need matches BPA, I'm happy to have a WR in the 1st. LB and S are the only two positions I think are devalued these days so much that I would not want to take in the 1st. And even in the right situation, I'd take those positions too.
  3. I think I need to celebrate. The Reds actually won tonight. I looked yesterday and they had to third lowest ERA in the NL. Last place. I do think the offense will wake up, but I fear they will be too far back from St Louis and Milwaukeeand probably Chicago. There pitching has been prisitine recently.
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  5. I voted Jacobs. Based on all the big boards and ratings, I don't think there is a RB or S worth a first round pick. So those are the only positions I really don't want at 26. I don't like DK, but it's probably moot as I doubt he's there at 26. I don't like Baker either. I'd be fine with Williams, Brown, Fant, or Butler, but I think we'll go iDL regardless.
  6. Since watching his training videos I now understand why Ballard drafted this guy.
  7. I think the bolded is spot on. the talking heads for the most part aren't doing the work. they're relying on other talking heads, the "buzz", surface stats, etc.. Teams are digging into the nitty gritty. A few sites, mostly fantasy and year around groups, do some good work too, but it's more pure data than fit for scheme, fit for team, fit for need, outlier manipulation, etc.. Being a ND fan, I hated one of the DCs we had who always had a very rigid measurement fit/requirement for positions. ND passed on several kids that wanted to be Irish, that went on to be elite players somewhere else...., all because they were an inch too short, their arms not quite long enough, or didn't have certain characteristic. Drove me nuts. Glad he's gone. To have favorites is human. I'm sure most in that room have their heart set on one guy or another. Their all paid to do a job though, and that's why they have their board and decision matrix lined out. I just wonder how many situations arise that they haven't thought of, or planned for, and how they react to those. I guarantee they're not giving away the secret sauce in any fan video. Ballard hired several data geeks, and I'm sure they have SQL database with all kinds of data points and weights built in. I don't think Ballard is "machine" driven, but I think he has a method of evaluation, and uses his tools to make things as clear and simple as possible to help keep him and his team stay on mission.
  8. I was joking with my wife that I'm making plans to go the our first game at the LA Chargers. I wasn't too serious, thinking they will be playing in the LA Coliseum which I heard parking is atrocious. Upon further review, I see the are playing in a temp location called ROKit Field in Carson, 30,000 capacity, until there new stadium is finished in 2020. I'm thinking with that size, no seat should be too far away and prices seam reasonable. Plus factoring going to Universal Studios to get that off my bucket list. Finally my favorite baseball the SF Giants is playing the Dodgers that weekend. I thinking about going with my wife of course. Giants/Dodgers on Friday, 6 Sept, Universal Studios, 7 Sept, and Climax with the Colts/Chargers, 8 Sept. The Giants are struggling right now but it is a long season and when the won 3 World Series in 5 years, the were never the favorite going in. On another thought about our 3 prime time games, I thought we should have had 5 like the other top clubs of the year. It was mentioned elsewhere and I agree, having all 3 prime time games as away games is not fair to show the country the positive energy Indianapolis has with the home games, IMO.
  9. Please lord no WR or RB in the first. Don’t care who they are. Give me dline or online or strong safety. I’m good with a MLB if he’s BPA.
  10. As long as you continue to debate. He wins. Just stop. I really appreciate your input Even if o don’t always agree. We can have a intellectual debate. Unlike what your up against I have blocked his nonsense and am happier for that. I want good debate not mindless arguments keep posting. Love reading your input!
  11. I've seen Gary dropping a bit in a few mocks, but I don't see him dropping to 26. It would be tempting to take him if he did, even if you don't think Edge is a top 3 need. I love Abrams as a run stopper, just a lot of concerns on his coverage ability due to the scheme he was in. I'm still partial to a few all-around guys like Thorn, Savage, and CJG. As far as CB is concerned, I really like Jordan Brown in the later rounds. Check him out. I definitely think he's one of the hidden gem guys.
  12. yup i know. it's typically pretty easy to post fact/links proving him wrong though lol.
  13. Crazycolt1, Once again, you are embarrassing yourself. ????????????
  14. Do not get rid of them before you talk to me first!!!
  15. DK is my number one receiver in this draft with his teammate AJ Brown right behind him. I think the testing is being blown out of proportion. We've seen receivers with similar numbers have success in the NFL without the size and speed that Metcalf has. I've seen enough tape to believe he can be one of the best receivers in the NFL with the right coaching. I'm much more concerned about the injuries. I'm not going to criticize him for a lack of production when his quarterback was indecisive, the offensive line was horrible, and the overall offense was bad. There were plenty of times where he would run a comeback or slant and be open, but the offensive line forced Ta'amu out of the pocket or got him sacked. Don't think the Colts would take him at 26 though. I would.
  16. You wouldn’t be drafting him to run shallow cross, digs, comebacks, etc... You’re drafting him to run posts, Fades, outs, etc.. AJ Green doesn’t always run complex routes But again, the question will be how he handles press coverage on those reps. Plus I think he’ll need to go somewhere that has a strong number 2 who can play underneath. Imagine if Pittsburgh got him.
  17. The odds of that imaginary conversation having happened is between slim and none.
  18. To the bolded - my thoughts would have been not much because I wouldn't have cared. Metcalf clearly lacks some of the basic things that make a WR successful - suddenness, change of direction. If his only ability is to run in a straight line, how truly valuable could he be? The list I saw of WR's who had such low agility #'s was not distinguished at all. Dez Bryant was the most notable and he certainly had a good career. But you are getting into taking guys based on the exception and not the rule. I personally see him off the Colts board.
  19. Yes, I said as much earlier in this thread... "So Jon Gruden, Mike Mayock and possibly their Scouting director are sending the area scouts home for a little R&R and is not anything new. Jon did it in the 2000's with the Bucs, he's doing it again with the Raiders."
  20. What does Ballard do at pick 26 if the clear, highest rated player on the board is a WR?
  21. So we know what Ballard likes in his CBs -Tall -Fast -Take the ball away And after looking over the CB rankings from different sites, this draft is filled with them. There are tons of the prototype that Ballard looks for, and a lot of them are expected to go in the 1st 3 rounds. I know people are calling for D-Line early, but I’d expect a CB high, even the 1st round. The guys on this list are: Amani Oruwariye Lonnie Johnson Sean Bunting Jameel Dean Justin Layne Trayvon Mullen Isaiah Johnson And those are just early round guys. I know people like Murphy and Baker, but I think the other guys are better and more of a fit for what we want. Bucky Brooks said he had a few DB coaches tell him Lonnie will be the best CB in the class.
  22. Evans gave us 19....Myles had 13... Sabonis 12... But at the end of the game....who takes the shot. We don't have that guy We haven't scored 100 yet in the series 3 games to none....That's 'Dead Man's Curve' (and you don't come back from Dead Man's Curve)
  23. That's it...42% from the floor. We just cant make shots when we need 'em They can You're right.. We are what everybody said we are
  24. Just can't do enough offensively without Oladipo. Not surprising.
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