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  2. You live your life like the Coyote chasing the Road Runner.... and you keep running into the mountain side, or running off the cliff.... OK.... you're not going to change.... So, I'll take apart your nonsense --- again. This will be the longest post I've ever made, trying to answer all your nonsense. Doubt you'll read it. But here it comes.... Of course we know if Luck's injury, whatever it is, ISN'T minor. What minor injury do you know lasts four months? He barely participated in any off-season program. Does that sound like a minor injury? The Colts have NEVER, EVER called it minor. Not once. The only thing they've said is he hopes to be back by certain deadlines, and he's missed almost every one. Does that sound like a minor injury? This paragraph may confuse you. It's full of common sense and logic. I don't know how you got the nerve to try to argue that no one knows. Unbelieveable! Nope. No Tantrum from me. Just pointing ot what should be obvious, but apparently the obvious isn't obvious to you. By the way, while you were giving me a sad on my post to my friend CBE, do you know who was giving me a "like"? CBE. I criticized his post and he still gave me a like. He know while we may not agree, he knows I'm not trying to pound him. I'm trying to be as honest and factual as I can. No wonder you can't see for yourself. What triggered me, was your latest attempt to sound like you know what you're talking about. You judged Willis on half of the first pre-season game. That's all you've got. That's it. Doesn't even occur to you that that is..... NOTHING! Hello? And you present it like it should be taken seriously, when it should be laughed at. Goodness gracious, you want to go back to the media draft comparison? I was hoping for your sake that you wouldn't. But since you insist. Did you ever really look at that poll? Seriously, did you look at the four category breakdown? Did you see what was actually involved? If you did, you shouldn't have been crowing about it. First, what I care about from guys like Kiper and McShay and Jeremiah and others isn't just the first round. My momma can do a decent job on the first round, and she's been dead for nearly 30 years! I care about their view on ALL ROUNDS. And your survey was only about the first round. That's it. There were four categories. In three of them, the leader got no more than 50%. That's it. The best person in three of the four categories scored no more than 50 percent. When the top guy is scoring no more than 50 percent and everyone else is close behind, then no one really knows anything. And the one category that the winner did well in --- one category --- he scored in the 90's. And everyone else was right behind him. So, most everyone did well in ONE OUT OF THE FOUR categories. Big stinking deal. I tried to tell you this silly survey didn't support what you believed but you wouldn't listen. No surprise there. All you cared about the results. The fatal flaw. Finally, without a single fact, you offered this opinion in that post. I remember it like it was yesterday, that your new age guys were doing a better job than the more traditional scouts. Based on one poll. One poll of one round. And you said the older guys like Kiper and company were resting on their laurels and not working as hard. Nope, the old guys were covering all seven rounds. Most of your guys, covering one round. You have no facts to support that, but that's your view. When logic and common sense would tell you that the guys I prefer make a ton more money and have their reputation at stake. They have more to lose. There's no way they're resting on anything. But you'll say ANYTHING to try and prove a point. There's no argument you won't twist to try to win an argument, no matter how foolish the argument is. I've told you publicly and privately, you're not interested in honest debate. You're the least honest poster here. You're only interested in winning and you'll do anything, say anything to do that. As to the WR study. You got crushed. I'm talking about a bank safe fell on you and your response was to talk about cherry picking stats. Either English is a second language or you don't know the meaning of the words. I made two links for you. One was almost identical to yours. Yours covered 25 years dating back to a time when passing rules were dramatically different so comparing a receiver from 1990 to one from 2018 was silly. We're playig a different game now. My first link covered 20 years from 1995 to 2014 . There was great over-lap in the two studies. But the conclusions were entirely different. The only reason I used it was your post said roughly 60% percent of 1st Round WR's were successes. Mine said roughly 40%. Guess which one you preferred? Surprise! Then the second link was one of my own making. I listed every 1st round WR since Luck came into the league in 2012. That's 7 years. The last 7 years. I put into bold each 1st Round WR who was clearly a success. It came to 41%. It also showed how few WR's have been taken in the last few drafts. That's the NFL talking, in case you weren't paying attention. You didn't dispute one WR. Not one. But you called it cherry picking. Clearly you don't know how to use that expression correctly. And now you throw out a list of criteria as if you're making the rules here. Here's another free tip. You're not. Never have. I'm not surprised you don't recognize the facts I put into posts. You don't use them. You're all about the opinion. Most posters here are. Because that means every single poster can simply say..... "I'm entitled to my opinion." Yes, they are. Everyone is, even you, who has no need for facts. But what you're not entitled to is your own facts. Just like you stated Funchess was a terrible signing based on your facts, and it never even occured to you that Ballard and Reich had other facts that showed DF could be useful to us. You actually thought you knew more than they did?!? Again, unbelieveable. You had no facts to support your nonsense about Reich being a poor play caller. You had one game. And I called you on it. You've been doing a very bad back-peddle ever since, but that's your view, with no facts to support it. In fact all the facts support the exact opposite view. Yet, you still try to claim victory. It's so intellectually dishonest that it's nauseating. And so I observed, that with almost nothing to base it on, you thought Willis has inconsistancies. Thanks, Capt. Obvious. Tomorrow will likely be sunny during the day, turning to widely scattered darkness at night. Anymore obvious insights? Funny, how you now publicly call for me to ignore your posts, when a few days ago, in a thread I was barely even in, you took a completely uncalled for shot at me. Or does the phrase "legend in his own mind" not mean anything to you? Bottom line.... you can dish it out, especially when you think no one is looking..... but you can't take it. Glass ego. I call a fraud a fraud.
