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    • With 100-plus players, coaches and support staff in a locker room in July and August, I don’t see how the NFL survives the season.  And I hope I’m wrong.   But I AGREE with you that the NBA and MLB are completely different.  But since both have dramatically fewer players and coaches, etc,  I think the NFL has a much more difficult  hurdle to clear.   I think the odds for football have to be much more difficult than those for MLB and the NBA.   Please let me be wrong.  Nothing would make me happier. 
    • It'll be interesting to watch, but IMO, the NBA and MLB are different animals. NBA will be playing in a bubble, and MLB is a lot less contact. Heck, you could actually play baseball with a face mask lol. I could see both fairing pretty well, which may or may not be indicative of what we'll see with the NFL.    All I know is all the players (NFL, MLB, and NBA) should be bubble wrapping themselves given the money they stand to make/loose. I know most of the players are itching to play, so just hope they're disciplined enough to make good choices.
    • The value is pretty incredible. Would anyone really be shocked if Cam started and did well? Nope.   I think Bill Belichick got tired of hearing all the Brady/TB chatter, and said.... "OK guys, watch this" lol.    I'll be hoping that both TB and NE have horrible seasons lol   Strange times.
    • Looks like they are now undergoing a review of the Redskins name.  A change seems likely due to the pressure from Fedex, NFL and public at large. They were the Boston Braves before they came to D.C.  So maybe just call them the Washington Braves or Washington Warriors if “Braves” is still deemed to be too insensitive.  FWIW, the Cleveland Indians are also considering a name change.  
    • I wouldn’t bet too much.   Our regular season starts in September, by that time MLB will have - in theory - been playing for about 5 weeks.   Roughly the same as basketball.   If those two leagues are forced to shutdown, the NFL won’t wait for trouble to happen.  The NFL will quickly join them and shutdown as well.     We will all know more in August. 
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