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Colts Game Day

Colts Game Day Thread
All posting during Colts game time that is about the game, must either be in the game day thread or in chat.

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    • Didn't you just describe 70% of all Twitter users? 
    • I wonder which account is Kevin Bowen on here? He seems often to quote stuff I read here first.  Anyone else notice that? I wouldn't be surprised if he's either lurking or he's one of the regulars here.  
    • Mayfield and Rogers equal?    "You can't be serious!" -John McEnroe 
    • Yeah, if you ALSO take away his 3 best linemen you might approximate what Luck was dealing with his first 3 years.  Then we'd see an apples to apples type comparison to Luck's early years and his.  I think Mahomes deserves attention, but he had a stacked deck on Offense.  He also has the best TE in the league.  So arguably his top 3 weapons were in the top 5 in their positions, and Luck hasn't had any of that EVER, not even last year.  Sure, Luck finally had a line, but TY is on nobodies Top 5 list outside of this message board, and Ebron isn't deserving of a Top 5 listing wiht a blip on his resume.  Mack is a nice RB but far from Top 5 at this point.  Even though Luck STILL won't have 3 Top 5's this year, I think the scales are a bit more balanced this time around so I look forward to seeing which one excels.  If Mahomes puts up similar numbers without Hunt or Hill, (even though Kelce and their replacement back are still as good or better as our guys) then he'll unquestionably be the top QB in the league, in my view, over everyone on the list in pure talent/ability.   Rogers may have BEEN the most talented ever, but he's had some terrible seasons of late.  He'll be re-establishing his greatness as well and he has some new weapons this year to help him do that.  Same with Brady.   We'll also get a good look at Ben R. without Brown to see if he keeps up his performance.  We're lucky that Luck will get to prove it against many of those rated higher than him.  And likely, should we play well in the Playoffs, he'll have to prove it against Brady.  I would love to see Luck win against Brady in their only playoff meeting likely remaining should it happen. 
    • Reich wanted  Funchess and got him. Reich wanted Chad because of Jim  Kelly his friend and he got him.
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