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    • I'm not a doctor BUT I do work in healthcare and take care of patients like this.  It really depends on the severity of the injury, where it is located, what nerve(s) are affected, and how long it went before getting the fasciotomy.  There is no "It will take this many weeks" because all situations are different.  It appears he had surgery less than 24 hours after the injury, which is excellent.  This means it didn't go the typical days to a week or two that I'm used to seeing with some unrecoverable damage.  His age and fitness and nutrition level will probably help him as well.  I'm not sure how big the area was that was affected, but if it was his calf then that would be better than say the lower thigh near the knee.  The calf is a bigger meaty muscle and could absorb some swelling without affecting the nerves too much as compared to an area that doesn't have much "meat" on it like the knee.  But IDK where it was.  The main thing is getting the surgery as quickly as possible and relieving the pressure on the nerves and muscle tissue so that the compression doesn't further damage those tissues.  It appears he accomplished that.  Antibiotics are a must because of the high-risk for infection with this kind of surgery.  It CAN be a major complication.  Another major problem could be rhabdomyolysis which can injure the kidneys so they will need to monitor his blood.  Also, his tissue may not heal correctly meaning there could be severe scarring.  We will have to see on those things.   What happens from here is anybody's guess, but I would think if everything goes just right he could start light movements in about 2-3 weeks, with full bore contact in about 10-12 weeks.  Again, IF things go just right.  But he aint comin back by Week 8 IMHO.  Then again, I'm not a doctor.
    • Mo should keep starting and burton should earn his keep. If he shows to be better let him start but I don’t want Mo to be benched for him coming off injury and he hasn’t shown nothing up to this point. Mo is the better blocker and is competent as a pass catcher. Make trey earn his keep just don’t give it to him 
    • I'm going to respectfully disagree, unless you're saying that's your opinion.  But I don't think it's what the coaches would do.   You saw last season when Jacoby looked horrible, we had nothing to lose in that last game against the Jags.  Yet they wouldn't put Kelly in.   I'm one of those who wants to be proven otherwise, but I'm not sure Eason is better than Kelly.  If we're basing it on their college careers (which is all we know about Eason at this point), then Kelly is the better QB.  He may not have the measurables, but he's more mobile.  
    • Nope with the colts luck with injuries I say we need a competent back up QB in case rivers gets hurt jacoby showed he can be effect . Do I want him as starter no but a few games yes if rivers were to get hurt 
    • I agree he wasn't "good", but he really wasn't asked to do a lot. His job was to just be safe, run clock, and not turn the ball over.   That said, I'm not a fan of the in-game "packages" for JB. He's not good enough in any one phase to constitute a package. His best quality is he's big and hard to bring down. The only time I can see a use, is goal line or XX and inches sneak.
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