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  2. I will go with: WR - Marvin Harrison RB - Emmitt just to be different, you already picked Brown QB - Peyton TE - Gronk
  3. Saying who is the GOAT is 100% all opinions. Was Brady anymore talented than Manning? Was J. Rice anymore talented than M. Harrison or Tim Brown? Was E. Smith anymore talented than B.Sanders, J. Brown or W. Payton? It could be argued that Sanders and Payton did more with less. Sanders also quit early in his career just like Brown did. We can all hand pick the stats to suit ourselves and make our own argument. That don't mean one opinion is any better that another.
  4. How do you Gonzalez over Gronk? Yards per game Gronk: 68.3 Gonzo: 56 Yards per reception Gronk: 15.1 Gonzo: 11.4 TD/Game% Gronk: .68 Gonzo: .41
  5. Yeah, key words being playoff run. Its honestly amazing what he has done. Hopefully it will result in a lot of SBs.
  6. Today
  7. As a LSU fan I'm sad to hear a promising young man has gone down a dark path with charges of domestic violence. I for one was a BIG proponent of drafting Guice when the Colts had several opportinities to draft him. I hope he gets his life back on track and gets a shot to come back. Maybe an opportunity for the Colts to roll the dice? Joseph
  8. Not so sure. Some may, others will not. I think the NFL is leaving it up to local jurisdictions on who has fans in attendance and how many. It will be up to the teams to comply with their local guidelines and restrictions.
  9. It was before my time regarding Wilt and Russell but I would definitely take Wilt over Russell. Wilt was much more dominant and could play in this era today, he had the size and strength to do so. Russell was on stack teams back in the 60's so he won more but Wilt was the better player. I would take Shaq over Russell as well.
  10. Kareem definitely a great player, scoring wise, rebound wise,taking over a game no one did it quite like Will. If you put Will on the Celtic squads Bill Russell was on Wilt would have the rings Bill does, those club had Hall Of Famer's All Stars all the way through lineup. Wilt won 4 mvp's in reality could have won many more,player's voted on the award back then and Wilt was not as well liked as Bill Russell (Biggest snub was 1961-62...Will averaged 31 MORE points per game then Russell, not 31 points a game 31 MORE points a game then the voted on MVP, crazy...)
  11. I want more.......more cowbell please!
  12. There has been no league memo stating that, and teams are preparing to allow fans based on their own situations. I guess anything could change with all this, but as of now that is not the case.
  13. The amount of problems a man has in his life is directly proportional to the amount of women in his life. That’s just basic science
  14. Yeah it sucks, because what we wanted Grigson to do , Ballard did it in one year. Just so happen, the next year the guy he was building around decided to jet. It sucks because I think this is probably the most complete this team has ever been on both sides of the ball besides the 06 playoff run.
  15. Mo-Allie is a grigson guy right? Seems grigson was pretty good at evaluating some positions. Fleener, Allen, Doyle, Cox, I think so far the only TE ballard has really brought in was Hewitt from the Bengals right? And he was pretty much a FB for us I think. Oh, and now Burton. Honestly if Burton can produce at a similar level that Ebron did, or even better, I think our TE room is pretty good. Actually this roster seems to be really good overall. Excited.
  16. The 5 best RB's in no order are probably Brown, Sanders, Payton, Dickerson, and Emmitt from my eye test. All can make a case for being the GOAT. Out of respect, most people do put Brown at #1 but Emmitt does hold the main records.
  17. I think Kareem was better but Wilt was a monster. Kareem won 6 League MVP's and 6 NBA Titles, 3 NCAA Titles as well and is the all-time leading scorer. Kareem just has a better resume just like Rice has compared to other WR's.
  18. Yeah I was being sarcastic, I even got a confused look from NCF. In my original post I left off the sarcasm font. I figured most would know I was joking about the stub toe part.
  19. Maybe do one of those sister wives setups. One can be cooking while the other is cleaning!
  20. SOMETIMES? In what world of analogies would it be a majority hanging on to the ex wife whilst moving on with the new one simultaneously??? Lol
  21. 2021 we might be looking for a QB, it would be a blessing..
  22. Technically, I don’t believe he was released. I believe his contract was up and we elected not to re-sign him to a new deal. If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will come along soon enough to correct me and set the record straight.
  23. i must have not been paying much attention to colts news but when did we release AV i still thought he was on the team this whole time?
  24. At what point do we stop with this nonsense? Sometimes you have to let your ex-wife go before you can start your new life with your new wife.
  25. https://clutchpoints.com/colts-darius-leonard-opens-up-about-playing-undersized/ Read article.... https://clutchpoints.com/colts-darius-leonard-opens-up-about-playing-undersized/
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