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  2. If a good OL falls into our laps at #26, Ballard will not hesitate to pull the trigger. Need quality players on the roster, regardless of position. Grigson got in trouble when he would reach for need, see Bjorn Werner
  3. Did you post it in here? If you did, you might check your attachments on here and see if it’s still there?
  4. I really like this group, with one exception. I would move Simmons out and put AJ Brown in his place. If Simmons is there at 34, that’s the time to grab him. Reduces some of the risk by not blowing a #1 Pick on an injured player who doesn’t come back 100%. I think he’ll be there at 34. And this team needs playmakers at WR. Brown would be a perfect and impactful fit.
  5. we assume Peyton wants to be a GM anywhere..has he ever even hinted at that?
  6. I think he made the right choice....to be GM... 2 Super Bowls and the franchise is in top shape The Bowlen family is always going to run the Broncos..(for the forseeable future) much like the Halas family with the Bears. They're not even half talking about selling any kind of serious control. ..a minority stake of an NFL team is an investment but its not control
  7. Peyton isn't going to be GM of the Broncos..not ever …..I don't think he wants to be GM anywhere...
  8. Mostly true (except in rare cases like 2012). But I really meant we have no real glaring needs. Except for QB, we could truly go for BPA in the first three to five picks. Not that we’re loaded at every position but we’re certainly in real good shape.
  9. ..on the last year of his contract and he wants top pay. $12 to $14 mil He probably wont get that from the Broncos ..which means hes available for a No.1 pick. A certain Midwest team?
  10. We know Simmons is a blue chipper but is he in Ballard’s 8 players? Maybe the injury rules him out or not.
  11. Amazing shot.....37 feet? And he planned it.... I thought for sure hed drive on PG because Paul had 5 fouls.... But OKC was up 15.....How can you lose that? I feel bad for OKC..They are locked into that team. They cant make moves ..and in the end...it looks like all four of the top seeds in both conference advance to the quarterfinals. We need/needed home court
  12. Absolutely..Sabonis was our second leading scorer and leading rebounder. Cant plan for the future without him Sabonis…and .Myles, both 23..That's our next 5-10 years When Vic got hurt at the time he did..we had no options but to play it out.... But now we have a re-do chance..in fact..we have no choice but to re-do
  13. The last guy I would think would be involved in that. Just seems strange
  14. Interesting statement in bold. I think this is always the case. In the draft, there are many possible probabilistic trends but in reality no one has a clue what actual path the draft will take, in advance. The speculations in this forum are interesting, but like fairy tales or science fiction they are just entertaining stories. Sadly, some fans truly believe in these stories and they will be the ones disillusioned and critical after the draft.
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  16. In order, at 26 Burns Simmons Wilkins Ferrell Lawrence Tillery Abrams Lindstrom
  17. The thing with Metcalf, is he does help improve your running game, as you HAVE to keep your DBs on that side back a bit further, due his speed. The underneath routes to TEs or slants should also improve Im not for Metcalf, I hope that the late 2nd is used for Isabella, who can accomplish much of the same thing
  18. Gary is an enigma to me Very small (tiny) production from a 4 year player If you cant get production against College players..... how do you beat the Pros? I think he screams BUST in the NFL I hope we pass on him, if he makes it to us
  19. I would cheer for a week if we were able to pull this off I think Savage goes mid to late 2nd I also think that Campbell is a mid 3rd round WR
  20. For me personally, a 4.7 DOES hurt the draft stock on a good football player At 4.7 speed, you would have to leave Rapp in a SS box, only Some of the other Safeties can play Both box and deep Savage, Gardner, Thornhill, and even Abram can play both roles (Abram a little less) This gives your defense tremendous flexibility, and a different look (ALL of these 4 should be available with 34, or maybe 1 or 2, at 59) Rapp may fall to 3rd round.... I dont think anyone on this thread is actually asking for Rapp at 26.... right? (what the thread is started on) I think there will be a DL (or possible OT) fall to our spot, that is worthy of 26
  21. Absolutely. I hope the Vikings select him although that is not likely. Love realizes that teams have concerns and his stock has dropped a lot from this time last year. He wrote an article encouraging teams to consider drafting him. The Players Tribune: Bryce Love
  22. Right in Paul George's face too. Dropped a 50 piece game on um.
  23. Wilkins Ferrell DE Clemson Jacobs Hollywood Brown Lindstrom Burns Tillery Abrams
  24. The problem is we have only one left tackle and we go 1-5 when he's out. I can't see us being settled at that spot. I think we go OT with one of the first three picks.
  25. Hey guys, I attended the Colts tour in New Albany a few years ago. I got a selfie with AV (Overton was the other player there). Trying to find said pic on my computer but I am having a hard time. Anyone remember the year/month that this happened? If it helps, I remember it being roughly 11,000 degrees that day.
  26. I don't get it. Trade away Dee Ford, then trade for Frank Clark? And then hand him that contract. That seems like a lose-lose for the Chiefs.
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