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    • I have no doubt!  I was disappointed because I actually watched him play every year in every game he played at Carolina.  I had hopes for him out of the draft, but he really didn't impress.    But here is something to consider.  Even if he has an "Ebron" type year coming up, that doesn't win the argument for me.  Doyle if healthy, would have dominated the catches outside the end zone and we'd be having a different discussion because though he'd still have had 10 TD Catches probably, his drops would not have so easily been ignored, especially in big moments.  So it isn't too late for some of the naysayers from that draft to be a little more balanced in their assessment.  I actually remember being ecstatic last year with the first 3 picks, because I am more a "need" guy than a "bpa" guy, though not 100%, more like 60/40.  What was brilliant in the top 3 picks were they were ALL huge needs, but in hindsight, they turned out to be BPA by a MILE when they were picked.  In fact all would have been top 15 1st rounders I bet in the hindsight draft.     I do recall not being as excited about the last 2 picks Turay in particular.  I hope he turns into a monster and makes my doubting him look silly.  I'd always rather look silly when I am down on someone than end up with a bust.  I hope Funchess balls out like I first hoped when he was drafted.  If he does, it will PROVE how superior Luck is to Newton (even though for me it is already clear).  It also demonstrated how superior Luck was to Mr. Detroit though I doubt many questioned that anyway.   If he gets the most out of Ebron and Funchess two years in a row it will simply prove his brilliance as a player and Reich's genius at play design/calling.  
    • Well, thanks for acknowledging that you buried the lead.  I actually believe a couple thing, feel free to prove me wrong, I won't mind.  One, I believe that talking heads on TV, especially when talking about an entity that makes their careers even possible (NFL) will often either commit "not true" blatantly, or will fudge information into the most favorable possible representation.  I could list dozens or even hundreds of examples of outright LIES made by people in the media, and that includes the sports media.  Not simply wrong opinions, but easily disprovable lies.  I won't because this site (thankfully) doesn't allow that sort of thing, but an honest thinker knows it is true, or could easily look for themselves to check.     Secondly, I believe to understand anything in the world, the easiest pathway to truth is to follow the money.   You think the options are limited to 10  because someone told you, but did you do the math? No.  I've seen the math done and the possibilities of 32 teams playing 16 games in 17 weeks where you must only include the following rules: A 50% home schedule for most teams. The exceptions being out of country games that unfairly count as home games for one of the teams, but of course they rarely let you know that financially (re: follow the money) the home team makes a LOT more money by giving up that home game.  Additionally, only two teams are locked into specific home games, the week of Thanksgiving.  The Cowboys and Lions.  (Though to be clear, this could randomly change any time, just like they changed the "tradition" of the first game of the season being the past Super Bowl Champion, though it didn't affect the home/away configuration).   In all other circumstances, you can make the home and away games whenever you want.  The only additional factor is every team gets a week off between two set points in the season.  Not a big deal really since each time you give a team a bye, it forces a corresponding team to also take a bye so it isn't as though there can be even/odd numbers on a given week like they briefly had during expansion which I believe ushered in the bye weeks).      The additional factor you may want to interject is the divisional requirements and the pre-determined NFL teams you must play.  It doesn't change anything.     So, if you accept what you hear from a talking head may be accidentally or intentionally inaccurate to support a narrative and that if you want to know the truth you need to follow the money, that allows you to discover that your quote of 10 options was naive and even the number of 100,000 I is woefully LESS than the actual mathematical number.     Don't believe or think I am making it up?  What if I told you the number of schedule possibilities for a given team is 60 TRILLION... yes, I said TRILLION.   What if I told you the number of possibilities for the entire leagues schedule is a number simply too large to comprehend.     Would that perhaps make you back off you claims of NOT being naive?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  So I looked it up so that someone else would tell you other than me.   ------------------------------------------------ "'Factoring in days of the week and opponents, the Vikings alone have about 60 trillion different possible schedule combinations." For the entire league? “There are more combinations than the number of atoms in the universe,” Karwan said.   