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    • Willis - the 4th round pick they traded up to get will be lucky to make the 53?  Man that is highly questionable. I’d say he is much closer to a lock to make the roster than be cut prior to opening day. 
    • Faulk was a great player, but he was never a pure grind out yards type running back. Edge was.   James is a huge part of why the offense exploded in 1999 after we traded Faulk & drafted James. The play action to Edge/ bomb over the top to Harrison was absolutely LETHAL 
    • As you have noticed,  I have taken a long time to respond.   Apologies in advance,  my response is long....   Everything you think I "overstated" I personally think I understated.     And I think all the arguments you used to make a case that the spring is more ideal than the winter is hugely overstated.   Look at the last sentence of your post...    how you describe "looking at the bigger picture and taking your time..."        Says who?      Who says an owner didn't look at the bigger picture in December as a disappointing season was coming to an end and that a decision was rushed?    That's entirely written by you as opinion based on zero known facts.    And it's your interpretation that better decisions can be made in the spring.   Huh?    When it's too late to fire the HC and his staff that gave you the disappointing previous season that got the GM fired in the first place.    Now, your new GM has to deal with a HC and staff that he didn't hire.   Now everyone in the building is walking on pins and neeedles wondering if they'll get fired or be retained.   So,  all the advantages of doing those decisions in winter of Y1 for the new GM,  now have to be done in winter of Y2.     So, if they're going to be done,  how is it better to flush a year down the drain and do it the following year?   I see lots of opinion,  and very little fact.    You've tossed out a number of interesting names that are available now....    nice names and none were in the running for a GM job 5 months ago,  and suddenly you think the next hot GM is in the pile?    I appreciate that Nick Caserio might be the exception to the Patriots rule from the BB tree....    but BB has a poor record of turning out good HC's elsewhere.   He might someday....   but not so far.    Front office is decent I think, so maybe Caserio is good?   But Don't you want to get all of this done sooner than later?    Don't you want to rip the band-aid off ASAP?   Doesn't the new GM want to hire his own guy,  his own staff, ASAP?     And if you think the answer is no,  then why don't all GM's who get hired in January,  do it your way?    Why don't they keep the staff,  the HC,  coordinators and assistants,  all the front office types and the scouts,  and do all the changes the following winter?     Why don't they do that?   They don't,  do they?   I really wish this was just a simple thought experiment.   That you were simply making a case that making a GM change in the spring is do-able and not anythig else.    Some here don't understand when it happens at all in the spring and I've made the argument several times that the spring isn't as bad as you think.    Doable under certain circumstances is perfectly OK.   But you're not doing that.     You're not arguing for doable.   Instead you're arguing for desireable.    And you think it's an easy decision.    I confess that even as your biggest admirer,  perhaps BECAUSE I'm your biggest admirer,  I find this position more than a little head scratching.....   Just saying....      
    • I can’t believe they’d leave out the Collins/Painter/Orlovsky trio. Those three men are instrumental in Colts lore. 
    • Bert Jones....if not for that shoulder injury, who knows what might have been. 
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