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  2. No more than someone being convicted and imprisoned when it's obvious the police force engaged in improper procedure. I guess the issue here is that I can see the world outside my own head better than a lot of people. And I know a little more about physics than the average bear, simply from boredom clicks that turned into self directed study sessions. The idea that the balls were below PSI because the air was cold and cold air is denser and reduces air pressure, makes a lot more sense to me than some nefarious conspiracy, especially because the Colts' balls were also just barely under PSI, and we all know Andrew Luck doesn't cheat. The way I had it explained to me is the Patriots keep their balls at the low end of the allowed PSI limit at room temperature. Throw in a super cold January evening that was way below room temperature and the nefarious becomes the inevitable. That's why the Colts' balls were also low, because air cold enough to shrink a Patriots ball will shrink a Colts ball too. The reason that the Colts' balls had higher PSI is that they started higher -- Colts don't push the lower edge of the PSI limit. Also the Colts balls were tested later, after things had a chance to warm up and normalize If it was Manning or Luck being accused none of us would have been satisfied with the standard of "proof" on display. there might just barely be enough actual evidence to get the equipment people themselves on something, if you completely ignore the way temperature affects air pressure, but the evidence tying any of that directly back to Brady is practically nonexistent. They would have had a better reason to suspend either of Robert Kraft or Bill Belichick than Tom Brady. Both of them have more authority over the equipment personnel than the starting QB does
  3. I was going to respond to each point but it's not really worth it so I will just say, the fact that he was suspended and fined was not proof enough for you?
  4. I don't see anything that makes me expect him to be a very good T. He should continue to improve as he plays against a wide variety of players and learns their tendencies. But the smaller, faster rushers are likely to always give him considerable problems. You are probably right, he is a lifer with that "slow punch". Just no improving that! After watching him do a good job handling JJWatt, and you think his lower body is insufficient. chuckle
  5. I would back any player being successful in the NFL against what they did in college. Two different beasts. Leave him where he is....
  6. I think there was a chance Cain catches both those balls if there was no interference.
  7. Cain couldn't outrun Cover 3- https://imgur.com/2rowW5L but gets a P.I. call https://imgur.com/rM9w02g But hard to see from above pic, that T.Y. comes open on a deep dig route https://imgur.com/N1487MZ This is one I think experienced gunslinger QB's anticipates and makes. Fortunately Cain was mugged (the standard for P.I. these days, it seems) for the big gain.
  8. So Ebron is fine because he has more yards than Doyle? Good grief! Sorry, Ebron is KILLING us with his drops. It takes away from how defenses need to defend us. PC has been hurt or just catching easy targets so far. Not at all what Reich needs to stretch defenses. And Cain doesn't look to be reading and running his routes well, that is why they look off target. And he isn't fooling his defenders on the mid-range stuff, they stay right on him. Brissett was under a fair amount of pressure from Glow and Smith getting beat our first few games. So then we see more two TE sets and it is better. But that makes it tougher to get WR's open quick as it affects pick plays and the D isn't so spread out. Jacoby and his pass catchers have a lot of work to do to get better that is for sure.
  9. I had the NFL package for over 20 years. started out at roughly 200 dollars a year. It is now aproaching 350-400 dollars a year. I could not justify it in the end.
  10. I'd prefer Baltimore vs Seattle for the late game, but NO vs Chicago may be OK. I'll be pulling for New Orleans in that game. I think I'm pulling for Seattle in the Balt game.
  11. there is the crux, I agree 100% he is very strong in the upper body, but I disagree he's strong in the lower body... thus one of the main reasons why I think he would struggle inside. Combine that with his punch being slow coming out of his stance. Those are two items that are critical for a guard to be elite in the NFL. He does have good footwork and quickness in a short area. It's why I didn't list that as a possible weakness on the insde. I've never said anything about his quickness Your conclusion does not match the information you provided. He struggled against Bosa, I watched the Tenn game a few times on gamepass and Smith, regardless of the PFF grade, played a good game. And I didn't see anything yet that would make me think... he would be a great guard. To match him with a past colt, he reminds me a lot of Diem but a bit better athletically.
  12. Actually, Smith is quite powerful with his hands and lower body so there is no reason he couldn't be extremely good inside as a run blocker. And i would think that if his footwork and quickness is good enough to play RT, he would be as good or better inside at pass protecting. And if you have been watching, he is being used on occassion to pull left to make some very good blocks. He shows some quickness to do that well. Therefore, he would have a good chance to be a better G than Tackle. Our first 3 games Smith clearly was having all kinds of problems pass blocking, his PFF grades also showed this. When we are run heavy with 2 TE's, he and AC will always look better than they probably are.
