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  2. Ahhhh.... another classic Irish post and I’m calling nonsense... again. Do you know who said we wouldn’t take a wide receiver in the early rounds? Almost nobody. Seriously. I’d guess Day Two was the most popular answer the vast majority of posters offered. The only raging debate was about round one. Period. There was considerable debate about round one. You and I especially. There were a handful of posters who guessed round four. But not many. Day two was by far the must popular answer. So unless you’re prepared to argue that rounds two and three aren’t early, your assertion is false. Completely.
  3. Good article. Ive already forgotten Josh McDaniels. Reich has the right stuff.
  4. McCoy > Suh if you're a Colts fan.
  5. Practice Squad guy at best.
  6. Once they sign Bobby Okereke and Gerald McCoy they'll officially own the 2019 offseason.
  7. Right now, I would be leaning more towards Chris Ballard. Luck can't win it all on his own and it's up to Chris Ballard to provide Luck with a Superbowl caliber roster.
  8. 1. Chargers 12-4 2. Colts 11-5 3. Patriots 10-6 4. Steelers 10-6 5. Chiefs 11-5 6. Browns 9-6-1 (couldn't decide on 9 or 10 wins) 1. Rams 12-4 2. Saints 12-4 3. Eagles 10-6 4. Packers 10-6 5. Bears 10-6 6. Cowboys 9-7
  9. My god he does have some long arms. My fav part was him talking about luck sAying “ leave that man alone” and saying how luck is dead serious and a different kind of person lol. He def looks to be having fun out there that’s for sure. If it’s true he wasn’t 100% out there last year the league better change the rules because it’s going to look like he’s playing with cheat codes out there.
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  11. You're entitled to any opinion you want, but in my 7 years here, you might be the first person I've seen blame Dungy.... Most blame Polian for focusing too much on offense and not nearly enough on defense. You had two HoF talents in Freeney and Mathis, but everyone else was just a nice complimentary piece. Even Bob Sanders only played in less than 50 percent of the possible games... The second person people blame is Peyton himself. As you know he had a very poor track record of playoff performances for 8 years leading up to his first Super Bowl. And the third person people blame... mostly on general principle and, well, just because, is Ryan Grigson! He's also responsible for the stock market crash of 1929 and the kidnapping of the Lindberg baby. But if you want to blame Dungy, you go right ahead.... have fun with that one!
  12. So, we're now determining that McCoy is wanted in Cleveland because a player gives a thumbs up to GM coming to the team? That's all it takes these days? Wake me when there's a little more smoke.... a little more substance...
  13. An idea, but then we'd have to push Lewis outside which basically means Gerri Green goes to the PS
  14. This would be a solid veteran signing. Though I would play him and Autry together and rotate in Hunt and Lewis followed by Stewart and Ward....
  15. I would love this signing for the Colts.
  16. Cubs lose. Nonsense Umps. When you are at home and a player check swings where it is close, you should get that call. Cubs got screwed but have to move on, it's only 1 game.
  17. This will be a nonsense loss, Cubs had a strike 3 call taken away from them in the 9th that would've ended the game. Now the Phillies hit a freakin 2 out HR in the 10th.
  18. Booger is my favorite INTERIOR lineman of all time!
  19. I'm not a big social media guy, but guessing obj's comment was not on twitter, but some other SM.
  20. Maybe not the kidney shot he took but he still took a heckova hit.
  21. Not sure if I see it happening unless they decide to kick Lewis back out to DE. We've got Autry, Lewis and Jihad Ward at 3 Tech. I guess you move Lewis to DE again and go with him, Turay, and Banogu as the edge rushers behind Houston and Sheard. Then you'd have Mccoy, Autry, and Ward on the inside at 3T. Not sure!
  22. True. A better throw wouldn’t have resulted in Luck being hit like that.
  23. We didn't address an interior disrupter in the draft. Maybe Ballard gambled on this happening? Either way, he should correct that problem now. Need to take that pocket apart from the inside. Imo, our current crop can't do that consistently.
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