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    • There's a difference between what coaches say (coach-speak) and reality. People are believers, but you can't always believe all your beliefs. In other words, we'll have to wait and see what really happens.
    • I agree to an extent, because there is a lot of uncertainty with cain/campbell, fountain now on IR, etc. And I think he has played well this preseason. But we are paying attention to his punt returning and everyone else and it isn't close. And we also pay attention to Reich, and his comments literally point to him having a job because of his returning.    “I mean Chester (Rogers) is our number one returner right now. Chester is our number one returner and we feel good about Chester being back there,” Reich said. “So, you can do the math on that. Chester has earned that. Chester has earned that spot and that’s a very important role.”
    • RIP.   https://www.foxnews.com/sports/texas-star-running-back-cedric-benson-killed-motorcycle-crash
    • Well...    this is pretty much the first public viewing of Luck in some time....   So, when he's been out of sight,  I think it's fair to say,  he may have been struggling...  
    • @Irish YJ     Of course you would give my post a "sad" reaction.    It has everything in it that you hate and avoid.    Things like facts.   Truth.    Logic.    Common sense.    You treat them like Superman reacts to Krytonite.       And of course,  it comes a day after I gave a post of yours a "laughing" reaction.   That might've been the one your had were you said you had noticed Willis had some inconsistances.    And I thought......    Really?     You live in Atlanta and Willis is with the Colts in Indiana.    I don't read any of your posts claiming that you were in camp with the Colts and were following Willis.     So, that leaves the first pre-season with Buffalo.    So, you saw Willis in his first pre-season game play maybe half the game.    And you're concerned about inconsistancies.   He's a tip,  free of charge.    Almost all rookies have inconsistencies,  especially in pre-season.   It's part of being.....    you know.....    a rookie!   I can play this game with you as long as you'd like.     Strictly up to you....  
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