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  2. One thing that is interesting about this game is both teams beat up a wounded KC team. Neither team has what you would call a great win. Texans s lost Carolina and only won by one point to the jags. As much as those wins against KC were great they were wounded. I think this is going to go a long way to show how good or average one of these teams are.
  3. Have you ever heard of the phrase "tale of two halves"? This team has played 5 football games and now we want to entertain the idea of moving on from players who haven't produced? Hunt more than earned the right to be part of this defensive line rotation. What happens if he plays exceptional through week 10-17 and rolls into the playoffs with a chip on his shoulder? This is like saying we are ready to move on from our rookie-third year players because they haven't quite produced like we want or need... Darius Leonard hasn't done squat this season, you ready to move on from him too? Let's pump the brakes.
  4. He was a good disrupter last year this year he has regressed big time and he is getting old time to move on after the season I think he isn't playing like he earned that 3 year deal. Another free agent/draft pick
  5. Where did you hear Dungy wanted Jones over Addai?
  6. Margus Hunt...has been "Moved on" from by this very fan base/board before. It's a dang good the Colts didn't because he helped cover some pretty glaring depth issues last year. He has lots of reps left in his playing days. Will it be here? Way too soon to make that judgement.
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  8. If the refs were doing a better job doing their job this would have never happened. So if this is really them responding to being upset about coaches second guessing their subjective calls then that is really childish. It's really pretty simple. Pass interference really isn't that subjective in most cases. As a ref - if you have to ask yourself: was that too much contact? - then it was. I don't think the rule says you can kind of mug a receiver before the ball arrives. I know there are other factors that go into the call: was the defender playing the ball, was it incidental contact, etc. But some of these non-calls are just horrible.
  9. I’m never gonna complain about my sports teams being unlucky ever again (at least as long as we win the WS). I want the Yankees. Houston’s starters can actually keep up with ours.
  10. I don't think his history or general body type suggests that he would hold up against the run very well. He plays NT for us. For tht reason, I think we should look for a better NT in the off season. I think last year he made some impact by penetrating the LOS for stops and sacks. Maybe getting Sheard back, who usually pushes the pocket, will take some heat off of Hunt in the interior as the play develops.
  11. I think he can be replaced next offseason. Hopefully with an impact NT in the early part of the draft.
  12. I said a variation of this in another thread. I watched Tyquan his whole time at Ohio State. He's not a guy who will "wow" with athletic ability. So I never understood the whole "add weight and make him a pass rusher on the inside" mentality. He was a decent pass rusher, in college, but at best he was going to be a strong side DE at this level. He can set/play the edge well, but as you said, he was never going to be a high profile guy on the outside. I still believe he could be a decent stop gap for Sheard if they decide to move on from him next year, but I'm not so sure that the team doesn't move on from Lewis first.
  13. Performance has been poor. His future will be based on his outcomes, which have not happened so far this year. He will take advantage of his limited role or not. Needs to make plays, I would settle for some batted down balls at this point. Good guy personally and in the locker room, but he will be gone if he doesn’t pick up his play.
  14. If your issue is, do we move on after a 16 game schedule, then why are you asking after the first five weeks? There are plenty of players who you don't want to make a judgement on after 5 weeks. We don't have to make a decision on anyone after 5 weeks. Lots of things can and will happen. Just relax and let things plays out as they will. 5 weeks is way too soon to decide anything about anyone. Seriously. Honestly.
  15. The whole DL was. That Raiders OL is no joke, and smaller interior guys like Hunt and Autry, were easily neutralized by that big OL. I think that's why we've seen Ballard bring in bigger DLineman these past 2 weeks. That's not really a knock on Hunt or Autry, but Grover is really by himself in trying to handle the interior during running situations because those other guys just aren't big enough.
  16. I've noticed Hunt make some good plays collapsing the offensive line
  17. It was one of the stampede blue podcasts. It’s clear that the coaches are not happy since his snaps have been drastically reduced. Raiders have a big oline so that does not surprise me.
  18. It would be a nice story if the Nationals won. The Nats replaced the Expos who I watched a lot when I was younger. I remember guys like Andres Gallaraga, Dennis Martinez, Tim Wallach, Hubie Brooks, Delino Deshields, and current Nats skipper Dave Martinez. (Gary Carter was an Expo but before I started watching baseball.) I would love to see the Nats win because of its connection to the Expos.
  19. oops i thought they were both DE's
  20. Do you remember the podcast? I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. If he was doing his job, he wouldn't have his defensive snap counts significantly reduced. Furthermore, his PFF grade is an abysmal 49.4. Hunt was absolutely destroyed in the Raiders game.
  21. Could simply be a case of 'no film on what they do' and as expected they've come back down to earth. Along with whoever they lost from last year through FA. Football is definitely weird nowadays. So many teams go up and down within a year or two. Minus NE of course. The KC shine seems to be fading slowly as well also.
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