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  2. Scott Pennock

    Ballard on off-season pass rush

    He reminds me more of Sheard as a solid edge setter, run stopper and 6-8 sack guy.
  3. DougDew

    If they're available...

    Agreed. Eventhough a WR might technically be BPA at 26, and WR is a position needing upgrading, you don't necessarily take him if you expect less talented but reasonably valued players to be there at pick 58. The DTs/DEs may drop off more rapidly by pick 58, so you want to get one/them early even though the WR might be BPA. That advances the quality of the overall roster farther, IMO.
  4. crazycolt1

    Mahomes vs. Brady Mirror of Namath vs Unitas?

    Now your fandom aimed at Brady is showing. .If you don't think a head coach has the most influence over a QB and the whole team I don't know what to tell you. What was the record of the Patriots for the games played without Brady? I suppose you think Bill Walsh had nothing to do with the success of Montana and Young? I suppose you think Jimmy Johnson had nothing to do with the success of Aikman? Of coarse Lomardi didn't do anything for Starr. Every team in the NFL are looking for head coaches that can make their team successful. If they don't, they are fired. Belichick has taken whatever team he has put together and made winners out of them. What you seem to forget is no QB can get any wins without a total team around him. They are as only as good as the other players play as a team. Belichick has the system and the knowledge to put those teams together. When any QB gets a win the very first thing they say it's all about the team. That is not something said to please the fans wanting to put him on a pedestal. As far as my integrity, I am not the one who comes into a Patriot forum and insults the intelligence of being open minded.
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  6. Dingus McGirt

    PFF's Top 5 Graded Colts 2018 - Offense

    Didn't realize he'd played that many. Thanks!
  7. I would say the Manning brothers in general have been by far the biggest thorn in the Patriots side than anything. Peyton has taken them out in the AFC Championship 3 times I believe, and Eli has beat them twice in the Superbowl. That's 5 potential championships lost at the hands of the Manning's which is still insane being that the Patriots have still won so many championships.
  8. Moosejawcolt

    If they're available...

    He is an interesting talent. He looks good on tape, but 276 pounds in the NFL. Has there been a DT tackle who has excelled in the league at that weight? Kind of a boom or bust product. They compared to Donald, but I am not sure if I would pull the trigger on him
  9. Agreed. However, when the Broncos had Miller and Ware and went to the super bowl. It was their interior pressure made them unbelievable. Fly around the end and Brady stepped up in the pocket and DTs were there with a great push. I would rather have a great interior lineman then a around the corner D end. Qbs r getting rid of the ball so quickly.
  10. Patriots are cheaters and they have the refs in their back pocket.
  11. Moosejawcolt

    Lessons learned from Chiefs game

    I agree. I didnt think the coaches did a good job. I wanted Luck under center and basically let the chiefs know we were going to ram it down their throats or die trying. Hopefully a lesson was learned
  12. Luck is Good

    Yet Another Reason To Change The OT Rule

    I’ve always thought that both teams should get a possession. But that’s not how it is right now. Yes everyone in the universe knew that the Patriots would win the game once they won the coin toss. They have Tom Brady at QB. He lives for those moments
  13. BOTT

    Is Brady the luckiest qb ever ?

    It was mostly a joke. But I feel if were starting a team from scatch I would probably lean towards Rodgers because I think his skill set is superior. The thought of him with someone like BB is scary.
  14. dw49

    Ballard on off-season pass rush

    I agree that a couple of them will make it to free agency. But the problem IMO is the 2 that make it there...Flowers and Fowler. I can't see paying for either one of those 2 guys and someone will over pay. Lawerence I think has zero chance and Houston has the money to franchise or extend Clowney. KC is not flush with cap space but Ford's franchise tag is around 15 mill and odds are KC will go that route.
  15. But I think Chris Jones is the stud of that dline. JMO.
  16. Gramz

    Yet Another Reason To Change The OT Rule

    I would be interested in an answer to this too. More often than not, the team that wins the coin toss, wins the game. It just seems wrong, that after an often hard fought game, for the outcome to be decided by a coin toss. I know there has to be some guidelines as I was just thinking about a game I watched Eli play at Ole Miss. It was the craziest game that went to something like 6 or 7 overtimes. The longest game I've ever watched, and it was crazy fun for the fans, but the players had to be out of gas.
  17. Roger

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    Well excuse me, Herr GoPats. I typed it from memory. Bet you looked it up.
  18. Gramz

    Concerning Super Bowl

    I think I addressed this earlier, but I have been thinking about it a little more, and yes, you were very gracious Peyton's final year when the Broncos beat the Pats and he and the Broncos went on and he got his 2nd SB . Aside from a select group, I think the majority of NFL fans, and fellow athletes and players were also very happy for him. It's a little different scenario. than watching Tom and the Pats in practically every AFC game and several Super Bowls for the better part of the past two decades. Years earlier it appeared that Peyton may have be done for good... after his surgery he could barely toss the football to his wife Ashley, let alone step foot on the field and be competitive. He worked Hard to get back to where he was. It was impressive, it was admirable, and pretty spectacular that he accomplished that. I still get emotional when I think of how hard he worked. You knew how much that SB win meant to me, and you did reach out with very kind comments. I remember well. If I said something this week that you thought was harsh, I meant no offense to you personally, and if I said something that gave you that impression, I apologize. I know you are happy to see your team return to the big stage once again. As a friend, I am happy for you, just not happy about the overall situation. The outcome of the Saints/Rams game and the drama involved with the non-call had left a sour taste with me regarding the NFL before the Pats/Chiefs game even started. At this point I have no interest in watching the game. That is in no way meant to be offensive to you. I understand your excitement. I've been there several times myself. Enjoy the game!
  19. Superman

    Yet Another Reason To Change The OT Rule

    What exactly is the argument for NOT giving both teams a possession in OT?
  20. They can tag him then trade him. Khalil Mack was still one year away from being tagged, but was on his fifth year option.
  21. jvan1973

    Ballard on off-season pass rush

    Not anytime soon. He isn't even a position coach yet
  22. Simmons DT (26th Pick) Allen DT (32nd Pick) would be nasty good. Pick 58 Harry WR...
  23. I have posted here that the "Freeney Hole" was the easiest 5 yards in the history of the NFL. Love all the moves, but we played from the lead so he could run wild. He will make the Hall of Fame because of who he played with. Oh well. Ford got to the QB second best this season. But no doubt also part of the reason they were weak against the run. Bel was blitzing and stunting into Mahommes face. That is the $$$ move in this NFL.
  24. Chloe6124

    Ballard on off-season pass rush

    I think the colts would like to promote with within so I could see it being a possibility.
  25. Yep. Me likes the Deebo. Somewhere around late second would be perfect. Sweat or maybe Allen in the first with Willis at 34 (if he measures up with at least some length and isn't oompah loompah stumpy). I'm looking for BPAs in the Corner and OT positions for the middle rounds.
  26. I'm 100% on the interior pass rusher train. I believe kemoko will be a stud with some added weight and more practice in stopping the run.
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