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COLTS 1998 Riley Hospital ~ Christmas Caroling


COLTS 1998 Riley Hospital ~ Christmas Caroling
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While my son battled cancer in Riley Hospital, every year the Colts would visit every room and sing carols. They brought gifts like hats, poster and footballs. They signed and personalized many of these items. I have included pictures of the team's visit in 1998 and showing them autographing. You can see this football on my son's bed.
Peyton Manning's autograph is shown in red ink. I can't read the other 4 autograph's on this football.
These items now belong to my younger sons who are entering college. They have decided to part with a few of the collector items, this 1998 Colts football being one of the choices to sell.
My son was in Riley Hospital at Christmas 4 years in a row, every year, we had this first football there & they would toss it around the room with my son. It has never been played with otherwise.

The cancer ward being on the 5th floor, my son's was one of the last rooms the Colts visited. My son was watching a John Wayne western when they first came in the room. A few minutes after the team had left in 1998, Jim Harbaugh came in alone. He asked if he could watch the movie with Ryan. He looked at me and said "You can take a break, Mom". He sat next to Ryan's bed, took his shoes off and put his feet on the end of Ryan's bed. He stayed for over an hour and watched the entire movie with Ryan. I peeked back into the room every once in awhile but stayed away until the movie was over. When I came back into the room, Jim stood up and stretched, then he reached for his back pockets and began looking around the floor. He said, you don't see a wallet, do you? We all looked around, then Jim got this mischievous grin on his face and he said "MMaaanniinnngggg!!!!" Great memory!
Jim Harbaugh will forever be our number 1 sports hero!
The Indianapolis Colts will forever be our #1 Football Team!


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