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  2. Everyone is talking about the Astros and the Commissioner's lack of punishment. Still some good players available and I'm sure teams will need to add due to spring training injuries.
  3. No. We are solid with our current Houston, and other prospects. I can't see Ballard not addressing bigger needs with our first 3 picks.
  4. me thinks some Mexican Cartel isn't going to be happy about losing 157lbs of weed.
  5. Basham beating up nerds in high school. Basham - great against nerds, not so great against NFL competition.
  6. I don't think his comments at all mean he's going to pull an Eli. He was talking about his leverage in the context of the pre-draft process. Don't fall for the narrative people. Being happy with "what ever team drafts him" means just that. That is the opposite of Eli, who was UNHAPPY with the team that drafted him (again, any AFC team that drafted him would have led to the same result). Eli was one of the most unusual situations in draft history. About as unusual as the Colts and Elway. It's stupid to me that what is driving this narrative is the simple fact that (a) the bengals suck from owner to practice squad and (b) the fact that Burrow hasn't verbatim said, "I'd play for the bengals." Of course it crosses no one's mind that maybe, just maybe the kid smart enough to know that trades occur on draft day and humble enough to know that the bengals might pass on him. No, that just doesn't sell as a story... This whole thing is just so stupid.
  7. Yeah, that's why I try not to let other's spelling, and grammar, mishaps bother me too much. I know my turn is coming.
  8. Guess he ain’t returning anytime soon
  9. The Colts don't need a CB, with Moore, Ya-Sin, Desir and Tell, the Colts have 4 good to great starting quality CBs. If the Colts needed a CB, then Slay would be a good one but there are other areas more important to waste the limited resources to get another CB.
  10. He wasn't too stubborn to protect him....he really did try. He was just horrible at getting the right players to do it.
  11. Grigson was obviously bad, but Shipley remains one of the most overrated Colts of the last decade.
  12. Under your assumptions I would say YES most definitely. Our biggest need would then be WR or ER. I would guess ER with 13 and WR with 34.
  13. I agree. 29M per year seems pretty pricy for Rivers. I don't see Ballard going that high. Tag and trade makes a lot of sense with Jones especially since KC did it last year and we still have the Ballard connection. I don't think he would give up our 1st this year but after that anything is possible. He plays the position that Ballard says is critical in order for our defense to work. So I'm thinking this scenario is very possible.
  14. So over the last few years, Ballard has addressed the pass rush with a couple of high picks: -2017 Terrell Basham in the 3rd -2018 Kemoko Turray in the 2nd -2019 Ben Banogu in the 2nd My question is should the right opportunity present itself, do you guys think we should spend another early pick on an edge rusher? Epenesa and Chaisson might both be available at 13. Reports are that Yetur Gross-Matos will be available in the 2nd. You also have guys like Julian Owkara and Jonathan Greenard who could be there rounds 2-3. Just wanted to see everyone’s thoughts. To make it easy let’s take the QBs, potential LT need, and DT’s out of the equation for each scenario so we can avoid pointless banter about how we need X position more than we need an edge rusher. Assume Kinlaw and Brown are gone, the QBs are gone or Ballard is waiting till next year for one, and assume Costanzo comes back long term. What do you think?
  15. So basically: they would add a 7 seed, which would mean only the 1 seed would have a bye in the playoffs... AND on top of that they want to add a 17th game for the regular season. I can't see the players being that happy with this idea. Sure, as fans we would get more football. But it's already a long season for the players.
  16. Nice job. These changes on D would definitely take a lot of pressure off #7.
  17. Today
  18. PFF seems to think we may go after him. I wouldn't want to shell out a bunch of money for Rivers though. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2020/02/19/nfl-free-agency-colts-predictions-philip-rivers-chris-jones-pro-football-focus/
  19. So I may have to change my original thought. Two very interesting pieces of info have come out since my original take 1. The agent he hired is the same agent Eli had when he infamously turned down the Giants. 2. Matt Miller pointed out that it’s strange that he hasn’t simply come out and said “Hey I’ll be happy wherever I go and just thankful to whoever drafts me”. All his interviews have these veiled statements
  20. Yeah Elliot is rising in the media. They talked about him a lot on Move The Sticks. I don’t know if I’d take him over Blacklock in the 2nd round though.
  21. Everyone has a different opinion on the contract. That will take care of itself. The interesting part of the prediction is the tagging part and trading him to the Colts. Where we do have the resources to make it happen.
  22. Man, drafting a QB is a 50-50 shot. None of the guys this year really make you feel confident they are close to a sure thing. I would say Tua would be the guy but that will take a lot of draft capital to get him.
  23. Bottom line, NO can't afford to pay both their current market value. One had to go. And it certainly wasn't going to be Brees.
  24. From the article: "Agents also found 23 mason jars, a can sealing machine, an electronic scale and $3,100 cash in Bray’s jeans." Goodness, how did he fit all that in his jeans?? That's some magician-level * right there!
  25. The Chargers let him walk without a player to be groomed for the future. That says a lot. I understand they have Tyrod Taylor but that means they value their back up more than the franchise QB they have had for years. The Chargers never made it to a SB and missed the playoffs several times. Yes, it is a team game but consistently winning counts for something.
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