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    • It sounds like Collins was trying to surround himself with better support prior to joining Indy, but yes, it's great that we've got enough high-character guys on this team who can help keep him clean.  https://www.colts.com/news/jalen-collins-grateful-for-the-opportunity-with-colts   I tend to agree with you regarding who Ballard considers 'bad apples.'  Kelly was dismissed from Clemson because he snapped at coaches after being benched as a sophomore in a Spring Game (and then got in a 'minor fender-bender' in the team's parking lot, which did not lead to any police report -- sounds like he was heated when he left and probably drove a little recklessly).  Prior to joining Clemson, Kelly did send a few tweets or social media messages suggesting he was going to come in and win the starting position right away.  He was ~17-19 years old when these incidents occurred.  Sure, they're not great, but I imagine being a very highly-touted prospect and the nephew of a HOF QB comes with quite a bit of stress, especially at that age.  Not that those were great incidents, but it doesn't necessarily make him a bad person (kind of like you eluded to, these incidents are nowhere near as serious as domestic violence or endangering a child, etc.).    When he was 21, Kelly got in a scuffle with some bouncers at a nightclub in his home town.  Again, not a great incident, but keep in mind he was 21 and was probably going through some hard times as he was being scrutinized nationally for recently being kicked off Clemson and probably had a bit too much to drink with some of his hometown friends.  Not that getting in a scuffle in a nightclub is a good thing, but there are a LOT of 21 year olds who get in scuffles when they've had too much to drink and no big deal is made of it because they're 'normal' kids, not highly touted football players with a celebrity uncle.  Of course,  being a 'star' comes with responsibility and you'd like to think kids know enough to keep themselves under the radar, but I don't think it's an incident which makes him an evil person.   Then, when he was 23-24 he left a Halloween party at Von Miller's house and stumbled into the wrong house.  He didn't steal anything from the house or attempt to injure anyone in the house, from all accounts I've read... he simply had too much to drink and went in and sat on a couch, got chased out by the husband in the house and then went and slept in his SUV.  Again, not a great incident, but I don't think it's something which makes him a terrible person.  Sounds like the kid needs to understand his limits in terms of partying a bit better, but if he wasn't an NFL football player, that charge would be a pretty common thing to read in a police blotter in a large city like that.  He needs to understand, he's going to get more scrutiny as an NFL athlete and due to his past and his ties to Jim Kelly... and it sounds as though he's gotten some counseling and is doing his best to stay away from situations like that in the future.     Ballard and his staff always seem to do their due diligence before bringing players into this team.  The fact that Reich and J. Kelly were teammates for just under a decade probably also helped Chad Kelly in this situation.  I imagine Reich has known Chad for a long time (probably since he was a toddler) and had some conversations with Jim to get assurance that Chad is trying to clean up his act.  While not all of his actions were the greatest, he doesn't seem to have done anything that would be a huge deal and make him a terrible human being if he was just an average Joe.   Jalen Collins' suspensions it sounds like were 2x for smoking weed and 2x for PEDs.  Not great decisions, but again, those aren't things that make him a terrible person.  And as @Scott Pennock said, it's easy, if he slips up again, we release him and move on (well, if he slips up for PEDs again, we won't have to deal with him, the NFL will suspend him for 2 years and by that time, he'll probably be too old to come back and compete for an NFL roster spot).  To be honest, I am more concerned with the PED use than the weed from a young man in the NFL... but I don't know all the circumstances (e.g., did he just not do his research and took a supplement on the banned list by accident (this seems to happen a lot, and in other sports you are starting to see guys winning cases by proving they accidentally took a tainted substance)? was he battling a nagging injury and took something to try to help recover faster (this also happens, e.g., Andy Pettite admitted he took PEDs several times in his career, but moreso for recovery than to enhance his performance, like being put on the 10 day -DL instead of the 60 day-DL)?  Or did he actually knowingly try to cheat by taking substances to give him a major advantage over other players (all these guys take supplements, but there are supplements which are more advantageous than others)?).  I would be more worried if this guy is actually a major cheater who felt he didn't have enough raw ability to play in this league to the point he had to take banned substances... but he already is well aware, if he screws up again, his NFL days are over.   In terms of Okerere, Ballard and others have already said numerous times that they did their due diligence about his alleged incident and talked to his coaches and others around him and found no reason not to bring the guy to Indy.     If allegations turn out to be true, I doubt Ballard would bring in a guy like Tyreek Hill.  Maybe it's just my opinion, but assaulting your spouse or your child are way more serious issues about someone's character than smoking weed, pulling a McAfee and falling into a canal, or having too much to drink and accidentally stumbling into the wrong place (especially without attacking anyone or vandalizing the place).  I, for one, am happy Ballard isn't against giving guys who have not done anything very seriously wrong another chance.  Like Ballard says "Kids make mistakes."      
    • Addai was great in pass pro, but as an overall RB give me MJD anyday.    Mack is a little low, but overall hes still in the 15-20 range IMO. If healthy he definitely moves up though. 
    • I loved the "with the next pick" series. Watched it multiple times. I'll look at the site again and see if it changes my opinion. Maybe the video series on Cain will spark my interest.
    • it was just an ugly ugly ugly game.   to me, our O was the issue. you can't punt your first four possessions and then miss a FG to end the half. then you punt your first two possessions of the 2nd, fumble on your 3rd, and punt again on your 4th. When special teams is your only score for 3Qs, it's your offense lol....   our D actually held them under their average so i can't blame them too much. we actually had more sacks and QB hits they them.   Biggest issues 1. they doubled a hobbled TY, and the rest of our WR group were mediocre to begin with 2. O play calling sucked. horrible game plan from Reich, and good one from Andy. 3. our LB's played bad...  4. we abandoned the run too early (only 14 rushes the entire game). Our YPC was pretty good. 5. weather/field
    • They had the better team and were at home. KC winning doesn't surprise me at all. This upcoming season is a different story. If you ask 99% of Houston fans were they surprised we beat them in the playoffs, they would probably say yes. I wasn't, because we had the better QB. Mahomes and Luck are pretty even regarding KC and they were at home.
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