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Colts Game Day

Colts Game Day Thread
All posting during Colts game time that is about the game, must either be in the game day thread or in chat.

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    • Like always, injuries will help shape the final roster.....   Unfortunately.....
    • One thing is for certain this year (on paper so far) we are going to either lose a talent on WR, RB or TE depending on what direction they lean on. If we keep only 5 wr’s thinking that Hines is interchangeable, we lose out on either Fountain, Pascal, Johnson or Rogers. If we think keep 6 WR’s, we sacrifice that by going 3 rb’s and give up on Ware, Williams or Wilkins. And at TE, you risk a cut to either Cox, Travis or Hetges.    Now some of these guys could make it to the PS but not all of them. Highly unlikely we would run with 2 TE’s but if they view DF in a split type WR/TE role, anything is possible. Could either Williams or Wilkins make it to our PS, idk. Every time Wilkins runs the ball, he gets 5 yards it seems, you would have to think another teams seriously takes a look at that option and we all know how much praise CB has poured out on Williams RB abilities. As for the WR’s no way around it, we are going to lose a talent from this pool. Johnson, Pascal, Ishmail, Fountain, Hogan or Rogers, all of these have a talent ability to make several teams rosters and be an upgrade to several teams. DF better ball out at a 13 million product for us risking losing one of these young talents or some fans will never like DF regardless of what he does if he is just average and then off the team after this season. He would essentially become the teams flogging project if he isn’t a star imho. 
    • Watery eyes, runny nose, difficulty breathing... I must be allergic to reading stories like this...   Faith in humanity restored!  
    • It depends on how many out of the current group they feel they can safely keep on the practice squad. I think 4 is kind of crazy, but when you look at keeping a plethora of tight ends and maybe an extra runningback on active roster, you start factoring Ebron and Hines in as receivers more than tight end and runningback, as we will likely see those two split out more than in a traditional role. That's the beauty of versatility. 
    • I'm pretty sure it's also 12 teams.  You will have to contact Colt92 about it.  I don't think the draft time has been set yet.     Typically if I remember right the drafts usually happen on labor day weekend.  
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