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  2. I think most of us are thinking Ballard will strike again with this years draft, which is probably wishful thinking. We are also lapping up the 'good dressing room character' philisophy and the 'build from within culture'. Whilst good on paper, we may be getting carried away. But with Luck tucked up our sleeve, it could all just land perfectly. It' s good to dream, is it not.....
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  4. The only reason I doubt this logic is that there was a good report out of Cleveland from a reliable reporter that he has one offer of $11M for one year but it’s from a team that isn’t as much of a contender and as such he’s considering other teams and seeing what they’re willing to give. Same source says the offer in Cleveland would be under $10M so he isn’t just seeing his number and signing. If that were true he’d have signed for that $11M on the dotted line as soon as he got it (unless he’s looking for more than $11M which would be rough). He’s smartly shopping around. Trying to find the best mix of team (contender if we believe him wanting to go to a contender) and money so it’ll come down to which “good” team makes him the best offer as such I can see his agent shopping him and playing off the offers. Hell a good agent should do that so again, we may already be out or we may be right in the thick of things behind the scenes he does have ties to a coach on the ravens as well. And has allegedly had them on his short list too. So that Tuesday visit next week will be a key one. Im not optimistic for us but I’m still hopeful that we at least engaged w his agent and have an idea of where things are at continuously
  5. Am I a homer? Yes. Did I say the Colts had the best offseason this year? No. (It's too early to say one way or another) Since we now have the results of this past season to judge last years offseason, is it safe to say that the Colts had the best offseason last year? Yes. (An offseason you were critical of at this time last year) We'll have to see how this season turns out before we decide who had the best offseason this year. (But if you wanna crown the Raiders, then crown 'em )
  6. I hear you. Is there any pitcher you want. CBE wants Chapman back. I like Doolittle but he and Maddon had a little back and forth; so, Maddon may not want him here. He is the Nats closer. I like him a lot.
  7. I know my "Clue" reference was a big hit (haha), how about Sgt Peacock from the Dirty Dozen? And i agree with the excitement about our team speed. On BOTH sides of the ball.
  8. I don’t think Houston ever did visit. I think McCoy has a good reputation around the league so I could see them not needing a visit. Probably will learn more next week.
  9. Interesting theory. I can see that take. He knows we are definite contenders and Chris has the reputation of being fair so that all parties are happy when a deal is reached. I could be wrong but I don't remember Houston taking a visit with us. I remember waking up one day and reading we have signed him. If you're right we still could be in this. Here's hoping.
  10. I was too. Many of us were. We're not alone....
  11. doubt that... if he sees his #, he pulls out the pen. Not call other GM's and say 'can you beat this?' I'd want a visit... medical checkup (Physical) and then, possibly, work him out. Otherwise no deal.
  12. Suh is more versatile and can play many positions on the D line which, IMO, makes him better. But not 'by far'...
  13. I don’t think we would really have to have a visit scheduled. I think both sides already know what they are getting. He could be visiting the browns and ravens because they are probably two teams he could be unsure about if they can win right away.
  14. Suh >>> McCoy by far.
  15. How do you do that? Bench Dak, call in Scott Tolzien and give him QB1? Then send your OC on extended vacay?
  16. 2 years at 19 mil... 1 mil in LTBE incentives (500k / yr).. another 2 mil in ULTBE incentives (reach SB, achieve SB MVP, etc...)
  17. "The "patriot way" is just another way of saying shut the bleep up and do as we say " Because it works. "Just do your job" ...
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  19. Indy 500!  As a little kid I’d get up at 0 dark thirty to listen to the Indy 500.  Yes listen on my transitor radio with the black leather casing. No live TV but tape delay.  With a little luck got stationed at Ft. Knox and made it to the 500!  Good times!

  20. I'm not seeing what he's seeing in the Ravens though. Lamar ain't taking them to no championship. Better get wit da Shoe bro!
  21. He's not coming here. We will not go after him. Hopefully I'm wrong but I doubt it
  22. I never ever worry about cap space for teams at this point. They can restructure or make any moves they want to fit a guy under the cap. Especially in a multi year deal. So so really just about anyone can truly “afford” McCoy. The Ravens have issues but are a historically well coached and great defensive team. Makes sense for defenders to want to go there. I still want McCoy. But unless there’s rumors of a visit to Indy then I’m not getting any hopes up for all we know we reached out to his agent and kicked the tires. We though we’d offer $7-$9M. We heard $10+ and we said good luck and he started to take his visits. Im not saying that’s how it went down. But that could easily be the case and we could already be out. Or or we could be waiting to see what he gets offered and swoop in later to match or beat it. Who knows. I just always thought ought it was an unlikely marriage w the colts once so many teams got involved or expressed interest.
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