  13. You would have looked flat, but I would have crumpled up in the fetal positions and hoped none of those boys tripped over me and I would have just hoped and wished to hear the whistle! You wouldn't rifle that out pattern. You'd lead him to the bourndary. Not a dangerous throw at all. Relatively decent percentage play IMO. Low risk, high reward IMO. But I can understand what you are saying. Look it's one play so it's no biggie in isolation, but it epitomizes what appears to be JBs shortcomings to me. There was no need to "play it safe" there. The non throw to Pascal is not dangerous and the non dump off is not dangerous. Maybe he'll get better.
  14. I bought the NFL package. Some of thr best money I spend.
  15. Maybe, but I think there's too many defenders underneath to rocket a bullet out there, and by the time Pascal looks for the ball his defender is on his tail and might contest the completion. The flat guy stops his drop only because JB comes off looking deep and focus on T.Y., before he pulls that back too. Depending where/when it is thrown, a pick is possible. The most elite QB's might make that play. We've already established JB7 isn't elite. And may never get there. Stitches sees it in motion and sees the risk. https://imgur.com/UFuZEOj I would have thrown to Mack much earlier, but I am just a 6 pack analyst. (thanks Charlie Weis!) Exactly, a game manager guy that takes care of the ball and lives to make the next play instead of giving the opponent the ball and momentum. We hope that improves playmaking ability as time passes. If he throws an interception there, then I agree. He only looked at Pascal until T.Y. crossed the middle of the field, then he looked to him. Now if someone would have said I wish JB7 would have looked Cain/Ebrons way at the snap, then turned to look at Pascal, I would nod in agreement. He did not. To me, Mack was the only throw to make. Not been swayed from that yet.
  16. I think Braden has improved quite a bit with the new scheme. I also think glow is just fine. There may be times when he struggles with a elite rusher but that’s when you give him help. Some rushers are elite for a reason and are hard to stop.
  17. Good question. I don't think anyone "tracks" that. The last two games though, the announcers have commented on open guys downfield (I've noticed too). I think it's fair to say that 1) we have plenty of speed, 2) JB has very few attempts downfield, and 3) Ds have been stacking the box and playing shallow. All that said, it would be very hard for me to believe our faster guys don't get open when running deep routes.
  18. Today
  19. Glow's contract was only 16Mish. And is only 4.2Mish guaranteed so it's not like a huge commitment on the team's part. It's a middle of the road / average salary for a starting RG, and would be very easy to part with. I just checked Glow's PFF rating. It's a pretty poor 57.6. So he's currently the lowest rated guy on the OL by a pretty decent margin. AC (85.1) / QN (90.9) / RK (66.9) / MG (57.6) / B.Smith (72.1) Here's PFF's scale 100-90 Elite 89-85 Pro Bowler 84-70 Starter 69-60 Backup 59-0 Replaceable
  20. How many times so far this year has Brissett not seen open receivers downfield? Or, about, on average per game, how many does he miss? We know that even good QBs miss seeing open receivers. How does Brissett's misses compare to what a good QB is allowed to miss?
  21. Daily fantasy PPR 100 player tournament: I like the SF-Washington match up, so for RB should I start Matt Breida or Tevin Coleman? Another choice is to have both and use one as flex. Any thoughts?
  22. I agree in general that rookie WRs need 2 years to really be productive. That's one reason why I have been critical of Chloe's remarks about drafting McLaurin instead of PC for example. That said, PC has been very competent so far and has caught 10 of 13 targets from JB. That's better than any other WR or TE not named TY. And while Ebron has drop issues, he still has more yards than Doyle on the same amount of targets (both have 20 targets). Cain has been a victim of some very bad passes/targets, so it's hard to really grade him. And it's not about Brissett forcing balls downfield. It's about him seeing open receivers when they are open downfield. And thus far he hasn't been all that good at it. And he doesn't have to throw a bunch downfield. He just needs to be successful enough so that teams respect the ability, and aren't able to stack the box, or have the DBs play shallow clogging up the short to intermediate lanes.
  23. This is a matter of experience and knowledge. Brissett is looking for "what is there". He needs to be aware of what possibilities will be "there" before the ball is snapped, and look to see which one (of maybe three) actually happens.
  24. Actually, I don't care about what the "experts" say even when they do agree with me. Of course, I picked comments, it would have been silly to just quote the entire thing again, you already did that. None of the additional comments you quoted go against anything I have said. He has a strong upper body but he has a weaker lower body (that is one of the reasons when players, play "top heavy". But since you like the experts so much, how about this. The Colts' experts moved him to RT. Even when they changed experts after 1 season, the new experts kept him at RT and signed the RG to a 3 year $18 million extension indicating they have no plans to replace neither the RT nor the RG in the immediate future. But perhaps the Colts' experts should pay attention to an NFL.com draft profile and change up one of the best olines in the NFL.
  25. That throw to Ebron was not that similar. Ebron was running a corner type of route and was very flat. Pascal is hitting an out pattern and the this is man type of situation and Ebron play was right into a sitting there zone. IF that is why he doesn't throw here, it's evern worse IMO.
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