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  2. I think the Colts will lean toward their #1 pick to being a starter week 1. The front rows need to be better first, then the 2nd row can become a focus.
  3. Dillard is the top left tackle prospect in the draft... the chances of him being available at 26 are almost zero. He should be gone between 10-25... hard to see this happening...
  4. hoping in this case, Luck is his friend. if so, let it be.
  5. So I go to college in tn. About 3 hrs from Nashville. Considering going for the first round but have a big exam Friday morning. Really wanting to go down for day 2. Anyone know if the atmosphere in nashville will be good? Supposed to be really accessible but will I waste a trip to stand in a mob of people with no view? thanks!!
  6. Honestly, I wouldn't hang it on the OL. Luck is one of the best in TT (time to throw), which is how long it takes him to get the ball out. His year average is 2.63 (top 10 close to Brady and Rivers). His average for the KC game was 2.86. Might not seem like a big difference, but 2.86 puts him in the 10 worst category. A higher TT can mean thee things, or a combo. Either your line is giving you a lot of time, your a dancer or QB that leaves the pocket a lot, or your WRs are covered up and you can't throw as fast as you want, or both. Lucks not a frequent dancer. In the case of the KC game, our WRs were covered up. Luck had a similar TT vs Buffalo, who was the #1 pass defense in the league (TY was doubled and only had 25 yards that game). We beat Buffalo badly, but it was more because they turned the ball over 5 times and we had a great running game. Didn't hurt that they have one of the worst Os either. Jax was also a bad one for Lucks TT, and they are #2 passing defense that also doubled TY. Check out NextGen stats if you are interested.
  7. I think he just wanting to draft a little help for his friends
  8. If he is still there for the Texans they will take him. I like our starters. If we get a oline it will later in the draft for depth.
  9. One of three pianos used for the final note of A Day In The Life. That's pretty cool.
  10. Naw we got Houston. Rather draft a young guy
  11. I wrote earlier that Banogu is not on your list, but after looking at it again, your list includes only DTs. So, I get it. The same guy wrote that Banogu has the highest Sparq score among EDGE prospects this year.
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  13. Yeah, I've heard scouts like Collier more too... Banogu seems like a bit of a project but he does have the athleticism that makes coaches go "I can coach this guy"...
  14. Thank you for sharing that. I see that Banogu is not on your list (edit: your list only has DT. A Vikings fan thought he compared favorably to the aforementioned Danielle Hunter. He wrote: Banogu height 6’3.5 weight 250 40 4.62 vertical 40 broad 134 3-cone 7.02 20 yd sh 4.27 bench 23 Hunter height 6’5 weight 252 40 4.57 vertical 36.5 broad 130 3-cone 6.95 20 yd sh 4.47 bench 25 I know nothing about Banogu, but I did read an article about the TCU Pro Day. I came away from the article thinking that the scouts and player personnel folks were not impressed. They seemed to like Collier.
  15. Oh, OK... Thanks. I used the reference numbers because it's easier to search for all the players there, but sometimes their numbers are not correct/complete(it showed 8.5 for 12 games... oh well... I guess they missed a game or something.
  16. Love this Stitches. Great info. Tillery had 10.5 in 13 games. So above threshold at 0.81 plus 3 forced fumbles :-) https://und.com/cumestats.aspx?path=football&year=2018
  17. Well... This. As a name gets peeled off the board, the name plate and drafting team plate, get placed in the position row of another board by round. It is easy to see names stacking up quickly at a single position on such board, by anyone, all around the room. Who knows, they may have 65" or > ultra 4k monitors with snazzy graphics and metric around the room too, and not just the NFL Network showing the announcements of draft choices. I do think they will do this in cases where there remaining selections are in a tight group. One player slightly graded a touch lower, but at a higher position need or where there is a shortfall of prospects should and would get preferential treatment. Some might say reach, others would say 'getting your guy'. (because if you pass now, he may be long gone before your next shot at him). But if there is a guy sticking notably up above over the others, that is BPA. And if he is not chosen, the GM didn't stay true to the board. Or they scouted/valued players incorrectly and compromised their board. Neither of which is good.
  18. I miss Frank Vogel. I still am upset to this day when he got fired. At least he won multiple playoff series with this franchise.
  19. To tell you the truth our oline which had been stellar did not perform in KC. That was a huge problem. When every part of the game plus the coaching is so bad I just think we ran out of gas more then needing more weapons. Every team would love to upgrade and have more weapons. I think we have enough to win a SB. But of course I would love to upgrade. I just don’t think it’s so bad like so many others think.
  20. Y’know , Collie’s little bro, Dylan, is draftable this year...
  21. Both teams were banged up. KC had injury issues with Watkins, Ware, and Hill on O, not to mention the loss of Hunt earlier, both NTs, Ragland (one of their top tacklers) , and 2 CBs. Our D was really not the issue IMO. We held them to under their average pts. (4.3 under). They scored the same on NE who beat them. They were held under 31 only 4 times. And the slippery mess didn't effect KC . Their running game tore us up. 180 yards, 4 TDs. Ours, 87 yards, 0 TDs. They doubled TY and we simply had no answers. Play calling was predictable once we got down.
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