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    • Personnel.  They’ve spent quite a bit of draft capital on secondary and Dends.  Thus far the results of that outlay of capital is mediocre at best.  With our weakness in coverage including our all pro Will, I think blitzing would be disastrous in the current scheme.      
    • If he’s good enough I think it’s insane not to.  
    • I doubt we grab Ertz if he is even cut (not looking likely). Plus why so many think Doyle gets cut for this move makes little sense. The coaches and Ballard love him. He gets the first down catches when we need him but more importantly he blocks better than majority of TE’s in the game. We are run heavy team so his value comes a lot more than just catches and yards. If for some reason they grab Ertz if cut then you pair him with Doyle to create a strong group not cut one and create a weakness.    I will say I doubt we grab a TE that will want 8mil per year. Even a 1 year deal doesn’t make sense for us here. After signing Fisher we have roughly 13 mil for the season. Ballard doesn’t like being strapped during the season. 
    • I think it could still happen   Doyle would be the casualty though    
    • Man I really like this signing!  If he can come back 80% as good as he has played I would say we def upgraded our offensive line and that’s no knock on AC I just think this guy can be much better (if healthy). I would put our offensive line up against anyone else’s.  With that said Murphy’s law keeps coming into my mind because we have soo many ifs and question marks for this team that we can literally be 6-10 bad or super bowl bound. I can’t think of any colts team with this many “if” question marks.   If wentZ can prove last year was a fluke and go back to being one of the best up and coming qb in the game than we are sitting pretty. If he plays like he did last year things will be very very ugly.    Then you got this guy. If fisher can come back healthy we can have one of the best lines in football. If he doesn’t play or is diminished we have a huge hole at one of the most important positions.      I don’t know why but I just have this feeling with so many question marks on this team, that the season could go either way. I do fear that  some of These question marks  aren’t going to go our way and we will be hurting. Btw  Some of these other question marks Include , Will Mack be back to his old self?   Was last year a fluke for our new stud RB? Will ty  hilton plAy any better, or will he continue to decline? Was last year a fluke for Xavier Rhodes? Will Paris cambell stay healthy and actually contribute?  How will our rookie DEs play?  Then you have  the question mark that every team has  which is who will stay healthy?  
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