He was dead serious.'" -Mark Karwan   Karwan, a professor of operations research at the University of Buffalo, is part of a team of researchers that has partnered with the NFL in an attempt to make the league schedule as fair as possible for every team. ----------------------------------------------------- Still don't believe me?  (perhaps you're THAT stubborn...) Here's the link to the entire article, but there are plenty more.     http://m.startribune.com/inside-the-journey-from-60-trillion-possibilities-to-one-vikings-schedule/508765572/     By the way, they haven't started suggesting fairer schedules yet, they are just taking in info at this stage.     If you still think the argument that there are 10 options out of 100,000 possibilities isn't naive, then I can't help you.     On a side note:   I do think there are fairer schedules.  One would be BYE weeks.   Having an early BYE week is unfair.  Week 4 is laughable, but Week 6 where the Colts are is also unfair.  Teams we compete with for the division title have much much later BYES putting us at a CLEAR disadvantage to get healthy going into the playoffs.  THAT is a CHOICE made by the NFL.  Additionally, putting our toughest road games of the season all on PRIME TIME where home teams have an even greater advantage (and a more stressful travel schedule for the away team) is totally unfair.   We have 4 national games, all are AWAY.  THAT is a choice made by the NFL.   The worst of all, we have 3 critical late division games in a row with an AWAY Thursday night game against our rival of last year right in the middle.  Are all the teams in our division ALSO at that disadvantage?  Nope.  No others are.  So after a bruising game with Jacksonville, we have to turn around and travel to Houston on 3 days broken rest (due to travel) to play perhaps the biggest single game of the season for the Colts.  THAT is a CHOICE made by the NFL.      My solutions: Simple.  Divisional teams should ALL have the same BYE week.  ALL Byes should be week 9, 10, 11, 12 and it should be based on how far the top teams (with tie breakers) got in the playoffs.  That would leave plenty of good games during the Bye Weeks, (75% of teams).  It would basically be a half way rest mark like other leagues take and be far more fair to ALL teams regardless of circumstances.      I would ALSO make sure the home team prior to a Thursday night game must play AWAY the previous Sunday and the AWAY team must play at HOME.  That way each team has a travel day affecting the 3 day layoff, either leaving for home on Sunday or traveling to the game.     I could offer up a lot more as could ALL of you and ALL your suggestions would likely be better than what we have now.  I've heard people suggest that BYE weeks be across 2 weeks and also BYE weeks go in draft order based on scheduled finished (not picks obviously) the previous year so the better you play, you are rewarded by a later BYE.  Since you get hosed on Drafting, you should gain this one benefit by playing well.  That's not a bad idea, but I prefer to bunch them up when it matters, near mid season when teams really need a vacation to heal.  This acts as a near mid season break like all other leagues.   I also think Division games should NOT be on Thursday night because there is such a clear disadvantage to the away team regardless.  I think if they were smart like these guys above who are going to work on it, they would also break up the stretches of road away games that tend to be unfair.  2 in a row is one thing, 3 or more is too much.    
    • I'm not sure speed is high on the priority list for our system. Both Quincy and Desir are below average speed-wise. IMO a player to add to your collection is JoeJuan Williams. He hits a lot of the zone corner criteria in Tampa 2...    Some other names: JoeJuan Williams Kris Boyd Michael Jackson Iman Marshall Alijah Holder   Some of those are potential later round picks.   
    • Fair enough, I was merely presenting that both the optimists and the pessimists can be right based on the situation, so I give people a free pass on Ballard's last class as I wasn't criticizing the negative people on this thread even though I knew Leonard and Smith well. I have very high expectations of Ballard in a week. He won't match last years class, but he can still do solid. I would only bash him if he did something like take Khalen Saunders in the 1st hypothetically (which would be missing on a run and making a panic move), or if he completely abandoned his approach that worked last year. I want him to be himself and follow what works. I finally trust a GM, I hope he can continue to come through.
    • Absolutely. The injury risk is a much bigger concern than his production(which this year as you've pointed out was actually pretty good until he got injured) or his 3cone. He was on a path for 1100+ yards and 10+ TDs season. People are acting like it will be some egregious mistake for us to take him at 26. IMO if his health is cleared and he drops to 26, he's one of the receivers that we should be thinking about. And I'm not even his biggest fan. I have 3 receivers ahead of him on my board... and I still like him enough to be OK with picking him at 26 if Ballard deems his injury risk reasonable enough. 
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