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    • I agree.  I think he'll come back too.    But I also think our QB situation makes every practice and every game seem more like work than fun.  If you're going to lose, have little hope of winning, that's kind of a different place than he has been with PM or Luck.  Even when they were injured, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Every injury or pain becomes magnified when you're cause is hopeless, and he's probably not in a position for doing it all for the money.     I also wouldn't be surprised to see this drag on to where we get a better handle on the QB or roster.  Frankly, I'm not sure that it didn't play a part in Luck's decision, thinking how much he would put himself at risk if he thought he had to carry the team.     Being dispassionately objective, what QB wouldn't want to go to the SB having to throw only 7 passes instead of 50?  LOL.  That current obscure leg injury seemed overblown as to its impact on his decision, but that's another topic.
    • Regarding watching preseason games outside local market..   I'm not in the local market, but I watch preseason games live via nfl.gamepass ($99 / year).  For regular season games, gamepass gives you the live local radio broadcast during the game, then you can watch the video broadcast right after the game ends.   My game day routine is to listen to the live radio broadcast (with gamepass) and follow the live game cast on either espn or nfl.com.  Then once the game is over I can watch the video broadcast of the game on gamepass (commercial breaks and halftime are removed from this feed).   
    • In honor of the Senior bowl. This is what they were saying about Jacoby after he participated in it.    https://www.seniorbowl.com/pff-allen-brissett-two-sleeper-qbs   https://www.seniorbowl.com/savage-wentz-clear-standout-among-qbs   Just interesting. Everything stats he was a project and needed time. He has started 2 years now, does it click in year 3. It definitely says he was a high ceiling guy. 
    • Don't recall patting myself on the back in this thread.  Never once said "I called this before it happened" like you did.   So you think AC is waiting on Ballard to come back from the Sr. Bowl to tell him, "Hey Anthony, we fell in love with Jordan Love down there and are going to draft him?"  And AC is now pinning his future plans on a rookie QB that may not play at all for at least a year nor is a certainty to drafted by Indy? That is what you think means by future plans?  
    • I think Fromm is the type of Qb that BB would draft.  Maybe Peyton too. If Fromm passes the throwing tests (and I think he probably will), they'll take him in the first round at pick 23 and 24 respectively, IMO, if they desire a rookie QB.  I'd think BUFs pick 22 is the place to get him.   And I'm not sure that Love did a lot to resolve any decision making questions.  We know he can throw.  I know we all want the next Mahomes, but I can see BB or Peyton having Fromm ranked higher than Love in the end. Never know, Love might be available at pick 25, then we compete with the other teams who didn't get a QB in early round 1 to move up to take Love in late round 1.   I think Eason is the guy who is going to have too many unresolved questions, or definitive weaknesses that take time to develop, both throwing and mental.  I see him as being the only QB other than Gordon available at 34, and Gordon probably not below 44. 
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