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    • Any one else catch the parts about Chad Kelly. About how he has to show them they can trust him off the field? I’m not pushing for Chad Kelly as our next Qb, but I found that part interesting. Almost makes me wonder IF he’s not gonna get his shot at the starting job regardless of FA or the Draft results.
    • Burrow was not thought of this highly early(when Ballard was rumored to like Herbert and Love). It was kind of an avalanche that was gaining more and more mass and power the more games got played. I don't think it was until November-December that people started talking about Burrow as a no. 1 pick. He just never had that body of work before this year and a lot of his most impressive games and against best opponents were at the end of the year.        I've heard Brady thrown around, but no idea if there is anything real behind those rumors. The rumors say that they are having hard time attracting any fans to their games and their owners think getting a legend like Brady to play for several years for them might jump start their new fanbase in LA. No idea whether to believe this or not. 
    • To me being a boom or bust is kind of a plus for a QB, because the worst you can be is mediocre once that rookie contract comes to an end. I would prefer for whoever we draft to be either great or horrible and for us to know relatively quickly so we can either invest in him or move on quickly. This is part of the appeal with Love for me. The things he needs to improve are heavily coaching based and I think we will have a good idea of where on the spectrum he will end up pretty quickly. For example - if you draft him and he's not ready to start by year 2, this is a red flag and you might start looking for another one. If 2 off-seasons and 1 in-season period are not enough for your coaching staff to get him ready you either have made a mistake with the draft pick or with your coaching staff and I do have good trust in the coaching staff so... 
    • For me the tiers are more important the the specific ranking... I rank players within a tier very similarly and even though I would have preferences within them, I don't feel strongly enough to argue one over the other.    Tier 1(sell the farm for him - i.e. multiple 1sts, multiple day 2 picks, etc) Burrow   Tier 2 (trade a significant asset for him - i.e. a future 1st round pick) Tua(if I have medical guarantees he'd be alright health-wise)   Tier 3 (trade a medium level asset for him(i.e. a second, a third...) or take him at #13) Love Herbert Tua(if our medical staff cannot give you any guarantees whatsoever either way -for example, there were some reports that it might be too early before the draft to tell whether he will be good or not)   Tier 4 (second round) Eason Fromm     Tier 5 (third-fourth round) Gordon(have to do more work on him, might change his ranking) Hurts   Tier 6 (round 5-7) Tua(if the medicals come bad and there is high risk of reinjury/retirement/not full recovery/etc.) Tyler Huntley Nate Stanley     I'm still watching some QBs so that's not my final ranking. 
    • Hey....    we’ve all had those whoops moments.    Comes with the territory.    I’ve had some whoppers!     
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