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  2. Agreed! That said Cleveland has like $30M or soo too I believe. so I can easily see them making an offer that we need to beat. And I just don’t think it’s in Ballard’s dna yet to do that. And definitely not for a 31 yr old 3-tech where he seems to have a lot of faith in Autry/Lewis/Ward. I would do it but that’s why I’m not leading this team lol.
  3. Brady, Rodgers, Big Ben, etc.. would have been in trouble behind that line, and with our WR crew.... That's one reason I give JB more credit than most.
  4. There are times that he gets busy for a while. I'm hopeful we will see him soon.
  5. There you go again with your argumentative homer bias rants. Lol The Raiders acquired WR's Antonio Brown & Tyrell Williams.... T Trent Brown ... S Joyner plus 3 First Round picks DE Ferrell, best rated RB Josh Jacobs and S Abram!!! The Brownies added to a already stacked team the most talented WR OBJ..... Olivea Vernon... Sheldon Richardson... star RB Kareem Hunt and drafted possibly the best CB Greedy Williams. Jets added RB Leveon Bell.... CJ Mosley... twice pro bowler G Osmele and 3rd overalk pick DT Quin Williams. I'm not even going to mention pats moves/draft caus I hate them but it was good. It's not the end of the world(for colt fans) if in May the Colts didn't win the off season OR if Warner doesn't include Luck on his Top 5 list......unless of course the Colt fan is YOU!
  6. I have not heard from @Jay Kirk in a while. I was going to bring that up. He hasn't posted in about 3 weeks to my knowledge.
  7. Pat Beach a blast from the past. He was a good player. I always liked Bill Brooks too back in the days when we stunk even.
  8. Thanks but it's nothing to brag about. That was preceded by a sweep by the Marlins. How is our friend @Jay Kirk doing? He is missed around here.
  9. I loved Pat Beach. He lived above my grandma in an apartment complex in Carmel. Super cool guy. He would come fish with me behind their building
  10. I think Kurt is an all-time great but had he been on our 2017 team like Brissett was, he would've been in trouble. He was a statue in the pocket and our O.Line sucked.
  11. Yeah I can't debate that because he played here longer and put up huge numbers here much longer. Dickerson was my 1st favorite player here though.
  12. The talent on the team, the coaches that train them and the plays they call has a lot to do with the success of any QB. Bad offensive lines, bad coaching, can make most quarterbacks look bad. Sure a good QB can help carry the team, but, think about it. What kind of season would Tom Brady have had if he was on our team post Luck's injury, when our line sucked? It's all subjective. If Trent Green would have not broken his leg before the season started, for the Rams, with all of the weapons they had on that team, we probably would not have ever heard of Kurt Warner. So my point is Kurt had better be glad that he stepped in for Trent Green instead of having a team that Jacoby Brissett had to for Luck.
  13. I still wonder if we ever talked to Suh. 9.25 for one year seems really reasonable. I would given him that in a heartbeat. I'd happily give McCoy 10-12 a year for 2 years. Either one of these guys could have been, or could be signed with little to no impact to our fiscal situation.
  14. Loved ED. But Edge was the best back in the Indy era
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  16. Yeah Dickerson meant so much to this franchise, I loved him a lot more than Faulk.
  17. Yessir. I grew up watching Da Bears there in northern Indiana and it took until that trade to have me switch loyalties to the hometown team!

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Rehab Rehab Rehab. I loved her RIP.

  19. We stunk from 1984-1986, then the Dick came in 1987 and put us on the map in 1987. He was so great.
  20. I still remember the helmet to helmet hit in the hole with Singletary and a TD by ED with his facemask sideways and only looking thru his ear hole.... Halloween of 87 is when I became a Colts fan.
  21. That was just awesome! Something I will never forget. Too bad we benched him, I was wanting record numbers.
  22. There are several severe moments in our Indianapolis Colts history. Eric Dickerson on Halloween night was definitely one of them
  23. Even when we were down 7-0 I still thought we could win even without MVP . We didn't but that is how good we are right now. I have been spoiled with this team since 2015. Reds won't be easy starting tomorrow but we should win. Reds are much better this season than last.
  24. Sorry, been meaning to respond to this point with a reminder. One year ago, Ballard was talking about the 19 draft by raving about the DL class we all just saw get drafted. So, I personally wouldn't read too much into his observatin that the wide receiver class looks very good. Ballard almost passed over the entire DL class, and didn't address the OL class until R7. Even as late as the week of the draft, Ballard stated that the Colts would always pay close attention to both lines. Then he turned around and almost avoided them. As for next year's great WR class? Maybe we take one in R1? Maybe. Or maybe R2? Or R3? Maybe. But I also read his comment as a subtle message to players like TY and Funchess and Rodgers and the 27 other nameless, faceless WR's who are also on our roster. That they shouldn't price themselves off the roster next year when looking for their next contract. That they should played their best or they could easily be replaced. Ballard doesn't do anything with a heavy hand. But he's not above a little subtle messaging to those who might need a reminder.
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