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  2. I'm fine with 1st rd RB if he's a beast AND we don't already have a top 10 RB
  3. The only receiver I would consider at 26 or 34 is AJ Brown. I think he is the best receiver in this draft.
  4. The reporters laughed. Not a big deal.
  5. Yes, that is why I stated "Final 53" man roster. The only action he saw was in the post-season when he had that bad drop. I'm hoping that doesn't wreck his confidence and mentality. I think the guy has a lot of potential and can contribute to the team if he continues to develop and can overcome a pretty embarrassing moment in his first NFL action in front of a national playoff audience.
  6. I don’t believe anybody has him listed, but I could totally see the Colts taking Dalton Risner with one of their 2nd rounders. Character guy, can play tackle or guard.
  7. My understanding is that there actually IS a small amount of cartilage damage. And this may account for the recently reported knee stiffness. Not a good sign. Hoping the docs will clear him to be drafted in R’s 4-5. And I’m fine if he doesn’t play until 2020. That’s what I’m expecting no matter which team drafts him....
  8. both super bowl teams had a first round running back last year i dont think its going out of style at all, but it needs to be the right guy too. im not crazy about anyone in this draft class
  9. Hope he is better at catching passes than making jokes.
  10. So if Tyreek Hill is suspended or released, they are basically putting it all on Mahomes shoulders would you say?
  11. With the Colts under control for the foreseeable future with Ballard, I wonder if Peyton is happy to wait for Elway to hang them up?
  12. Small correction, Fountain was not on 53 man roster but on practice squad till end of season game or two.
  13. Yeah ... Glowinski would have to be knocked out of the starting lineup and he's pretty good.
  14. What I thought was interesting was the number of players we had in for visits by position group. This list for all teams was posted in another thread. ER led the way for us with 5 players. The majority of other teams had double digit visits and many others approaching 10. Next for us was LB,CB,TE,RB with 4 players each. OL had 3 and DT 2 and WR 1. This is supposed to be a good defensive draft especially DL players. We only brought in 7 DL players and 4LB. which is where the strength of the draft is supposed to be. There always seems to be a run on defensive players and this year should be no exception. If that holds up and we stay at 26 and Ballard stays true to BPA I think there is a strong probability our first three picks could be TE, RB, OL and maybe CB. Not what the experts are predicting. We like to use TE's. Coach wants to run the ball better and you can never have enough good OL. That is where the BPA could wind up. Of course anything could happen. The visits are not the be all to end all but they are important and I think are a clue to what positions teams are most interested in. Just my 2 cents for grins.
  15. we could have got something for BB and sabonis. that along with our pick would have been enough to move up pretty high. use that pick on a wing and we are probably better overall and younger.
  16. Maybe they did panic, but I assumed when they traded Ford that they were working on something. It could have been that they hoped to get someone in the draft, maybe they wanted Sweat but didn't like his medical, or something like that. Either way, I'm not sure the price is as drastic as we're making it seem; this is less than the Bears gave up for Mack. As for the guaranteed money, it's always overstated. End of the day, with rare exceptions (Mack and Donald, so far), the guaranteed money is contained in the first three years of the deal. As the cap and yearly averages increase, the three year guarantee goes up with it. But there's been no dramatic change in the way contracts are done. For the most part, even these big money contracts are 2-3 year deals, with team options after that. Even Kirk Cousins, everyone got excited because it was fully guaranteed, but every QB gets a three year guarantee, so the guaranteed money wasn't that big of a departure from the norm. The big difference is that it's only three years, so Cousins has just as much flexibility as the Vikings do, assuming he's still a commodity when his contract is up.
  17. I agree with you that Nelson was probably the 'safest' pick in last year's draft. However, there were a lot of 'experts' saying #6 is way too early for an interior lineman. The best part about Nelson (aside from him turning out to be a gem) is that Ballard was able to trade back and pick up other picks who turned out to be good players as rookies (well, he traded the 49th pick to drop back to 52, etc.... but still, his trades in last year's draft were impeccable). Aside from Cain, who shined in pre-season and got injured, everyone of the rookies was on the final 53 man roster. That is almost unheard of. I agree with most of what you said... however, what I see so far from Ballard is he really trusts his coaches and is no nonsense when he says he wants to build through the draft and won't overspend in FA. Grigson came in with a terrible roster and overpaid a bunch of high-profile FAs and wound up leaving the team in worse shape than when he found it (aside from Luck, but Luck was injured and missed a year anyway after Grigs left). Ballard, unlike many GMs, doesn't just say 'we're going to build through the draft and rely on our coaches to teach these young men how to play NFL football'... he actually is doing it and making smart offseason moves to supplement the young talent he's acquiring via draft.
  18. Today
  19. The media wanted him to trash Newton. At least that is what I got out of it.
  20. Considering he hasn’t played with Andrew yet, I don’t think he really had an answer and was just making a joke.
  21. I agree with the end, whoever we pick should be a starter, no doubt. My thought is you would move Smith back inside and have the heir apparent to LT. I have just been listening closely to what they have all been saying and it points to Tackle to me. I fully realize you never how this may all fall. I'm just speculating and having some fun at the moment.
  22. I'm not throwing out a name because I haven't spent that much time studying them. All I can ask for is one that can run good routes has good hands and work himself open when needed. Pretty much all the traits needed. It wouldn't make me mad if the Colts drafted T. J. Hockenson.
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