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    • Luck needs one of those seasons where he and the Colts go 13-3, he wins MVP, a SB, and SB MVP to get fully appreciated by most people. Some people still have their doubts about him ever winning a SB.
    • Missed three games in the past three years. I wouldn't say he is injury prone...at least not anymore. If he is..then so are most guys in the NFL. Plenty of guys get injuries early in their careers and move past them.  
    • If this is true...I love that Ballard inquired about him. I don't really understand the aversion to other talented players (like the Bobby Wagner thread). This a move a Super Bowl contender would make. Clowney's enterting his age 26 season and you would basically get his prime years. Plug in a Pro Bowler at LDE and this team is a step closer to the Super Bowl.   Colts have an extra 2nd round pick next year...and I would easily trade that pick + Turay/Lewis for Clowney...if that would get it done.    I don't see any real issue...provided the Colts can lock him into a deal they are comfortable (which might be an issue...but they don't make the trade without a deal in place). They certainly have the money and the need. They could trade/release Sheard to offset some of the cost as well...though I would probably just keep the depth.   The injury issues are a bit overblown now...as he's only missed 3 games in the past 3 years. Compare that ot Houston...who they gave $24M over two years...he has missed 16 games over the past three years and he is 4 years older and past his prime (though still productive).    Ulimately, I can't imagine HOU trading him to IND...but who knows. I don't think Ballard calls to check in if he didn't think there was a possibility. That would be an incredible way to kick off this season.
    • lol....who is anyone kidding.  Manning is 2-3 notches above Luck.  I'd take Peyton over any version of Andrew Luck, all day any day.
    • He is injury prone and I believe over-rated.
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