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  2. Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon say- " How come it didn't work on us? "
  3. **** ************ ********** ****** **** no (don’t worry mods, no profanity, I just felt like typing little asterisks)
  4. A lot of fans are high on him for nostalgic reasons, but he’s shown to have leadership skills in the dugout. He was everybody’s friend, but was not afraid to get in guys faces and be blunt when things were going wrong. Does he have what it takes to be a manager? Only time will tell I guess, although there are some successful managers in the MLB that have little experience.
  5. Then Smith becomes the “weak link”. With that said I expect the Colts to use that money to start signing guys like AC and TY. Ballard just doesn’t go after big name free agents and they just extended Glow last year so I think he’s the guy baring injury for the time being.
  6. I’m with you there: the Colts acquiring Eagles players hasn’t worked out well (Herremans, Cole and who can forget Hank “the hands” Baskett)? I still think Cain and Campbell will be worked into games during the year. Reich will find a way. And I think Rogers will break a PR this year. I’m glad Ballard didn’t go after players, though talented, might not fit for the Colts. When they consider players, they look at character. Pass
  7. Good question. Glad someone asked it. I was about to. Turns out, the next post, by East Street, had all the answers anyone could want. But I yours was still the right question to ask.
  8. And don't forget how pathetic Mcdaniels was as the rams offensive coordinator a few years back. Outside of ne he has really sucked. Glad we don't have him and have a good coach. I am starting to wonder," just how good is Frank Reich"?
  9. Now THIS is an excellent answer. Seriously good. All posters should read it, and then read it again. Very helpful. Good job.
  10. I mean, quite honestly, Kemoko Turay should be on that list considering he's only missed one game this season. He will bounce back and be a stud for this defense for 4-6 years, if not longer. He posted a 95 plus rating in week 1. It's amazing this defense didn't regress against the Texans without him. Hopefully that continues and Banagou continues to see time and improve his pass rush.
  11. If both Leonard and Turay stayed healthy they’d both be on this list also. Turay was definitely affecting the QB in the early part of this season.
  12. I have been very impressed with Brissett thus far. I thought we could win 10 or 11 games with him at qb(I had us at 13 with Luck). The defense is still capable of playing so much better. This is a solid team, with a lot of speed and smarts(that is a great combination) If Brissett can start hitting some down field throws this team will be even better because opponents won't be able stack the box.. This team has been fun to watch this year, let's keep it going!
  13. No doubt Leonard would be top 10 (most likely), if he played every game. Three elite players that have changed our team. Ballard deserves the benefit of the doubt going forward on every decision he makes.
  14. Keep in mind too, it was an ACL if memory serves me right, those can take 2 years to fully return
  15. The first 20 seconds of the video is what Belichick and co. do to players when joining the Patriots.
  16. Today
  17. No. Have you watched them at all this season?
  18. We don't need a head case on this team
  19. 1) Not gonna happen. 2) I am not sure there is a more tired message board phrase than "kick the tires."
  20. Call the Jets and see what they what for Rob Anderson or the Dolphins and Parker.
  21. LB is more than fine right now. Maniac is a stud. Walker is a decent compliment to Leonard. Okereke is liability vs the run, but he's fine situationally vs the pass and hopefully improves vs the run. Speed is a project, but he's got a good ceiling. We barely use a true SAM, so no need to upgrade Adams or Franklin.
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