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  2. Allen Robinson or Chris Godwin, let us not forget about him.
  3. No the 70 million comes before we re-sign anyone. 180 mil is the total cap space for all players under contract. Of which we are currently on the hook for 110 M for players who are under contract for the 2021 season.
  4. And another, this time his focus is on Buckner and Blackmon.
  5. LOL!! That was great but, I bet every team has at least one of these dudes.
  6. The "happy feet " kept him from getting leg injuries for his entire career
  7. that's 2 special teams awards in 2 weeks https://www.colts.com/news/rodrigo-blankenship-afc-special-teams-player-of-the-week-11-green-bay-packers
  8. The running game is a glaring weakness but some of those runs from Taylor really excite me on what is possible heading into this next stretch of games. Hines is picking things up too!
  9. Today
  10. Once again my brilliant plan is foiled. How much?
  11. I thought this was hilarious. I’ve always liked the Packers. Then again, I’m sure some of you have had to deal with some obnoxious cheeseheads.
  12. One of my favorite wins in recent history. Maybe more than the Chiefs last year, not sure why. I went into this thinking: today we find out if we're forreal or pretenders. We can beat any team playing like this. Old man Rivers looked like a BOSS out there + all of our rookies growing in confidence. Doesn't get any better! I'm hype!
  13. Looks like the remaining schedule is fairly even between the two to me. Detroit and Houston aren't easy outs.
  14. Both schedules are much the same. Having Tennessee at home levels it all up. We won’t have to wait long to find out....
  15. Titans are more balanced on offense but that defense is hot garbage . I think the browns will get huge rushing numbers on them .
  16. I think the Titans are the better team. The Colts certainly have the tougher schedule going forward. Makes this weeks game very important.
  17. The Chargers gave Keenan Allen a 4 year contract extension in September.
  18. The browns have a great defense while the Titans have a far below average defense. Browns have a top 5 offensive line and running game . The browns are a better team . Titans only have a slight advantage at QB.
  19. I think Pittman is going to be really good, he and Rivers are starting to click.
  20. Touchdown producing pass catcher that can win 50 50 balls in the red zone. You gotta have someone who can make a contested play. Maybe Pitt can be that guy. We need the 2018 Ebron. I don’t think we should draft high here again. we have a bad FA vet receiver track record, but throw some money at a WR. Break the bank if you think you have a shot. Allen Robinson will surely want to leave Chi. maybd Allen will want to hook up with PR again with a contender. This would cost a mint. He probably likes the QB situation where he’s at. Be
  21. Hard pass! He hasn't played in the league in 4 years, and he stunk back then, going 1-11 and getting beaten out by journeyman Blaine Gabbert, before opting out of his contract with the 49ers.
  22. I feel the same way. I think some people don’t understand what a corner actually does. He is handsy, but he’s pretty much right where he needs to be. I think he will be a quality player for a long time.
  23. This really is the biggest game we’ve had in years. Each of the last 3 weeks have been. The stakes got higher after each game. It’s cool being relevant again.
  24. This type of post is why I think it’s funny when you get offended by someone else’s post and why I occasionally bandy about the term self righteous.
  25. Caldwell should've never been fired.
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