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  2. I stated last year that paying Kelly was a mistake. I thought concussions would derail him. Sad
  3. It’s going to be a wild ride for the NFL until the end of the season. I think we are close to adding that 8th playoff team with the ravens situation getting worse and worse.
  4. colts since they have AC and glow locked up next year can go draft a pass rusher in the first round . then draft a corner in the second round . with rodgers looking solid and tell coming back next year colts can just sign rhodes to 1 year deal . then get a tight end and another wr .
  5. Yeah I'm picking against colts too after backing them previous 2 weeks.
  6. I was at that game. Still can't believe he did that.
  7. the news reports i read said rivers had no other teams interested but the colts . how many teams are gonna wanna sign a 40 year old QB for 25 million plus who over the past two years throws close to 20 picks . winston signed for nothing and he threw 33 touchdowns 5000 yards and 30 picks . its hard for me to believe that teams will out bid the colts with rivers who has 14 touchdowns to 8 picks this year . he will get offered 15 million and will stay .
  8. pascal is proven and gonna be cheap . with cambell its just injuries he is good when playing . lewis was injured his first two years and now back and ready . cambell will replace hilton have pittman out wide , and have harris and pascal in the middle . that is fine i rather invest in defense and offensive line then weapons .
  9. he lost a lot of fans here when he called time out in a playoff game that gave the other team time to win it at the end. im not sure this fan base ever really embraced him in the first place though, he just kind of took over after dungy and it felt like peyton was carrying the whole team
  10. That's good. There's a pretty good chance Hooker or Mack won't be resigned so Grover may be the only '17 draftee on roster for '21. Congrats to Grover.
  11. by the end of the season rivers is on pace to throw under 25 touchdowns and have a lot of picks and hes gonna be almost 40 no team is signing him for 28 million . a ton of the free agents are cheap players to pick up . houston is going down hill this year 4 sacks in 10 games turning 32 . even rhodes in gonna be 31 and playing a lot of zone that is gonna make his value drop . you can resign cox , harris pascal l, muhammad for dirt cheap . rhodes will be not that bad either .
  12. Guessing he rightfully thinks either A) they'll want more money since they are coming off cheap contracts, or B) they need to be improved upon by a wide variety of choice.
  13. Let Hilton walk and sign a wr in free agency. Some big names that could be available and I’d be willing to go for one of the big names even if it cost us.
  14. That's a pretty bad take given how much he's come on lately (especially given the WR situation), we're winning the AFCS, and have zero idea about Eason. I doubt Ballard is ready to flash cut given the talent he's assembled for a run.
  15. I understand there's a lot of homerism here and seeing things through rose colored glasses and ignoring things that aren't great and making excuses about inheriting Griggs roster & Pagano, and blaming '17 draft class on not having his scouts AND Luck retiring. There's probably similar bias on every teams forums. And that's fine, Fans is short of Fanatics. And that's what we are. Here's the thing tho, are we good? .. Yes. We're tied for 1st place(record). So why does our 7-3 record make Ballard the King of GM's of all time like so many say around here? We're 1 of 8 di
  16. Go thru your own list. A number of the players you list as “let walk” are already making at or near the minimum. Letting them walk makes little sense unless they get replaced by high level draft picks because they still have to be replaced. And the replacements will likely cost what these guys are currently making. You’re just swapping one inexpensive player for another. Decisions could get really REALLY complicated IF we decide to pay Leonard and Smith a year before we have to. And I think that’s highly likely. Their type of talent gets the VIP treatment when it comes to
  17. LOL. I don't think you understand. And I doubt Rivers takes a pay cut. Assume Rivers is resigned at this point, so subtract 25-28M leaving you 40ish... then you have to cover the below plus a lot of other depth areas. Sure you can assume 2-3 starters from the draft, but that only goes so far covering the below. DE - both starters are FAs, plus a key depth DE. This is the biggest hole to fill IMO. WR - I agree on cutting Hilton, but he'd leave a huge hole. We don't have another WR that is "proven", or has stayed healthy. Our leading WR (Pascal) is also a FA. So really our top 2
  18. the great thing about ballard is he set it up for when the big contracts come out in 2022 that the colts will have more cap space. kellys contract was front end loaded up and goes down . losing AC will save 16 million and rivers contract is gone by then . try and replace glow with pintor . i love the way ballard saves for cap space .
  19. by letting walker houston and hilton walk colts can sign a bunch more of the young guys .autry and rhodes are must signs while guys with big potential cox , odum muhammad , pascal , harris are must signs
  20. Also a by-product of making a huge play in OT on a nationally televised game vs. an Aaron Rodgers led Packers team who had the best record in NFC coming into the game. Had he made the same play against a team like the Bengals which didn't have as many people watching, the hype on Blackmon may not have spread so far beyond the Colts fans who watch the Colts every week.
  21. It's gonna be tight lol, that's all I know. All of the bolded below are key contributors this year. I'd say Burton could be kept for 2M or less. Not sure I'd let AQM or Carrie walk. Both are great depth and shouldn't be expensive. Can't let Green AND Clark go, without drafting a T, which we don't have to draft if we don't want to. Johnson will likely end up back on the PS. The four last guys that you have as "let walk", not sure about all of them. There's some decent depth and ST contributors that could be kept for cheap. Also to factor, Doyle's contract has an opt out after
  22. Today
  23. rivers taking a pay cut hilton gone walker gone . ballard will keep the young cheap guys like muhammad odum cox pascal, harris . he might offer rhodes and autry one year deals . by the time the big contracts come out for leonard nelson smith rivers is gone AC and glow are gone that frees up 40 million plus to pay them . ballard is great with cap
  24. colts are still top 5 in cap space they are in great shape no need to panic . with AC and glow coming off when the big signings of leonard nelson and smith happen colts will be in great shape next year and after next.
  25. They know how the ravens started. It was a strength coach who failed to report symptoms and wasn’t wearing a mask. The ravens already took actual against the person.
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