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    • When you watch any decent QB play and he doesn't find an open target, do you assume that he is not seeing open receivers? Or do you assume no one is open?        
    • It’s time to move on in the offseason probably. I think the Raiders in particular really just exposed the issues with the Colts front. It wasn’t just Hunt, but Autry too who got pushed around in that game.   Several of people on this board have been saying since last season that DT is a big weakness on this team. Hunt at NT is a spot that should be upgraded. He doesn’t rush the passer well (7.5 career sacks) and isn’t elite in the run game either. Again I wouldn’t single him out though. Stewart seems to be a better player overall but he doesn’t seem to be a long term answer. Autry is mostly just a pass rusher and undersized, Lewis is undersized and injury prone, and I don’t even know the names of any of our other DTs.   Its time for Ballard to draft real prototypical 4-3 DTs
    • What a surprise.  We were getting very poor play from the other DE position while Sheard was out.  IMO, that affected the whole D-Line.   With Sheard back we played the KC game like most games last year with our 2 inside tackles pounding the A gaps. That was when we were most successful. And Houston earned AFC Defensive player of the week. Stay tuned.
    • I agree with your logic.  But it is the same logic some people are using for the converse.  We have young receivers and no Funchess, so no one is open.
    • Not trying to start an argument. I'm only pointing out that you are essentially drawing a conclusion based on assumptions.   1) ........receivers are fast 2) ........QB makes few attempts 3).........the box is stacked   So, Brissett must be missing open receivers downfield.   I'm sure he misses some. But how many compared to other QBs?  ....  We don't really know.         
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