  3. During the Browns game, Venturi said S was one our strongest positions. Not saying i agree, but i dont lose sleep over it either.
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  5. “...when he gets the locker room strong enough”. That still means drafting lots of high character guys. That’s our default.
  6. A backup to Castonzo who is his eventual replacement.
  7. Could be trying him out in different sub packages. Honestly S has a lot more questions and concerns than CB right now, so I wouldn't be shocked to see them look at potential position swaps.
  8. @HOF19 Didn't mean to hijack you thread, just pointing out that some need to play PS, some don't.
  9. Strange. Ive seen him play S in the preseason
  10. Saw a report on the Bears position battles. https://beargoggleson.com/2019/08/19/chicago-bears-identifying-roster-battles/ One guy I really wish the Colts would have picked up late, or as a UDFA, was Alex Bars. Seems he's doing nicely in Chicago and has been playing both G and T.
  11. He's listed on the roster and depth chart as a CB
  12. Me too. So bummed he's been out for so long. The first time they go 4 vert with Cain, Campbell, TY, and Hines, I'm going to lose my sheet.
  13. I gave you a sad because you called out an opinion that is no less accurate than your own. Facts, truth, logic... you're post was full of speculation, which you have built your opinion on. Nobody knows what the true issue is. Calf issue, bone issue, ankle issue... the story has continued to morph. We don't know if it's minor, or major. Sorry you're triggered by a sad. As you'll note, I didn't throw a tantrum over it like you're doing here. We all know rookies can be inconsistent. So why does a comment on a rookie being inconsistent trigger you. It's not like I said he was awful and should be cut or something. And no, haven't been to camp. But I've followed pretty closely including watching, and re-watching both games. So previously you said you doubted that I watch games, now there's an issue with me being in ATL. Funny a guy in California would use that narrative. I'm betting I follow the reports closer, and have watched more than you. Look, I get that you don't like me going back to when I pointed out that your favorite mock draft guys were among the least accurate. I get that you see yourself as some sage media guy who has a responsibility to right wrongs, call people "embarrassments" and other names, etc.. Reality is you're a lot shorter on "facts", and much longer on opinion. Your attempts like your WR "study" was hilarious. No defined success criteria, no comparative stats vs other positions, and you cherry picked what stats you did use to support your previously communicated position. And if you are, or were a writer, you are/were a bad one. Your reliance on CAPS is juvenile. You have a few misspelled words above (spell check is free). You're penchant for drama smells narcissistic. As I replied to your creepy, stalkerish, and unsolicited private message to me, feel free to ignore my posts.
  14. Hes a S not a corner
  15. Can't wait for Campbell to get back on the field. Speed Kills!
  16. Sorry to interrupt.... the thread started out about Ballard and character and now it has morphed into is Zeke worth it, along with others, and how unfair it is to RB's.... OK..... But as far as Ballard goes, he has said a number of times, both into cameras and microphones, that he knows that talent wins in the NFL. That he's not looking to build a team of Boy Scouts or Choir Boys. That when he thinks the locker room is strong enough, he will bring the right guys to help the team. He will take risks. Maybe that's next year? Maybe the year after? Or maybe, it's quietly already happening? -- We drafted Deon Cain who fell to the 6th round with Day 2 talent. -- We drafted Bobby Okereke in the 3rd round despite not one, but TWO charges of sexual assault. -- We signed Chad Kelly despite a grocery list of screwing up most everywhere he's been. College, Junior College, NFL. And there was lots of grumbling about it. But now that he's had two nice pre-season games, most here now love the guy. So, Ballard has backed up his words with actions. Perhaps not to the level that some here would want. He avoided Bell, and Brown and others who were available. Not the right guy. Not the right price. Not the right fit. That happens. It'll be interesting to see who else we invest in with somewhat questionable character. We should see more of this in 2020 and 21.
  17. Sadly, I agree. I had such high expectations for this kid.
  18. I loved that they increased his snap share (from 38% to 46%) vs the Browns. I think I'm more happy he played early. Assuming the trend continues, I think we'll see a heavy rotation of Xs. I also think we'll see both Xs (Cain from the X, Funch from the slot) on the field at the same time. I love the flexibility of the WR group this year.
  19. I’ve never been impressed by Wilson. I wouldn’t be shocked if gets released. He’s at best 4th on the depth chart right IMO and Hairston and Tell could make him expendable.
  20. I'd love to see Tell on the PS for a year. He's definitely got talent, I'm just not sure he's ready so soon after the position swap. He's a guy I think that will need some time to develop. Very interesting guy though.
  21. Hopefully Wilkins is ready, if we keep 4 could be Mack,Hines,Wilkins and Ware (he has 15 carries through our first two games, had a real solid year at USC last year, doesnt have much ware and tear on his body) if Wilkins has a issue Williams could get the nod. Never been much a C.West fan
  22. No, but he is a shoe-in for the Hall of Shame.
  23. NFL owners give out multi-year contracts that they don't honor all the time...now we are talking about semantics. A player has a right to skip training camp...he just gets fined for doing so. He's operating within the bounds of his contract. If he returns and then leaves again...he is in breach and can get the "5-day letter."
  24. When does it end?? When the stadiums are half empty because the fans can 't afford to go to the game? I see all NFL games only on pay for view in the near future???
  25. Both Wilson and Collins have been disappointing.
  26. Freaked me out too, but Cain needs to work through that stuff to trust his body coming back from injury. I think that's why he is getting so many reps.
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