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Colts Game Day Thread
All posting during Colts game time that is about the game, must either be in the game day thread or in chat.

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    • Plus there is the rare possibility Luck changes his mind several years from now and unretires once he's 100% healthy, or decides to coach in some capacity. Luck did say Indy was his home, unless he changes his mind. We own his contract rights, so it'd be nice to leave open the possibility.
    • No you weren't. Still aren't. And no I wasn't.   I stand by everything I said in that post, which was directed at your absurd insistence that you're tougher than Andrew Luck because you bowled a 220 with a sore back.    And your response to this situation is petty and small, and pretty much reinforces everything I said earlier. 
    • Already said, but just to repeat:   He will count $18.4m against the the 2019 cap, and $6.4m against the 2020 cap. Nothing after that.    I get why they're not making an issue of the roster bonus. I don't like the precedent that it sets, but this is a rare situation. And when superstars retire and get asked to pay back bonus money, it usually goes poorly (like Calvin Johnson). So clean break, and it keeps good relations between the team and the player moving forward. 
    • Probably not but he's who we have now.  It's up to Brissett and the coaching staff to prove that they can be productive.  I have a sneaking suspicion, no evidence mind you, that Reich and Co prefer Kelly but hes got to serve his suspension. Its Jacoby's job to loose and hes got my full support, if not my full confidence.  Bottom line is Luck is gone.  Fans will move on after week 1 and the organization has already done so.  Given the circumstances i think we're in the best hand we could be.  Nothing to do now but see how it plays out.  Love Luck, grateful for the past 7 years, but hes moved on.  One day is all it's taken me to follow suit.  He's gone fans,  Colts play with the QB's they have not the one they want just like '17.  We all get to see what they're made of.  Go Colts.    
    • We can’t we’re all to busy complaining so there can be no production what so ever! I just discovered gifs a few days ago if you all can’t tell!
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