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  2. I understand the coincidence but I pray they don't do it in the first round
  3. What I did like about DF was when he said everyone is replaceable so you have to work hard.
  4. I don't really agree with a lot of the characterizations of how Grigson operated, but there's no need to go back over all of that in detail. With the Chiefs, they've been kind of in limbo offensively, and I think that's a big part of why Sutton was fired. And the defensive adjustments they've made are defensible. I think they overpaid Hitchens, but not dramatically. They overpaid Mathieu. I don't think they overpaid Clark, but they did pay a steep trade price. But I understand letting Houston, Berry and Ford go, especially Ford with the scheme change. As for their approach with adding outside players, it's an interesting change, and I'm not sure it's working. Their best players have still been their homegrown guys, the FAs have been kind of 'meh' to this point, and now they undermined their future homegrown pipeline with the Clark trade. Of course, Dorsey has done a little bit of everything with the Browns. We'll see that works out also.
  5. It was a little weird. I think he just didn’t want to trash Newton. I don’t know where the color of the skin came from. Funchess seems like a simple man. He just wants to work hard and play football. He isn’t into talking specifics. Your not going to get much out of asking him questions. All he really had to say is Luck is more of a pocket passer then newton.
  6. We can’t run all game. We need defense to stop people.
  7. The Falcons have cap problems, this year and next. But they still have almost three months to negotiate with Jarrett. Him signing the tender just means it's guaranteed.
  8. Indianapolis is on Deck. With the 26th Pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select. Insert Best Player Available. That's how it will go down. Hard to speculate until picks start rolling off the board.
  9. Yeah, it is. A bit weird honestly, after the Dorsey era, which was, if I have to describe it, very "sane" or methodical. This is very different now. Regarding the Grigson analogy, my general impression of this new Chiefs staff is, that they seem to over-value outside resources over their own. Ballard/Dorsey are very different people, they like their own. Grigson always looked outside, mostly free agency, and was willing to overpay them in favor of grooming our own. Maybe because his failure in his drafts, but that was my overally impression of him. This new Chiefs staff is kinda similar. They let their own go - even their best ones, Houston, Berry, Ford, Morse - and they put very high value on outside players like Watkins, Mathieu, Hitchens, now Clark. According to spotrac, 8 of their top10 highest paid players will be free agent signings next year. That's a very high number by its own. And especially high considering their recent - well, 2017 and prior - success of their drafts. All in all, I am not a fan of what they do, but that's their business. If they fail, that's good for the Colts, so whatever. Clark is a very good player though. But they payed him like he was a Alex Mack type franchise chaning player. He isn't.
  10. Me too. The position of least depth on this team is LT, there may be a guy out there they really like...again I'm just speculating.
  11. Good thought but I’m not sure any Olineman we could get in the first three picks could crack the starting rotation. But I’d love the pick if they find that guy. Probably the first draft in forever that we didn’t have a real clue which way we’re going.
  12. Metcalf will probably be a good player is he a superstar that all the talking heads thinks he is time will tell the tale but I don't think if he doesn't go out and light the world on fire that he is an automatic bust.
  13. Most analysts have Hockensen as a top 10-15 player, & if he somehow falls into the Colts lap & they take him, he's immediately the best TE on our roster. I have a hard time imagining him getting past Detroit or Green Bay though.
  14. Today
  15. To be honest, it will stick with me for a while how Devin Funchess drew the comparison between Cam and Andrew, you've got to watch that one. It was the last question of the whole video as the reporters became stunned and just ran out of words... :-))
  16. Polian disliked the media a lot. He would get hot if a someone ask what he thought was an accusing question. Not as bad as Bill Toban but he could get bent pretty quick.
  17. What if Luck rubs off on him so much he starts being nice to guys he tackles? "Nice job not fumbling" to a HB he just stuffed for no gain. "Good catch" to a WR he just plastered over the middle. "Don't worry man, you're a good player" to a QB he just sacked forcing a fumble.
  18. Off subject but I always found it ironic that Polian become exactly what he disliked when he was a GM.
  19. He is a great fit. He will be proving it somewhere. We got run all over by KC in our 4-2 and you are begging for more of it. It is nice to beat mediocre teams in the regular season, some have higher expectations come playoff time when it matters.
  20. I was a Colts fan for a lot of years between Unitas and Manning and except for a few years with Bert Jones it was a major struggle. The years with Peyton were far from a waste - a lot of wins, a lot of division championships and two trips to the Super Bowl, plus we were a contender every year for over a decade.
  21. This was posted on his Facebook profile yesterday...wonder if there's a connection between this and the post here.
  22. me too. I like this unpredictability yet am nervous/anxious.
  23. The cloak-and-dagger stuff this time of year is so crazy. I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out teams employ former CIA agents to help out. Or the CIA utilizes NFL lifers as "consultants"...
  24. Yeah, IMO Sgt. Pepper changed the game for a lot of artist. At the time there was nothing like it and it's no wonder some think it's may be the greatest album ever made as far as influence. Only Dark Side Of The Moon can compare to the popularity.
  25. I look for Hill to be out of KC soon. Even without all the allegations they can’t afford his future contact with Clark and Mahomes getting a big deal.
  26. Another good point. Ballard has been preaching developing and paying your own players because it may not go over well when an outsider comes in and gets paid while home-grown guys are shown the door.
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