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  2. that guy is too short, has no wheels, and has to take a time out after every 6 attempts. will never make it.. nice jugs though
  3. The facts.. a hung jury (twice) mistrial with most voters having sided for the alleged accuser/victim... both times. She (prosecution) didn't drop the charges, the school (judge/jury) did. She wanted round 3. She wanted a full yes or no vote (4-1 or 5-0) either way, not we're split 3-2 so we'll just call it against the majority vote and designate as "Not Responsible" because it isn't 4 or more votes either way. - 'Case closed'. There were questions (and other items) from the accuser that were never allowed in or asked in follow up questioning. I think one of the changes to the Stanford Title IX hearing rules is to also allow an attorney to be not only in attendance but to also perform all duties of representation. And an outside group determines what is admissible as questions/evidence, follow questions, etc... At some level, it did, and many things at Stanford were changed after. At the minimum, it was a mistrial x2, with no conclusive verdict either way. Then school (not prosecution) drops the case. So she really needed to report this to both the school, and also the Police. But with what evidence does she have to convince the LEO? Guess the gals need some hidden body cam w/audio these days, like many folks do with dash cams (like me and my wife's cars...) and be their own TMZ... Video, apparently the only way things get rectified anymore... No worries, at least we know each others positions. All is good. Except to have (at some level) differing story from a another high achieving Stanford student about another high achieving Stanford student- https://www.collegesimply.com/colleges/california/stanford-university/admission/ We don't even know for certain they ever got the FULL story, but articles I've read suggest that the Stanford Panel repressed/disallowed many/most of her interrogating questions and supplemental follow up inquiries to be asked of the accused. Unless someone directly asks her directly, how could you answer as to whether her whole story was even heard or not? If you are not truly interested to fully know those answers, then you don't ask. At least, that's my perspective.
  4. you and me both. the period between basketball and football sucks (base) balls. the only thing i'm enjoying now is the women's WC. i'm still leaning towards thinking we'll keep 6 WRs this season given all the puts and takes. DF it TE-lite, Cain coming back from injury, PC a rook, TY coming off being banged up, Fountain improving, Roger's reliability and cross training..... and sheet might happen like Cain being pup'd and I think Fountain can spend another year on the PS.
  5. and very hard to watch the D for all those games without him.... truly epic player with truly epic injury issues... i know all teams go through injuries, but seems like we've been especially cursed with Sanders, Manning, and Luck. That's 3 of my five favorite Colts lol.
  6. Ugh Hendricks sent to the IL, prospect Adbert Alzolay might be called up. Currently down 1-0 in the 7th.
  7. I think sometimes the player just needs time for the game to slow down. Then once it does and things click watch out.
  8. It was kind of fun to go back and watch bob sanders highlights.
  9. probably just re up everyone and get eliminated in the 1st or 2nd round it's the pacer way. we have a good shot at Russell the reports are he wont be brought back if they get Kyrie and that is almost a done deal
  10. Kenny has some guns too....
  11. Might be controversial, but this off-season is truly make or break for Kevin Pritchard and company. We cannot afford anymore free agent busts. Invest a ton of money in finding a point guard and try to re-sign Bojan. My two main free agent point guard options are D'Angelo Russell and Kemba Walker. Realistically, I can see them landing someone like Ricky Rubio (which would be 'meh').
  12. Kenny Moore's arms are as long as your legs. Bob Sanders' arms were as big around as your legs. Here endeth the comparison.
  13. The Lakers traded Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and three first-round picks (including this year's 4th overall) for Anthony Davis. I'm glad they got Anthony Davis. And they are poised to actually make some real noise next year. But to me, the biggest benefit of this trade is getting rid of Lonzo Ball. I have always maintained that drafting Ball was an enormous mistake. Even if you were planning on bringing in Lebron James (which they were), you were drafting what was to be the future face of your franchise. Lonzo Ball has all the charisma of a slug. He may be a brilliant passer, but he plays like he's bored. But the worst of it is his father LaVar Ball, who just doesn't know how to shut up. He insists on commenting on everything. He demands the spotlight. All of it. Won't let it go. On hearing of the trade, LaVar Ball tweeted: "I will guarantee... it will be the worst move the Lakers ever did in their life and they will never win another championship. I guarantee it." That kind of thing is now in the Lakers' rear view mirror. Thank goodness!
  14. Thought I would post two videos. One is KM highlights the other Sanders highlights.
  15. To be fair I doubt LeBron will miss playing with him either lol. Ingram is an ok player but definitely not as good as everyone thought he would be.
  16. That team could compete especially since GS will probably be without both KD and Klay.
  17. I didn't read many of the posts here but I'm just going to say good for Kenny. There weren't many of us on here last offseason praising Kenny for his play as a rookie, but he stepped up and proved he belongs in the nfl. Congratulations Kenny, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you play this season and years to come.
  18. Which is true only if his team under contract allows him to interview for GM position.
  19. You have a good point with having Funchess. I can’t wait to see if he brings something different then Ebron. I wish it was football season already. Lol
  20. i remember a few of his highlights. you can tell he played Basketball. if he's improved on the route running, could be a very nice season for him. with all the added weapons, and TE-lite Funchess, I think we might end up keeping only 3 with one more on the PS. that is, assuming everyone is healthy.
  21. CR, it's all fun and games now.. do you not see someday where they claim humans are too frail to play so all we have is robots doing this stuff? Battlebots Football. Madden is essentially the same game if you think about it. Humans have been replaced in more complicated tasks than football. This is the harbinger of one big bummer that I can see coming true. Sure, it is all "oohs" and "ahhs" now.. that is how it always starts!
  22. ..and if they need to say no to some roster memebrs last year. ...I'd love Lance and Rondo on the Pacers
  23. Thats who I wanted to say but didn’t know if everyone knew him
  24. While under his current contract he can only leave if it's specifically for a GM position. Having said that, we should absolutely try to retain Hogan and Dodds for as long as we possibly can.
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