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  2. Is two mil really that much more for a TE that’s better than Ebron and Doyle? Think hooper at 10mil would be good value for us, with the usage our TE’s get.
  3. Sure sounds like tanking. Even if the odds are low that you would compete for the Superbowl, If you don't try to improve it is at minimum a form of tanking. Not in the Miami Dolphins sense though. "Why bring in a veteran to potentially win more games than JB did and still not be able to win the SB? Even if you draft a QB, fine, but let that "insert whoever here" play from the jump as losing games only helps our draft stock in 2021"
  4. Huh? Super Bowl ? Lol, we’re not even close. Let’s start by winning the division which we haven’t done in 5yrs. I was flamed last off-season for calling the Colts a fringe playoff team before Luck retired. We are worse off now. Nearly every position group has serious holes or question marks. Loads of potential that could blossom or could be average. No, the Colts are not a couple players away from a SB. They are about 8 players away from being legit contenders with the most important being the QB.
  5. Well, Simmons tore his ACL and still was drafted in the early 20s. If this helps him fall to #13 (which I haven’t been predicting), I’d be happy to snag him there!
  6. Javon Kinlaw won't work out at the combine. Still has knee tendinitis. This is somewhat concerning. I've heard several people express worry about his knee BEFORE this development and now it shows up again. It happened at the Senior bowl too. No idea how serious it is, but some seem to think it might drop him in the draft.
  7. Javon Kinlaw won't work out at the combine. Still has knee tendinitis. This is somewhat concerning. I've heard several people express worry about his knee BEFORE this development and now it shows up again. It happened at the Sernior bowl too. No idea how serious it is, but some seem to think it might drop him in the draft.
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  9. All kidding aside: If the Colts are serious about competition at every position, I want to see what he can do with the first stringers. If he stinks, at least they gave him a shot. He could end up being a solid backup
  10. It's still NOT irrelevant. Unless you think he does that 100% of the time, which he does not. Him missing dropping defenders and forcing throws are a well documented things. And those things are still a small sample of his body of work. And when he actually makes the right read and make the right throw it makes it much more likely he will be able to complete the required passes. Think of it like this... he did have a bad season, he did force a ton of throws he shouldn't have, he was throwing to horrible receiving talent and was (not) protected by horrible OLine... and he still completed 62% of his passes. This is still about 5-6%+ higher than someone like Josh Allen who went no. 8 in the draft and had similar strengths, but nothing close to the arm talent and accuracy... This is also still higher completion % than the master of reading the field and accuracy and decision-making in Jake Fromm, who was playing behind one of the best OLines in the country and had 5 star talent all over the field. So yeah... arm talent matters and it is not irrelevant. Even when you make a ton of mistakes and have a horrible season, it still helps you maintain a certain level of efficiency. Again - of course it matters. You can see it mattering all the time if you watch his tape... Just like you can see some of his poor decision making on the tape. Both matter. The question is - can his aggression and YOLO nature be reined in and channeled into a more effective and positive direction?
  11. Come on man ,,,,,,,,,,, Stafford is not going anywhere
  12. yeah pacers are the only team in the league that has not picked in the top 9 since the 1980s every other team has picked in the top 5 at worst, only a couple have not had top 3
  13. Well if Brown somehow falls in their lap, I think the Colts pick him. This is the first real knock on him that I've read.
  14. No, not at all. Rivers in my mind might be good for a couple more wins, so basically anywhere between 8-8 - 10-6. So it makes no sense for him to be here. Listening to most here about how the season was last year, where we should have really been the same record as I just posted would take place with Rivers, then why do you need Rivers when we can get those results with JB? If Rivers can't win you a SB, there is no reason for him to come here, NONE.
  15. I just haven't had anyone answer this directly yet, AND MAKE SENSE, so here goes. Explain to me how having Rivers as a 1-2 year stop gap any different or virtually better than using Kelly as the stop gap to ultimately see if he could become our franchise QB. If you sign Rivers for 2 years and he and this team makes the playoffs but doesn't go deep in the playoffs then you have wasted money on Rivers. If it really fails, Rivers will be gone in 2021. If you let Kelly play for 2020 and this team makes the playoffs but doesn't go deep in the playoffs then you have at least witnessed the potential of Kelly moving forward for many years as our QB. If it really fails, Kelly will be gone in 2021. ** I left out drafting a QB, as that scenario is the same as the Kelly scenario with exception of the rookie being gone in 2021, from above as I view a rookie and Kelly virtually having the same amount of playing time HERE in INDY. Based on playing time experience as a Colt ONLY, Kelly and a rookie would be both considered rookies from a PLAYING TIME standpoint only. So forget the rookie scenario and concentrate on Rivers vs. Kelly Do you see why Rivers vs. Kelly is basically the same scenario? I started a thread earlier that asked the question about the Colts winning the SB under it's current state. A good number said no. If that is the case then why bring Rivers here? In my mind, based on his age, and experience, bringing Rivers here is like the Broncos having Manning for 2 years. The Broncos did that to win a SB and ultimately did. What's different about that situation and the one here in Indy is that the Broncos were ready to win a SB and it was evident as the rest of the team helped aid Manning when he was declining. That is not what is going to happen here if Rivers comes. This team is not strong enough in every facet and Rivers is NO Manning. So again, Why sign Rivers if you can't win a SB now? Explain to me how signing Rivers is better then letting Kelly play if the scenario outcomes are identical either way with each player in regards to how it would play out this 2020/21 season. To me, Rivers is nothing more than a waste of money/money dump, if the SB CAN'T BE WON in 2020. ** Explain to me why this ** wouldn't be the case? Because right now, I'm shocked at a good number of you who are okay with having Rivers. Oh and don't use Rivers as a mentor nonsense. As based on Ballard's approach to coaching he has always believed that "Coaches Coach" so they can mentor and teach a young QB(rookie). Not buying the Rivers Mentor junk.
  16. Oh OK. I thought you were serious. I'm not on the Kelly bandwagon, but I would like to see more of him. I was disappointed he didn't play in the last game last season.
  17. Again, you don't pay a guy $20 mil a year and give him 30 mins a night so he can be the league leader in blocks. I understand his defense is elite, but that's not good enough at this level. He needs to do more
  18. If they read and believe this forum....no doubt in my mind.
  19. You think a team would trade their QB and 2 first round picks for an unknown?
  20. Because if a QB does NOT know where to throw the ball, or, as enough swag to love his arm talent and doesn't care that much where the defender is, having arm talent is irrelevant. You're not following. Arm talent is relevant. Its very relevant, extremely relevant, but only AFTER he knows the correct spot to throw the ball. We know that Love has great arm talent. We're not sure yet if it evens matters.
  21. The Colts are obviously sitting on a gold mine. We need to trade Chad Kelly to the Lions for Stafford and their 1st round pick this year and next year's #1 too.
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