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    • In 8 years when Arch is coming out, could we be so lucky to?  Another 15+ years with another Manning?
    • I think the best record in the AFC will be 11-5, here's what I predict as an early prediction for the AFC: 1. Chiefs 11-5 - I have them beating us for the tiebreaker because I have us losing to them during the regular season. I don't think Mahomes will come close to the year he had last year but I can still see him throwing for 40 TD's and 4500 Yards. If they lose Hill that will be a blow and losing Houston and Ford puts a dent into their defense too. I do not see them going 12-4 again but can still see them getting the #1 seed.   2. Colts 11-5 - tougher schedule but seems reasonable, I think we get a bye week. Winners of the AFC South.   3. Patriots 10-6 - still will be real dangerous in the playoffs but I think record wise they fall off a tad. They will still win their division. They will win the tiebreaker over the Browns because they will beat the Brown at Gillette during the regular season.   4. Browns 10-6 - I have them winning the North, on paper the Steelers do not impress me and not sure Jackson can stay durable for the Ravens.   5. Chargers 11-5 - very tough wildcard team. Unfortunately for them they will end up 5th because they will lose the tiebreaker to the Chiefs somehow IMO.   6. This will be a crapshoot on who gets in, I will go with the Texans at 10-6. They have a knack of winning close games every year and still have a solid defense. Their defense was tied for 4th in the league in points allowed last season. Watson isn't great but he is good and he has a top 5 WR in Hopkins.     It will take 10 wins to get in IMO.
    • From what I've seen, Hill is still on the team and they drafted Mecole Hardman (who is a Tyreek Hill clone) to replace him just in case. Chiefs are the favorites IMO. I think we finish 2nd or 3rd in the AFC with a tougher schedule.
    • I picked Ballard and GM in general. Seattle is not successful with Wilson right now but they were when their defense was awesome. You could even say the coach is more important.  Parcells and Gibbs could have been successful with me at QB. Recently  The Eagles did it with some great GM work, great coaching and a backup QB. 
    • If the chiefs win the division then the highest seed the chargers can get is 5th. I dont trust the Ravens just yet. I need to see if Lamar Jackson can actually play QB. I need to see Wentz heathly before I consider the eagles. Their on the outside looking in for now.
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